Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Galleries Added!

Dear Readers

I have just added a whole batch of new images to this blog. There are far too many to fit on one page, as I have done till now, so I have split them up into their own pages.
Please visit them -- you won't be dissappointed -- and each page as a link back to this "Death of Johannesburg" Main Page so you can navigate back here and and have a look at the next set.

The new gallaries are:

Three Castles Building, Marshall Street

A Drive Down Anderson Street

The Cartlon Hotel

The View from the Gauteng Legislature

A Drive Down Jeppe Street

The Johannesburg Bus Depot

The Jewish Museum, The Great Synagogue and OK Bazaars

Joubert Park – Then and Now

A Drive Down Marshall Street

Oppenheimer Park: The Vanishing Springbuck

A Drive Down Troye Street

Death of Johannesburg – Eloff Street and Others

Von Wielligh Street and Others


Anonymous said...

It is shocking - makes you wonder if this is the fate for the rest of the country. Are there any photos of 11 Diagonal Street and the Stock Exchange opposite?

The Real Realist said...

Are there any photos of 11 Diagonal Street and the Stock Exchange opposite?

I didn't have time to get to 11 Diagonal Street, but I will on a later trip.

As to the JSE? My friend, you don't think those bunch of plutocratic capitalists would put up working in the midst of such filth do you? They buggered off, lock stock and barrel, and built a completely new building in Sandton, to the north of JHB.
Sandton is a completely seperate municipality, so there is quite some irony -- and a whole lot of meaning -- in the fact that the "Johannesburg Stock Exchange" isn't even in Johannesburg any more -- the Third World forced it to flee.
Come to think of 11 Diagonal Street (that glass diamond shaped building in Newtown) I wonder what's in it these days? I'll find out.

Anonymous said...

I grew up around Joubert Park. Lived in Park Court glimpsed in one of the photos. Moved across the park to Lourenco, which is in the first "historical" picture.

If the heart of Jo'burg city is a crime-ridden slum, what I wonder are conditions like in Soweto?

In the U.S press, I've seen occasional pictures of vast shanty towns that didn't exist before 1980s... Naturally blamed on policies of the past, without the slightest idea of Jo'burg's post WWII efforts to house its African population, often in direct opposition to the Nationalist government's own plans.

If central Jo'burg, once one of the Art Deco wonders of the world, is a trash heap... I can only imagine what the former townships look like.

Maybe Realist can find a "correspondent" who will add a gallery from Freedom's ground zero.

Anonymous said...

Then they wonder why the whites do not want to live there.

The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said...
Then they wonder why the whites do not want to live there.

You don't understand: Let me explain in simple terms:

1. It's the Whites' fault.

2. Whites are just racist, that's why they don't want to live there, not for any other reason.

Anonymous said...

I've posted this numerous times but please post some pictures of "White" areas. It will be easy to show how Whites build and maintain and Blacks destroy.

Anonymous said...

Some of the big high rise hotels and stuff that are abandoned.. (ie 20+ stories...) do homeless just break in and make them a home? I can see someone putting new locks on the door and calling a floor their own. lol.

Anonymous said...

The Diamond glass building is Occupied by Anglo, and they are building a new block next to the turbine hall. Living in a dream...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a realist's view of a decaying johannesburg.
My freinds and I have endless laughs at the shithole we left behind as we sit in a first world country and enjoy normal lives that people living in South Africa would never understand.
My only wish is that our freinds and family who are still living there will wake up and smell the rot and decay and get the hell out of that place while they still can.
Thanks for the laughs

Anonymous said...

For the person that said that the only reason we wana leave is because whites are racist!Dont you see that you are a racist yourself!I dont blame anyone for wanting to leave this country,its a zoo.I dont want to sound pesimistic but it will never get better.

Anonymous said...

All of you who find this interesting might like a similar perspective on what was once one of the greatest cities in the USA, Detroit. The site is a little tough to navigate at times but it is WELL worth it. The guy writes very well and is obviously an intrepid explorer (I wouldn't go where he goes without a Bradley and armed guards)
For any of you who wonder, I suggest this site to you because it confirms the end result of rampant leftism (socialism), the rejection fo European values and ethics in favor of African/other 3rd world values, and constant surrender in the face of charges of "racism". Africa or America, these pictures and the ones at detroitblog are our future if we do not begin to act to preserve our civilization.

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake in the post above. The website address is www.detroitblog.ORG, not .com

Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting the distressing demise of what used to be a clean thriving city centre. Do you have any pictures of what has become of other areas such as Bruma, Braamfontein, Louis Botha Avenue coming from Berea down to Orange Grove or further to Dions Wynberg? Also it would be interesting to see some photos of suburban areas such as highlands north, kew, gresswold, glenhazel etc.

Anonymous said...

Right so Jo'burg is in decline, the irony being we have more development than in the times of the Gold Rush, anyone care to take a look at for 'White areas' pity white South Africans can't accept that there is no such thing anymore, pull your heads out your collective arseholes people the little eutopia's in the suburbs that accomodated less than a third of the population are now giving more of the population a decent standard of living.

You can spend your life being pissed off about the decline of an area writing stupid blogs that do nothing for their re-development or you can use it to garner support for making a usefull difference the thing I'm most ashamed about when I say I'm South Africa is that the first thing to come out of 99% of our countrymans mouths is negative, the people that high tailed it out of SA in the elections probably had the most to lose in terms of accepting they were bigotted idiots who couldn't bare the thought of living next to anyone of colour, I chuckle at your ignorance, you can give up or shut the fuck up because the one thing you're not doing is making an effort to change the state of my country

AristoNeeks said...

omg.. your pics bring tears to my eyes..

[crying at work is sort of awkward]

the decay!!

it's horrible that ANYone has to live in these sort of environments.

it's disgusting to think what the place used to be, measured against what it has become..

this is a cesspool waiting to erupt..

there is SO much opportunity for job creation, poverty upliftment and caring here..

isnt that what the shiny new constitution was supposed to be about.

why dont people care anymore??

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Incredible photos.
However there has been a lot of work done on rebuilding the inner city, as well as many of the flats in the Yeoville / hillbrow area. Maybe some pics of these positive developments would not go amiss.
But, your message is very clear, and a true reflection of what it's like.


PS Could I paste your site as a link at my blogg?

Anonymous said...

aaaaarg I despair, not sure if my last comments were too foul mouthed and got censored but WAKE UP IDIOTS!!!

Half the running commentry comes from people who never entered joeys in the first f...oh wait let me remain You never gave a rats arse 12years ago when Carlton centre went to pot why do you suddenly get surprised by a few photo's now and 'liewe hemel its all going to hell' blabber start spurting out your mouths

Please quit the ignorant pessemistic nostalgia, Hillbrow dived into the dirt a good 20 years ago but no one seemed to notice, Bruma...well a few dead bodies from a serial killer didn't help that but lets be serious a little innovation wouldn't have gone amiss in that place

Rosebank, its turned itself around a good three times I can count and still thrives.

You know things change, places change and things fall to pieces in the process, the new SA will always struggle but being Johannesburg born and bred there is still only one place I will call home, I just wish I didn't need to live with narrow minded douchebags who sit on their hands and claim they give a shit

Anonymous said...

What a pisshole of a place !

Anonymous said...

here you negative dingbats:

here's an idea get involved, I have

The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said...
here you negative dingbats:
here's an idea get involved, I have

Now there's an amusing thing.
That link is to an article saying that, and I quote:

"Over the next three months Jozi's inner city is to undergo a radical clean-up. The City plans to have the streets swept continuously, pavements and alleyways hosed down and stormwater drains cleared."

Why that's fanatstic -- er, but, the article is dated 22 May 2006.

Let's see now, May, June, July, er, August..hey, we're nealry at the end of the three month period, and what do you know: the place is still a trash pictures in the new galleries were all taken on 29 July.

Try again.

Jan said...

your are presenting a warped view of jo'burg. i've been there recently, and this is not the full picture. i don't dispute that everything is far from perfect, but seriously, your attitude stinks and this type of thing will not help to improve matters. why don't you just fuck off to australia or some place where narrow minded idiots are welcome.

Anonymous said...


Go to hell (oups, sorry, I forgot, you're already in hell).

By the way, you look really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Jannie...Being narrow minded, would the Ministers of Health ("eat garlic chaps"), Police, Justice, Mbeki, Zuma et al be also welcome in Oz?
(p.s. You do look like a doos too)

Anonymous said...

hahaha. To the person who posted the link to the JHB clean up drive that was meant to happen over that 3 month period.....
There you have it right there: The JHB city council and SA govt making yet another promise of something that will NEVER come to fruition. Ever experienced that before with politicians?? And more specifically with New SA politicians. I dare say that the new JHB city council members are far too busy test driving new Mercedes Benz's to actually worry about coming good on their committment to clean up their city.

hey REAL, maybe you could send a link to your blog to the JDA Marketing Manager: Fundi Ndaba. Perhaps he/she could shed some light on how this proposed cleanup is progressing with just under a month to go. (contact details available on the link that was so kindly posted on this site)

Anonymous said...

For those interested in what crime and violence is doing to our beautiful country click through to the wall of rememberence. It puts a name to the statistic and is heartbreaking to read. Each one a victim. I left SA 10 years ago with the intention of returning - looking at this site and others leaves me sick with dissapointment that it is unlikely that I will be able to return.

Anonymous said...

Yip I agree with the others,Jan does indeed look stupid,
And confused.
I have already 'fucked off' to Australia after spending 34 years in Joburg,Jan my dear confused freind nothing short of divine intervention will fix your poor broken country,so as a person who has lived both in Joburg and Australia I can say to all those who have only lived in Joburg, that you truely are in hell.
Sorry for you!
Keep telling yourself that things are getting better.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of the SA brigade of dumb-ass pseudo-patriots who still somehow believe they live " in die land van melk en heuning". That's what a generation of indoctrination will get you. It's gonna take another generational cycle or two to get past that. I caught myself just in time and got the hell out.
And to the "if it's to hot in the kitchen, then get out", squad, up yours too. I am an American now after 13 years of waiting. I feel free and I couldn't care what any of you that make fun of ex-pats think. If you think it's so easy in America, come over and see how quickly these guys shut your mouth and rearrange your priorities.
So, hark the heralds and open your eyes. Stop telling "Realist" he's not a patriot. He is. He's doing you all a favor. I forget the exact quote but if I may paraphrase Willie Brand, Chancellor of Germany, somewhere in 1953 or so, "Africa to the Africans". Damn was he right. We just borrowed SA for a while.What will it take for that to sink in. And don't tell me I don't know anything. I was in the SADF. I saw my friends in Grootfontein Hospital. I picked them up in my arms trying to staunch the blood flowing into godforsaken Namibian soil.I wondered why? I lost two farmer friends early on. Young, in their prime. Old university buddies. I fell for all that national party crap and wasted my life.I should have left in 83. So don't tell me about the new SA. It exists only in some liberals' minds and to those who still don't get it!!!---The Africans want their shit back. Whites, as in european decendants and "usurpers" of Africa, don't feature here.
And since I'm in a vinegary mood tonight, here's some food for thought for all yoos that are still there and love it so much:
I came to the US in 93. R7000 in my pocket. A bunch of Valiums in my bloodstream and pit in my stomach that looked like and felt like presentday downtown JHB. I now earn R900000 a year. I live in a house I bought by begging for credit and is now worth over 1.2 mil rand. I have a 30 foot ocean going Bayliner with a 250 HP V8 that sucks more juice than Shell has left in tanks in SA. I have a V8 Nissan Armada with 350 HP. It sucks even more juice. I have a brand new Nissan Altima and Sentra SVR.I bought these because I felt like it, and traded in my Dodge and Honda Accord. I go to Vegas when the urge hits me. I have a happy family and a safe environment,a wife at peace with the world and a son and a daughter in International Baccalaureate courses, both headed for medical schools of their choice. Paid by Uncle Sam. Yes, people, I am a very lucky man. But It's luck that I made. So revile me, hate me, love me for it, be jealous, be sad, be whatever, I don't care and I ain't coming back.
Mike Longerich
PS. To all you "anon" people posting comments. What are you afraid of? Leave your name. I might recognise somebody.

Jan said...

i consider being called a doos by the likes of you a compliment. i may look stupid, but at least i've got the balls to put my name and face with my opinions. are you all hiding in your KKK hoods?

Anonymous said...

Ag toe maar Jan...a poepal remains a poepal, en jy is n poepal!
It reminds me of a quaint Jewish expression for ous like you. You are affectionately known as a "gatis". Why, because jou kop is waar jou gat is!
Wake up and smell the garlic...

Anonymous said...


You not only look stupid. You ARE stupid.

But at least I'll give it to you, you're absolutely right, it takes balls to post such a picture online when one is so ugly.

The Real Realist said...

C'mon guys, please stop insulting each other..

Anonymous said...

to anon who told us all to shut the fuck up, kindly stop making excuses for "them". you dont seem to understand that for "them" its all about "give me". "They" (who trash JHB) are what you call gimme pigs. You also accuse us of not trying to improve the state of your country. Well see, here we have a glitch. When whites DO try to help fix the country we are told we are racists. We are told we are too white and told to leave the country. Am i making this up? Well lets see. To improve the country you need to SPEAK OUT against corruption. (As the blogger here does). When you SPEAK OUT (and by implication attempting yoimproving the situation) anon calls us bigots. You cannot fix things without awareness first. When we try to improve the situation by lending our "superior" Apartheid education to boost the country's economy, we are told, "Sorry AA position only". So skilled whites are forced to sit, laying waste to their skills and knowledge. The truth is that when we DO try to fix this country we are suddenly branded racists, bigots etc. When we try to bring up the crime issues, we are falsely accused by the minister of being whiners and told to leave the country. We cannot fix the crime issue unless we are all aware of the problem. When we attempt to take the first step to make people aware, we are told to leave the country and to stop whingeing. This is known in the USA as "Confrontational Politics" where emotianl blackmail is used by liberals to bully you and beat you down to their level of stupidity. Once stupid liberals like JAN and anon drag you to their level of stupidity, they just beat with you with experience

Anonymous said...

That is very true. The majority I suppose have every right to insist that they "build" the country their way. But looking at Africa, their way just doesn't seem to cut it, and these photo's are a pretty harsh indictment of the majority, amongst many others. If they don't pull finger soon, the Zim mess is going to eventually reach Cape Town. The ruling class do not give a shit what the optimistic minority, or pessimistic minority thinks. Blacks rule South Africa now, that was inevitable, and not a liberal plot. Place your bets...

Anonymous said...

I left SA over 6 years ago. I am surprised with the level of ignorance of what is really happening there. The 'freedom of the press' is just a figment of imagination. The whites still think it's all OK. The outside world needs to help them to raise the awareness of this racist abomination of justice. They are a nation of thieves. This is fast becoming a war. Wake up white SA!! Bring these bastards down. Stop paying taxes. What will they do?! You are just slaves waiting your turn for the 'revenge'.

Anonymous said...


Should the page header not have read:

"Multi-million rand clean-up
of city council launched"??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mike Longerich, while I'm glad to see that you like the USA and made a success we (White people) need to realize what will happen to us if we let this continue.

The majority of Whites are not exposed to living to Blacks like the South Africans do. The liberals in the US can say "diversity is great" while they retreat to their gated White community. Europe is becoming awash with third worlders and claiming "Europe is diversity."

Europeans, everywhere, need to wake up. We can not civilize the uncivilized. Africa for the Africans (sans the Western Cape), Europe/NZ/AU/Can/US for the Europeans, and Asia for the Asians.

Let Blacks build something successful on their own for once.. we've brought them up to date... kind of.

Me said...

Intense blog!

Anonymous said...

i dont know who you are, or what your purpose in life is.
i have lived all my life in Johannesburg, and am intolerant of the pace of improvement, as are many people.
however, your sick one-sided warped arsehole-vision of this city does not deserve to go unchallenged. all great cities have slums, and run-down areas.
it is to be noted that you dont show any affluent areas, nor do you go anywhere during normal hours of activity.
i am reminded of a view of the Rosebank Mall taken by a Swedish photographer in the grand days of Apartheid Sanctions in the 1980's: the view, obviously taken on a Sunday, was captioned stating that sanctions were so effective that wealthy shopping areas were completely deserted!
for all its faults, Johannesburg is a great vibrant city with a cosmopolitan population. there are enormous and exciting developments in progress, including at least two of your subjects: Carlton Hotel and Barbican Buildings, which will completely revamp the inner city. the whole drive is to convert it to an area where upmarket housing will be in demand, and create pressure for improved facilities and infrastructure. many of the proposed apartments have changed hands in advance for amounts in excess of
R1 million.
the suggestion from other correspondents that you "fuck off and die" is perhaps the most constructive element of your site.

The Real Realist said...

geoff said...
i dont know who you are, or what your purpose in life is.

Part of my new found purpose is to annoy people like you.

i have lived all my life in Johannesburg, and am intolerant of the pace of improvement, as are many people.

Well, let's just say that I am intolerant NOT of the pace of improvement, but rather of the pace of collapse and degredation.

however, your sick one-sided warped arsehole-vision of this city does not deserve to go unchallenged.

You are welcome to show the world how and where I am wrong, and how my pictures are 'wrong' -- or are you crazy enough to deny that the city is slowly being turned into a toilet?

all great cities have slums, and run-down areas.

Indeed -- and all for the same reason .....

It is to be noted that you dont show any affluent areas,

Oh don't worry about that -- I will get to the bars, the electric fences, the closed up streets, the armed guards and the motion detector beams etc. etc. in the 'affluent' suburbs, and I am sure that overseas readers will be just as interested in seeing how the 'affluent areas' are forced to live in order to prevent the Third World from destroying them utterly as well.

Actually, come to think of it, pictures of said electric fences, barbed wire, armed guards etc. etc. tell even MORE about this rotten country and city than does the most wrecked building.

nor do you go anywhere during normal hours of activity.

Let's see, 'normal hours of activity' -- that's when most of the muggings, rapes, murders etc. etc. takes place. No thanks, I'll give it a pass.

i am reminded of a view of the Rosebank Mall taken by a Swedish photographer in the grand days of Apartheid Sanctions in the 1980's: the view, obviously taken on a Sunday, was captioned stating that sanctions were so effective that wealthy shopping areas were completely deserted!

And where have I said the place was deserted? It is obvious from all the litter lying around that the place is anything but deserted...

for all its faults, Johannesburg is a great vibrant city with a cosmopolitan population.

I am sure the readers of this blog have come to a similar conclusion.....

there are enormous and exciting developments in progress, including at least two of your subjects: Carlton Hotel and Barbican Buildings, which will completely revamp the inner city.

Oh goody! Another two huge flops on their way! I will keep my camera ready...that's if I can stop it being stolen while taking pictures.

the whole drive is to convert it to an area where upmarket housing will be in demand, and create pressure for improved facilities and infrastructure. many of the proposed apartments have changed hands in advance for amounts in excess of
R1 million.

R1 million to live in a toilet? Well, there's a chump born every day.

Hey, why don't these chumps ask Sol Kerzner for some advice on investing in the CBD: I am sure he will have some choice comments and advice to nake after his Johannesburg Sun project went to shit.

the suggestion from other correspondents that you "fuck off and die" is perhaps the most constructive element of your site.

Well I can't argue with the intellectual titans who use arguments like that!

Hope you don't get mugged anytime soon, geoff....

Anonymous said...

It does shocked me :( damn i thought SA is one of the nicest place in the world?

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Geoff...

You state "it is to be noted that you dont show any affluent areas..."
Please could you tell me of just ONE area/suburb in JHB that has a rambling, unfenced environment, with little or no crime, no barricades and gaurds posted on the corner? Just ONE would do it, I'd be satisfied with even half an are??!!!
Just a nice little neibourhood where kids can play outside, ride their bikes in safety etc etc....??

Anonymous said...

Are you people all blind??

In case you haven't noticed, we live in a developing third world country. We do not live in a land of milk and honey.

The city centre of Joburg used to be a utopic little piece of first world because that's what it was. It kicked the majority of this country to the periphery of the city, and those that lived in Johannesburg were in complete denial of what was going on around them.

So yah.. the city centre isn't what it used to be. Deal with it. Don't moan about it like typical naysayers, but actually get off your ass and do something which doesn't only benefit yourself, but the city as a whole.

This blog, as it is, only serves to trash this city. That in turn means less tourists, as well an even more tainted perception of this city. And that means that your darling little city which you all seem to care soooo much about, only degrades itself further.

So please.. for the sake of this country as a whole, stop moaning and DO something to improve the country. Or leave.

Anonymous said...

I hate it soooo much when greedy people try to hide reality for economic reasons.

Joburgboy, who's afraid that this blog will turn away tourists, has no care for misinformed tourists who erroneously believe they are safe during their stay in Johannesburg.

The whole concept of the Rainbow Nation is a fraud. It tends to make South Africa appealing to outside people, while this country should actually be repelling. And why shouldn't foreigners be informed of the level of destitution Johannesburg went through for the past dozen years ?

On, which is your government's web site meant to promote South Africa as a destination for prospective tourists, I don't see any warning pertaining to the extremely high level of crime that takes place in this hell of a country. You'll only find smiley faces. Meanwhile, tourists are frequently victims of the barbarians who crowd the country. But from the onset, tourists are actually victims of misrepresentation from the ever deceptive South African government.

Now, thankfully, this web site plainly presents the other side of the medal. To me, it looks like nowadays it's getting harder than ever to sweep South Africa's horrendous reality under the carpet. I wish less and less tourists will fall prey to the bunch of conspicuous liars working for the agency called South African Tourism.

Anonymous said...

"No way"

I'm not saying that there aren't problems in this city. Ever watched Tsotsi? It was a truly tragic movie, and made you really doubt Johannesburg.

But it is NOT a city of barbarians - there are many more good people here than bad, and the tourist figures speak for themselves... Tourism is on the up. The economy is on the up. Optimism is on the up. Consumer Spending is on the up. And crime, people, is going down. Slowly, but surely.

But to view Joburg in a way that this blog is represented is extremely naive and obtuse. There ARE many problems in this city, but you can't expect there to NOT be any problems after so many years of repression.

And as an aside.. some of the photos posted here, are just incorrect. The jumping impalas, for instance: yeah, they aren't in the same place they were, and the place where they were is a dump, but they have been transferred to a new part of the city, where a company that has faith in SA (Anglo American) has created a beautiful promenade on Main Street. Go check it out.. but be careful.. you might see the poverty along the way. Best to pretend it doesn't exist.

I don't think there is any point in arguing with South African naysayers, because I think you've already made up your mind that you don't like the new South Africa.

But I, and the majority of other South Africans, know that the country is WAY better off than it used to be, because the problems we used to have in this country were WAY bigger than the problems we have now.

And you're the ones missing out.

Anonymous said...

Joburgboy said:

"But I, and the majority of other South Africans, know that the country is WAY better off than it used to be, because the problems we used to have in this country were WAY bigger than the problems we have now."

If anyone else is just as confused by this comment as i am, then all you have to do is go and have a good read through RR's other blog:

I remember growing up in South Africa in the 70's and 80's being able to stand outside my house in the evening looking over my 2 foot wall with no gates, waiting for my father's car to come down the road. There was never a fear in mine or my family's mind that perhaps daddy wouldn't make it home tonight because some people had decided that obtaining his car was worth a lot and his life worth little. There were no cellphones back then, but you get the picture.

I certainly do not remember the level and intensity and the incredible variety of crimes that take place on a daily basis in that country. Once again, just read the blog to know what I am saying.

So I ask you then Joburgboy, how are the problems of the past WAY bigger than that of today.

I would love nothing more than to have carried on living in JHB and brought my children up in the SA that I remember as a kid. But unfortunately that is no longer an option. Mine and my family's lives are far too precious.

I now live in Australia and I get very excited to see my kids sitting on our 2ft wall in the evenings waving to me as I drive home from work.

Anonymous said...

Whites had no reason to fear in the 70s South Africa... there was nothing to be afraid of. We had our cities and towns and the Blacks had their independent homelands. It's not our fault they can't make something out of them like we did.

Now we all have to suffer.

Europe/AU/NZ/Can/USA's Future = South Africa, unless we wake up.

Anonymous said...

"The city centre of Joburg used to be a utopic little piece of first world because that's what it was. It kicked the majority of this country to the periphery of the city, and those that lived in Johannesburg were in complete denial of what was going on around them."

Wrong. Whites kept what they built and Blacks kept what they built. It's not our fault they didn't have build anything. Now our cities and towns are trash.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to "Clem Sunter" (I think) of "High Road / Low Road" fame ? I guess we have a third option here ; "No Road" !

Anonymous said...

Man... I love this blog!

Anonymous said...

Just reading about the sad demise of Johannesburg makes me cry. 40 years ago we were all warned "stand together, or the black man will take over". We all laughed it off "that will never happen", well it has, and what makes it worse is that reading the comments, we are now all still standing alone and insulting one another. If we had pulled our heads out of our arses and not voted for de Klerk, we would still be in our beautiful homeland, not sitting on some foreign soil, where we are not made very welcome!!! Come on guys, lets think of a way of taking back our beloved Suid Afrika!

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest that anyone who has pictures of how they were send scans in? That way the contrast can be seen..

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine once said, wealth is created over time through hard work. Not so in South Africa. Here wealth is created instantaneously through robbery, bribery, corruption, theft, and black empowerment. We created the proverbial perpetual motion machine. It does leave some bad emission though...

Anonymous said...

Good God.
Words fail me

I was in Bishkek a couple of years ago, the capital city of the Peoples Republic of Khyrgyzstan (before the last revolution but after the civil war). Khyrgyzstan is one of the former Russian republics in Central Asia, and is the poorest country in the region. I also went to Osh and Jala-abad in the South which had suffered major unrest only a couple of years prior to my visit with hundreds killed.

All of these places, but particularly Bishkek looked like first world cities compared to your pics of Joburg. The Khyrgyz people may be poor but they're proud and they've done what they can to tidy up their city. And given that the raw material they had to work with was decaying Soviet architecture rather than SA's better quality buildings, the difference is even more marked

Anonymous said...

My friend- go and grow a positive bone or two in your body. It's not our fault if you didn't get enough childhood love from your parents or if you don't have friends with whom you can do real things with your time. There's enough nonsense on the internet, don't add any more. IF you focus on all the bad things in life, your entire life becomes negative.

And we know it's useless fighting with you because often people who have such a deepset (misguided) opinion of something actually truly believe it. I pity you. Truthfully.

I'd just like to make two more points - I hope it makes you proud that the only people who seem to post agreeable messages about your site have racist and xenophobic things to say. What does that say about you and your message?

Also - thank you for helping perpetuate the wrong wrong wrong westernised media viewpoint of Africa - you and them base yourselves purely on stereotype.

I don't think you have ANY idea how angry, insulted and ,frankly, DISGUSTED your site makes some of us.

That's all I have to say.

OH - and if you don't like Jozi?? MOVE away.

Anonymous said...

It's joburgboy again.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can say that'll change your narrow-minded and incorrect views of this city.

So tell you what.. you peeps keep on ragging on about Joburg and South Africa, and keep on living in your negative worlds, while the rest of South Africa develops into a country where ALL can prosper, and not just a small portion of it.

But to a note to all those foreigners thinking of visiting South Africa, I advise you (as people who might be intelligent) to look at other views on this country before making your judgement.

Judging this country on this blog would simply just be naive.

Sala Kahle.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Real for an excellent site that shows the heap of shit that JHB has become. Keep up the good work, and I really look forward to your new set of pictures.
As for the postings by the last lot of ostriches, well, you get them in any dying situation. I do not know what it is with these people who cannot see the wood from the trees. JHB is a garbage dump.
As for foreigners who wish to visit...South Africa is physically magnificent, the people generally are wonderful, warm and friendly, but Johannesburg, to reiterate, is a decayng trash can. And if you do decide to visit, leave your jewelry and expensive electronics at home.

Anonymous said...

SOB. I remember not having a fence, alarm or window bars on our property in the 80's. My dad (who has severe arthritis) was hog tied by some NSA's in his house with other family members (women & baby - who was nearly shot because she wouldn't stop crying) 3 years ago. I can feel myself tensing up at the sheer thought of having to go back and arrange a funeral should something happen to him. Yes I left, I lived in the UK as a child (my dad was transferred though work). I have now settled in the UK (as a British Citizen - I am too embarrassed to consider myself a South African anymore) with my family and take absolute delight in the fact that my pre-teen can play out in the street til 9pm. There is no-one trying to cut her up for "muti" or rape her. No-one is trying to steal my unlocked car from the street and I don't have to continuously look around for NSA's trying to hijack me from bushes at my own front gate. I left because of the lack of social conscience that is surging up in all arenas in South Africa be it education, politics, policing or previously disadvantaged majorities. Yes, I know that there are flaws in all countries but you do need to look with a magnifying glass. I feel that any government should enforce a certain level of socially acceptable behaviour for all its citizens. (Isn't that called a constitution?) Unfortunately the NSA government is not interested in it's people, only in getting what they think they (the fat cats) expect after years of being "Oppressed". They definitely follow the philosophy of "All men are created equal, but some are more equal than others". They can't expect to enforce 1st World ideals on a majority that still has a 3rd world mentality while they are so corrupt and self serving. (People only follow their leader's examples). Or maybe they are doing this to divert international attention from their money-grabbing. My, my Robert Mugabe's mistakes sure have taught the NSA government a thing or two!. I used to work in Braamfontein. My company moved out in 1995/96 due to new premises being bought as a result of company growth. However another reason was the constant muggings - where people were having jewellry ripped off their necks as they walked between the office and the parking lot. The wealth keeps on moving to peaceful, unspoilt areas so that they can run their businesses without disruptions of any kinds. The criminals follow the businesses for "work". Whether it be legal or not. Business gets disrupted and moves, the criminals follow and the poor/ homeless/ deprived move it to the void that is left. It is a vicious circle that can only be broken by 1. Providing the poor with a minimum living standard (The fat cats will never do this - they won't be able to get their new cars!!) 2. Clamping down harshly on the criminal element by ensuring the justice system runs efficiently (But with the police being as corrupt as the criminals - this will never happen unless they get paid more - once again the Fat cats won't get their new cars). 3. Protecting the Businesses by bringing back harsher legislation to punish criminals (Yeah right - a government of ex-criminals, terrorists and greedy opportunists is going to do that!! They still won't get their new cars never mind their nice houses because no one will vote for blatant hypocrites!) It is a vicious circle that needs to be broken. Maybe, one day, with some luck (and decent body armour and security), someone will step up to the plate and show the government of South Africa to lead by example. What kind of an example do the current political leaders set for the people of SA?

Bibi said...

Really interesting ... not quite how I'd pictured SA.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mike Longerich!!

From a paltry R7000 to R900 000 a year in 13 years-that is absolutely incredible.

Did you, by any chance, "accomplish" such a feat through affirmative action that favours white skin? Oh, I'm sorry, it's called "hard work" when the white is a beneficiary. You literally waltzed into the USA as an adult and became rich, overtaking Black Americans who have lived there for generations, and you have the audacity to brag about your "achievements". You have achieved nothing-your fat bank balance is solely attributable to your white skin. Had you been black you would never have advanced so rapidly-in fact you would not have advanced at all. You would probably be flipping burgers at McDonalds or driving a cab in New York City regardless of your level of education. It is a good thing that you are gone though and you are not coming back-I am not complaining. South Africa is a better place without racists like you. I noticed that you are so excited that you had the guts to give out your name. Why don't you post a picture and an address as well so that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson know that the number US racists has just been increased by one more.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if this thread is still running, but the last comment by Mweli needs a rebuttal.
I too liven in Joburg in the 60s, went to East Africa, built up a nice business only to lose it all
under Amin, left Africa swearing never to set foot in it again. I came to Canada with next to nothing, have now comfortably retired and that has nothing to do with being white. It has everything to do with having brains, education and the willingness to work hard. The black
who is flipping burgers at McDonalds has long since been fired because he was too damn lazy,
a Mexican is doing the job now. With all the affirmative action the
blacks still flunk out of school, do crime and land in jail, all the
white mans fault. If you ever stop
blaming whitey, get off your lazy arse and do something you too might
get somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Thabo Mbeki, Robert Mugabe, Jonas Savimbi, Jacob Zuma, Kenneth Kuanda, Idi Amin etc. etc.....all such fine role are so funeeeee.

Anonymous said...

Mweli said...
Wow, Mike Longerich!!

From a paltry R7000 to R900 000 a year in 13 years-that is absolutely incredible.

Mweli, I see your good old black attitude and there is nothing wrong with it as for Mike--both are right. Your culture is typical not worried about tomorrow and not building a refuge for the future.

Mike is on the other end a european that is concerned about tomorrow and builds up what he can for his retirement and children.

This is the general difference between black and white. Therefore do not be nasty and jealous if your culture does not make room for financial and wealth growth. This is once again the difference between Europeans/Westerners and Africans/ African-Americans

Anonymous said...

Hey, instead of shooting your whole wad at once, it might have been better to offer each of these locations, one location on one day so we have something to look forward to each day on this blog.

Anonymous said...

What really disturbs me about these ANC apologists, and people who take issue with this blog, is that they are of exactly the same ilk as the old Nats, which now of course is taboo, and despised. How the hell can you not want this site to be shown to the world? What are you trying to hide from? Why are you trying to sweep the SA degradation, crime epidemic, corruption and mismanagement crisis under the carpet? All in the name of the new “rainbow” nation? You should in fact acknowledge the relevance of a site like this and use it to fix up the mess that SA is in, not try and sweep it under the carpet. That’s exactly what the old minority regime used to do, and what was the result?
Your denial of SA’s problem is downright disgusting, na├»ve and ultimately self-destructing. Leave your “rainbow” propaganda out of it, until this mess is truly tackled. I personally refer this blog to everyone I know, and everyone who wishes to visit SA.
Your coffee is ice cold!

Anonymous said...

Joburgs City Dwellers on BBC -


Anonymous said...

What about Ponte Tower block - I bet that looks interesting, The old Landdrost Hotel and especially the what was the Jack Mincer underground parking garage - at some stage I think it was taken over by the taxi association - can you imagine what's going one down there.

Thanks for the memories........

Anonymous said...

Mweli said...[...]

don't be like that Mweli ... it takes balls of steel to sell up everything , cash in your policies , and walk with tears in your eyes to the 747 at Jan f-ing smuts (or JHB international as it's now called) .. can you imagine the fear inside as you walk with your wife across the tarmac and into the plane bound for a country you have never seen with your life's worth sitting in 9 grand's worth of US travellers cheques ...?

I know because i did it ... now i'm not nearly as successful as Mike Longerich but i survived

now i could bore you with tales of discrimination against the new arrivals , but why botther

those that have never been through it would never understand how hard we Saffies work and fight to get ahead overseas ...

but i understand your attitude mate .. look africa is for africans .. i really believe that .. you guys make a go of it but don't take away from mike's or my .. or any saffie's success overseas

we earned it ... peace brother.

Anonymous said...

Hey Real realist,

When are you leaving? I have been living in Australiafor a long time, never looked back.

Come join us.


Anonymous said...


You typify the mentality of the hopeless, lame, lazy parasites of this world that of their own accord can only live in your own squalor unless extricated by some act of merciful benevolance yet blame their woes on the color of their skin and at the same time blame the hard work drive ingenuity skill foresight of whites as being racially advantaged by vitue of their skin color,regardless of the country in which they live or emigrate to.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.White people strive and aspire to create and provide a better life for themselves, the society in which they live and for their offspring as part of their culture via law and order civilized society hard work education and sacrifice unlike the rest of Africa where destruction corruption killing rape bribery mayhem plunder and misery are the order of the day with very few notable and valued exceptions.

I am digusted how the new elite blacks in South Africa are now plundering and looting everything possible by virtue of their political connection and/or the color of their skin.Reverse racism I think it is called.The average black South African is even worse off now under the new regime than ever before.
What happened to all the communists unionists marxists and socialist idealogues in the ANC who like Mugabe,an avowed marxist till he got to power (that pig), is now one of the richest men in Africa whilst his fellow countymen are dying like flies due to lack of food and medicine.Why do African leaders allow that to happen -the silence from you is deafening in this regard,the only objection is from Europe and the USA yet you have the gall to criticize SA emigrants who thru their own ingenuity determination honesty sacrifice and hard work have improved their lifestyles abroad.You are despicable in your lack of morality and double standards.

It is only in Africa that incompetent corrupt and connected individuals are allowed to progress by stealing or plundering hundreds of millions of ill gotten gains under the guise of BEE/AA -what a farce.It is outright extortion on an unprecedented scale- period.

You are a stupid bigot-The fabric of
"Your Society" is easily measured against the backdrop of the African continent.Like you it is a "Basket Case". Unless you change your mentality you will always remain a beggar or worse a hijacker, armed robber, murderer and/or rapist preying on defenceless women and children.Go and study the demographics of US jails which may shed some light on your esteemed cultural diversity
for which no doubt you will blame on the system itself.The statistics speak for themselves.It seems the theme is universal

To my dear fellow honest decent and hard working South Africans black and white -BEWARE THE BARBARIANS ARE AMONGST US

Anonymous said...

Further to the excellent posting above, here's an addition to the rot that is taking place. How on earth can these rainbow apologists justify this self-destruct new South African attitude?

Yengeni parade a disgrace - DA2006-08-24 15:56:58 is disgraceful that senior members of the ANC should treat fraudster Tony Yengeni as a hero, says Democratic Alliance chief whip Douglas Gibson. Cape Town - It was disgraceful that senior members of the African National Congress should treat fraudster Tony Yengeni as a hero, said Democratic Alliance chief whip Douglas Gibson on Thursday.
"This 'hero's parade' sets an appalling example to ANC members and to the rest of the country, and flies in the face of President Mbeki's stance on corruption," he told the national assembly in a member's statement.

He was speaking shortly after Yengeni, former ANC chief whip in the assembly, was escorted to the gates of Pollsmoor Prison by supporters, including members of the ANC Western Cape executive.

Gibson said ANC provincial chairman James Ngculu had said he did not think Yengeni had committed a serious crime because he did not steal anything, but only made use of discounts.

"By so doing, Ngculu has attempted to justify and minimise Yengeni's crime and deflect the public's attention away from the seriousness of Yengeni's transgressions," he said.

Toyi-toyied his way to prison

"It is disgraceful and disappointing that senior figures in the ANC can treat Yengeni as a hero when, in fact, they should be using him as an example of how not to behave when in public office."

Earlier Yengeni, who was sentenced to four years in prison for failing to disclose an almost 50% discount he had received on a luxury vehicle from a bidder in South Africa's arms deal, toyi toyi-ed on the way to Pollsmoor.

He apparently also was joined in the dancing by correctional services officials.

Anonymous said...

Hey Real,

you are doing a great job ... what would FIFA think!!!!

Time for some new photo's


Anonymous said...

To The Real Realist,

You blog brings about sadness. I am a South African but have chosen to move to Canada. I did not choose to leave, I was driven out because of the escalating crime rate.

How can anyone live in a state of fear 24/7? If I could, I would move back in a second ... because my friends are back there. Canada provides safety and comfort. When I drive up to my driveway, I don't want to have to double check to see if there are people lurking around. When I go shopping, I don't want to have to clutch onto my handbag, afraid that someone will grab it from me and when I stop at a robot, I don't want to feel scared that I will be hijacked, robbed etc.

In SA, you have to have eyes on the back of your head otherwise you will be a statistic.

For the tourists' sake, I hope they think twice about visiting SA. For all those involved in the World Cup 2010 ... I hope that it will not be held in SA ... unless something drastic happens. The last thing SA needs is to be in international news about endangering the lives of tourists.

Do we really want to turn find ourselves in the same position as other african countries?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic site, reading the comments, you have a worldwide audience .. please update with new photos on a more regular basis

Anonymous said...


Just a suggestion: try to publish "before" pictures if you can get any. I don't think people who haven't seen the glory of what Rocky street used to be or Hillbrow for that matter, will completely grasp what you mean by 'gutted'. Also, may I suggest a couple of alternatives to the word? Mutilated, violated, destroyed, desecrated..... gutted is a mild term.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how downtown Pretoria is shaping up, is it going the same way as JHB? Or have the Dutchies there still kept things under control?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Uhuru Guru, your partner got bogged down here and hasn't added to this blog for a whole month. How about getting your camera out and going to work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a most informative site. Sad reading some comments that are just plain stupid. "It's the whites fault" by an anonymous poster. How far back does one want to go and blame the fate of Africa on Imperialism and colonialism? At some point everyone will have to take responsibility despite our skin colour. The current government has not been able to stop senseless violence and the decay of our cities. We've had a "black" government for 12 years... when will they be held accountable? Another South African living in the US and missing my home daily.

Anonymous said...

I left South Africa twenty-two years ago.

I viewed the photo-montages primarily with disbelief, which turned into a sort of sick "told-you-so" feeling which defies an exact definition!

I am very glad I left!

Anonymous said...

fantastic site .... lotsa people throughout the world looking at it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how terrible. I have lived here in Johannesburg all my live, and I still love this place dearly. There are many things wrong here, but why do you choose to wallow in them?

It is sad that people have become so bitter. Still, it is clear that you feel strongly. But so do I, I love my city and my country, the new South Africa has no short of failings, but there are many good things that you have chosen not to show.

One sided commentary is irresponsible, false and stupid. It was not intention to insult you, but I'm afraid that you are showing only half of the picture

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's wonderful. This site engages in one sided criticism and yet when anyone posts a dissenting comment they promptly get insulted crudly by the other commenters who agree with you. I regret having left a comment. I don't know about you (the writer) but your audience is not an impressive lot.

MissingThePoint said...

You all in Johannesburg are truly missing the point. If S.A. is meant to be not as bad as we, the rascist/traitors overseas, think then why is it wherever I look on the net now. All I see is people complaining about crime, death, decay. What happened to the power station in the Cape... Oh yeah... It didn't work... Who's fault... Mine of course... I'm the evil white man.
Who's fault the CBD died... Mine of course... I'm the evil white man who doesn't want to live next to a criminal. Do you blame me?

I live in the fair and wonderfully cultural city of London. London is my idea of what a city should be. I can go at whatever time to whatever place I'd like to in London. I don't ever worry about getting shot. I can be as drunk as a skunk at 4 in the morning and walk through the suburbs and city of London without the fear that; 1. My girlfriend will be raped. 2; That I'm going to get mugged and stab just for the hell of it 3; Look over my shoulder 4; Worry if I'm going to get home that evening 5; Worry if communism will take everything I own 6; The threat of a civil war.

All I've got to worry about is about terrorists. Still kill less that the rate in S.A. So I ain't worried, ya get me...

Can you in Johannesburg say the same? NO.

We need to inform the world so that we all can benefit, no matter your creed colour or race. All men deserve to live like men and not animals, would you not say. I'm fully behind the guy who publishes these photos. Do inform the world and don't listen to the weeds who will bend over to whom ever is in politics and take it up with the sun don't shine. They will get a rude awakening when Joseph knocks on their window and say, Hello Jack...

My point and you may call me what you want. I'm a realist who is mobilising for the freedom of South Africans all around the world to come home. Support everything against the corrupt ANC, SACP, COSATU alliance. What sort of a democracy do we live in? Looks more authoritarian to me. 2/3s majority... I cannot wait for the SACP, ANC split...

We'll see then if the devil will be so kind to us...

My thoughts with the South Africans in our homeland!

Jayne said...

I've looked at all the photos you have posted & I've read through some of the comments - sadly I don't have enough time to go through them all.
Without a doubt, I can honestly say I feel sad at the sight of Joburgs decline. I used to work in Checkers (Greatermans) Head Office in Commissioner street. My in-laws used to live in Braamfontein & my ma-by-law recognised many of the photos. Like me, she is saddened & shocked to see what's happend to this once vibrant city.
I'd be interested to find out what happened to 11D Diagonal Street, as my pa-by-law was the superintendant of that building.

Anonymous said...

fantastic blog, but now needs new life .... more photos please

Anonymous said...

I think it only fair that you should show some of the incredible new construction in Jhb, such as Melrose Arch etc. There are areas of Jhb that are still awesome! Don't live there anymore, but wish I could if the crime was not so bad!

Anonymous said...

It is shocking but leaving South Africa is not the solution. Don't be coward and just protect your home.
South Africa is an awesome country. Together, we are stronger !

Anonymous said...

I have been in Johannesburg for almost three weeks now. I have walked downtown Johannesburg. It definitely has an African flavor, but it is definitely not dead. Just go to Carlton Center or Market St, or President St, you see lot of life. I know the potential for crime is very real, but I also see that racists here, as back in my country the US, will stop at nothing to get your racism across. The truth is not one of your concerns.

Anonymous said...

"fantastic blog, but now needs new life .... more photos please"

all I see is a slaggin match, true to form a bunch of South Africans whingeing but doing very little else

so hear hear to stating the obvious Real Realist and highlighting your lack of action, regular folk hero you are!!

Anonymous said...

I have to respond to the folk who say: 'Stop being negative, get off your butt and DO something'

Yeah - like what? Your average Joe is trying to live life free from crime, harassment, stress etc

The New SA Govt and Constitution promised to provide that.

Reality is - it has not happened and what can one do? Maybe post a blog like this to highlight the problems. What else can anyone do within the law?

People who grew up in squalour in the townships might not see the sadness in Jozi being shown as what it has become - a littered slum. Thay probably don't know better. I am an African who grew up in Soweto and am only too happy to be in an enviroment now where people equate cleanliness to civilization, and do not label criminals as 'apartheid victims'.

When are we as Africans going to take a stand against thugs - including our present non-performing government?

Anonymous said...

its very sad...these poor people are being victimised by immigrants from neighbouring countries and their plight ignored by their own government. in the words of george orwell, "some pigs are more equal than others" true

Anonymous said...

when the settlers arrived in 1820, the africans were living in mud huts. england already had machinery.let them go back to their mud huts. I for one will not be sending aid back to starving is white aid and will therefore not be welcome.

Anonymous said...

if the current prime minister of south africa cannot acknowledge the problem with aids and hiv , then how can his own people trust him to run the country efficiently, I feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

If I were to win the lottery, I would take hillbrow and cordon it off with armed gaurds, the only people allowed in would be those working on the regeneration of the area and they would be searched going in and out of the area. Once one building was refurbished the workers would then be given affordable housing there whilst they worked on the next building. slowly, they could allow in some shops/creches and supermarkets and schools until the people know how to run their own community.
unfortunately I havent got any money so joburg will just have to rot.

Anonymous said...

This site is not true. This is taken in a bad part of Johannesburg. How about looking at Sandton, Rosebank, Midrand, Bryanston. Would you walk in some streets of New York? Why dont you go and see for yourself and realise that this websit is rubbish and one sided.
From someone who lives in Johannesburg!!!

The Real Realist said...

Dave said...
This site is not true. This is taken in a bad part of Johannesburg. How about looking at Sandton, Rosebank, Midrand, Bryanston. Would you walk in some streets of New York? Why dont you go and see for yourself and realise that this websit is rubbish and one sided.
From someone who lives in Johannesburg!!!


It is YOU who is the liar here, I am afraid. These pictures are all accurate representations of the city centre of Johannesburg, and do not for a minute pretend to be anything else.

Just wait until the population shift which has destroyed JHB city centre, reaches your leafy northern suburbs, and the same thing will happen -- as is currently happening with the southernmost parts of Rosebank....

and as to you remark about the same thing in other international cities -- indeed, that is true -- but if you are consistent, you will see that the destruction occurs for EXACTLY the same reason: the replacement of the original White population with a non-White population: see here for the awful pictures of the destruction of Detroit, USA:

Anonymous said...

Mweli said...

(racist hate rant)

Yes Mweli. America has no educated blacks with finacial and political power. African Americans don't dominate the culture scene. The influence of rap music and other forms of Black culture are an illusion.

Get over your white-phobia hate mantra and start taking responsibility to yourself. For starters why not incourage your detroit friends to stop victimizing other smaller minorities and using poverty as a veil for their behaviors.

Anonymous said...

lets get some new pics up...interesting site...once was in sun city but had to land in jo'burg...not gonna lie..i was scared shitless going thru jo'burg...good times in south africa tho

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an eye-opener, thanks for this blog! Here are some more pics from Hillsbrow:

Anonymous said...

In the early '40s Helene Hanff wrote of a vibrant, happy and 'clean' Central Park, New York City. In the 1960s crime thrillers described the Park as a dark, dangerous cess pit. Today it is again a safe hub to Manhattan.

I miss much of the 'old' Jozi as much as anyone but am more than happy to change haunts and enjoy the revival of New Town, the truly incredible peace and beauty of Constitutional Hill, the maintenance of community spirit with constantly upgrading of most of Soweto (and even Alex), the dog-eats-dog sophistication of Sandton, Rosebank and Fourways; the growing and increasingly comfortable mix of middle-class of all races on both the East and West Rand; the trendy vibe of Melville (which I remember as being as 'sad' 30 years ago as Yeoville now is).

I haven't visited the Southern Suburbs for years but should imagine that it hasn't changed much in character.

No doubt there are blogs that concentrate on the rebirth of Johannesburg which are as one-sided as this. Perhaps someone (I'm too lazy) will combine the two viewpoints into a balanced perspective of what remains one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world.

Aside from all that, there are some beautiful photos here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i grew up in sa and loved every minute of it,until it all went tits up.looking at these pics im shocked and disgusted at how they have turned a once great and thriving country into a gettho.
as for people like jan,youre a blind wanker!! wake up and see whats going on!! dont critisize people for wanting a better life,its a big world out there,grow up little man.

Anonymous said...

add more pictures. there is NOTHING like these johannesburg pictures on the internet.

David said...

Thank you for putting this blog up -- I live in the U.S., have been here for more than 20 years, but am an ex-pat S. African -- was born (in Hillbrow!) and grew up there.

From age zero to 11 my family, who was fairly poor, lived in Angus Mansions at the corner of Jeppe and End Sts -- right at the end of Jeppe St. I would love to see what THAT building looks like now.

I am gay, and I have great memories of all the gay clubs around there -- starting with The Dungeon (the 3 Castles building on Marshall St), Mandy's (the old revue hall and, prior to that, macaroni factory on End Street near Jeppe/Bree), Square One (again on Jeppe near End), Schiaparelli's (an old butcher on Jeppe near Mooi St), Club 2001 (opp. the Carlton Hotel which, I think you feature as some other club in your gallery). Not to mention the bars -- the Skyline at Kotze (or Pretoria?) St. and Twist in Hillbrow (again, I think you have a pic of that), and some others in Joeies whose names I now forget.

This is SO sad -- I had no idea things were this bad. I am ashamed, disappointed, disgusted and primarily depressed at seeing all of this.

- David

Anonymous said...
one can find there some photos of Detroit. text is in Russian, but the first 2 diagrams are in English, so it's easy 2 understand why it happened

Anonymous said...

Growing up in and around Johannesburg, I found this site to be shocking but expected. The phenomenon that is depicted is one called "Urban Decay". The ability is witness-able in first world countries around the world. It was somewhat artificially stunted during and by the apartheid years that forced the socioeconomic statuses of "poor" on black people and "rich" on white people.

It is important to note that this kind of decay occurs as a result of poverty and crime. Which causes businesses to move, and eventually leads to criminal elements following, and so the circle continues.

This is Africa. The majority of the population is black. And so theoretically the majority of any of the poor/middle-class/rich demographics should be black. However, the mechanism of apartheid changed that.

Now that apartheid has ended there are many wealthy black people who live in stylish houses and accumulate material wealth. There are also poor white people whose lives are strewn with filthy living conditions. But this balance has not shifted because many white people have left the country (as have the better off black people).

I do believe that South Africa could repair itself, if it werent for the current goverment making it impossible for skilled white people to find jobs. What? you want them to stay in the country, but you don't want them to find a job? How long will the category of "previously disadvantaged" continue to exist? Will there be a time where white people will fall into this category, because they are disadvantaged (with respect, not to the same degree) by affirmative action? Who knows?

The current government needs to stop pocketing overseas "rescue" money so that they can buy fancy cars and houses, they need to stop passing laws discriminating against white people, they need to stop denying the cause of aids, and start solving problems. If they do a good enough job, who knows, people will come back.

God bless the freedom of speech
and God bless you all
thank you

Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of Detroit.

mantra77 said...

It's not just Detroit. Whites are the minority in all the top ten biggest US cities and they've all become more or less like Johannesburg. It is the logical end result of PeeCee religious doctrine. The dogma goes something like this:

“If you go against your group interests while black you’re an uncle tom, if you do so while white you’re open-minded. Amen. If you express group interests while black you’re standing up for your people, if you do so while white you’re racist. Amen.”

The PeeCee fanatics that dominate government, academia and media keep telling us there is a problem with white people and white countries. The problem, it appears, is that they are too racist. They keep saying this problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says there is a problem with asian people and that this problem will be solved by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this problem with white people and white countries is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this problem with black people and black countries and this problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a problem with black people being too racist, I am talking about MY race hatred of black people?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of demographic extinction against my people, white people, the pro-minority bigots and chauvinists agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white racists.

Anti-racist has become a code word for anti-white racist.

Bob's Riddle: All anti-white racists agree that it's ok for whites to become minorities in their own countries. All anti-white racists also agree that a Japanese person who wants to become a minority in his own country is either a traitor or clinically insane. Therefore, what is an anti-white racist? Answer

Electro-Kevin said...

I haven't seen the 'before' pictures, but this is all truly TRULY shocking.

I'm from Britain.

Anonymous said...

Someone must have asked this before but as I'm only seeing this blog for the first time I'll ask. Whoever is writing this blog...what are you doing to try and help the situation? Do you have a restoration plan that needs funding or support. How do you want to fix this issue you are documenting? I'm willing to help. Just let me know what you are doing. Thanks

The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said...
Someone must have asked this before but as I'm only seeing this blog for the first time I'll ask. Whoever is writing this blog...what are you doing to try and help the situation? Do you have a restoration plan that needs funding or support. How do you want to fix this issue you are documenting? I'm willing to help. Just let me know what you are doing. Thanks

Dear Anonymous

I am doing NOTHING about this state of affairs. If people such as yourself are too blind to see that this is what happens when non-Whites take over White civilizations, and that the damage is permanent and cannot be undone, then there is little that can be said or done for you.
Just why on earth should I (that means us, Whiteys, have to once again clean up the mess created by other races? To hell with it, they can wade in their own ruins.

Anonymous said...

Four open questions to my many fellow South Africans: Does the future hold anything other than rot? Will those gorging on the gravy train ever die? What do you really believe in, and is it enough?

DUARTE said...


Anonymous said...

This site is really about the decay of those cultures that are not African. It laments the end of cleanliness, efficiency, order, justice and progress. Worse than the problem of decay is the fact that non-black South African citizens, especially white ones, are powerless to remedy this decay. They are shut out by the black South African government, like social pariahs. (Consider that the previous, white, Afrikaner government also squashed individual expression.) This explains why there are so many despairing, angry and bitter comments in this page: Today, in South Africa, if you're not black, or "being black", you get severely penalised. The media puts great social pressure on everyone to tow the line and be pro-African culture, exclusively. It means: "Renounce your non-African heritage, or else we'll kick you where it hurts". And, if you're white: "You will never live your inherent wickedness down".

This deprivation is obviously socially unhealthy, and it breeds acute resentment of the perceived oppressor, namely the black man in general (notice how we all get a turn). On the other hand, it's also unreasonable to hold against black people that they have not evolved in around two hundred years to where our particular racial group has evolved in more or less two thousand years. More importantly, this suggests that we can't actually take credit for being more evolved -- if in fact we are -- because it's not something any one of us has personally accomplished.

Should we not rather turn our attention to spiritual evolution? Such that involves making the right decision, one that's good for ourselves and for the people we knowingly or unknowingly influence. Have a rant in private, then think about the idea behind the idea behind the rant. Perhaps there we'll find constructive meaning, and realise our potential ...even as "social pariahs". When you feel scornful, rather think: "I am that person". It's an uncomplicated way to learn empathy. When you fear your end is near, think: "I will never surrender!" Optimism is your only option. Your considered actions will distinguish you, and in time, you may personally accomplish something that matters. Use your power, deliberately, and for something you won't soon regret.

Anonymous said...

If you have left south africa why do you care?

Anonymous said...

This website is inhumane. Whoever made this, theres no denying you have highlighted the much negative aspects of Johannesburg, but it is a worry you devote time to an unconstructive, unproductive blog like this.
While you wollow in the past and your inability to hope, to hope you can contribute to a better future and that your fellow neighbour can, think of Nelson Mandela living in a prison for 20 or so years, never giving up hope...for so long, and is still embracing hope!
It will never be the death of Johannesburg, unfortunately the only death that has happened is the death of your hope.

Anonymous said...

These damn jungle bunnies have fucked up every country in Africa. SA was the last hope. They should have hanged mandela with rest of them. He was a fucking terrorist. Now look what has happened. And to think I supported Helen Suzmann. The good old expression still remains, you can take the swab out of the bush, but not the bush out of the swab.

Jobove - Reus said...

congratulations is very good blog
fantastic !!

salutations from Catalonia Spain

Africannabis said...

I lived in Rhodesia - its looks like this now - I lived in Hillbrow, Yeoville and Berea...

Wait till land and housing boil!

South Africa = Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable... The city looks worse than Pyongyang. I come from Poland, our GDP per capita is only slightly higher than South Africa's, but the difference is huge. I can't understand this. What's wrong? Is it because of AIDS? Lack of education? Perhaps a very small group of citizens controls a significant part of the nation's wealth, and you just do not show the good parts of the city to us? Anyway, it's a really shocking experience - especially because my country is similarly wealthy... Most people in Poland have never said anything good about our government, complaining all the time about them. I think they should see this, to understand how lucky we are that our rulers make so much even with the limited resources.

BTW, I don't think it's a racial problem. Barbados does very well with 90% of its population being black. There must be something more to it. But what?

Darrin Hodges said...

I find it remarkable how those pics of Joburg are so similar to parts of Detroit, sadly, there is a commonality that cannot be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Hi, well I don´t know Johannesburg, but I think (with your photos), that South Africa (and North America and same places of South America like Argentina, Brasil Chile, etc.) need and Apartheid "Regierung" Now!


Anonymous said...

Real Realist,

Check out the pics at the end of the thread. Many of the places you photographed have been revamped.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

What a brill Blog one of the best I have seen. You have given me a glimpse of what is happening to the UK and why we must fight the curse of multi culturalisim.

Your blog has warned Britain

let me know if you want to link up

Anonymous said...

All the Black people have to do is to put their trash into the dustbins that are available.

All they have to do, is to leave the toilets clean.

It has nothing to do with Apartheid or colonialism. Either you have good manners or no manners.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, South Africa! Ending apartheid was a great idea, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

If you hand something functional to a blacko he will make it dysfunctional. If it is clean he will make it dirty. If it is unbroken he will break it and then he will blame someone else, probably you.
The most useless and destructive creatures ever to walk the face of this earth.

Anonymous said...

We were thinking and debating about leaving our once beautiful South Africa.......your blog has just said "get out while you still can. You leave with one suitcase each or you get out now"

I suppose I have to thank you for this, but I really really love my country and it's so sad that we have to leave her.

Thank you for giving us these pictures of Johannesburg. I will always remember it the way it was, and all my memories of window shopping, the streets lit up with Christmas lights, Greatermans, John Orrs, ahhhh, all the good things I will take with me, the fact that they no longer exist, well my country has been raped but my memory will not fade.
And hey guys!!!! Tell folk the way it was, because it was a beautiful embracing country and South Africans will always be beautiful embracing people.....Country is going but the hearts of the people will carry on. So so sad

Anonymous said...

For those who have been out of the country a long time , dont come back ... if u found it bad 5 or 10 years ago, boy u have no idea now .......Nothing but nothing has improved especialy crime
I see it like an actualisation of the movies Death Wish with Charles Bronson.
Anytime of the day u can get nailed , whether its at home,work,mall u name it.
Especialy in JoBurg, EastRand,Pretoria areas and blacks too are targeted big time.
I think Hollywood should make a sequel to "Escape from New York" and Snake Pliskin role starring VICTIMISED South Africans trying to escape the cesspitt full of criminal scumbags with the dream of reaching a normal world with civilisation

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. My memories of Hillbrow Berea Yeoville and Bellevue East, where I lived were a lot more pleasant. I left SA 11 yrs ago and became a British citizen, to have a safer and peaceful future for my children. I'm glad I made the move. All my family still live in SA, but I dont miss SA at all. Here in the UK buildings still stand as they have for hundreds of years. It breaks my heart to see where I grew up in ruins. Great blog .

Anonymous said...

I left SA in April 2006, and I spent some time taking photographs before I left - specifically of the 'security systems' and high walls that almost every home in Joburg has around it.

So if folks would like to see pix of Melville, and parts of Rosebank and Sandton suburbia as it is now..
the top level for the various pix, can be found at 'Leaving South Africa'

Maple said...

I'll be moving over to Jo'burg in June from Canada....I'm starting a blog on it all...

Anonymous said...

Mweli said...

... as well as that idiot in Cape Town whose blog name suits him "Breindood" - actually you need a "brein" before you can be "breindood", which as per you real life experience, you haven't.

It takes a lot of very hard work to get anywhere as a foreigner - at least OUTSIDE of South Africa we do not get shot. We have to go through the employment processes where the locals get first dibs. I wouldn't EXPECT less.

Now this is where the difference between US and THEM come in:

WE arrive, work, save, retire.

THEY arrive, cry ex-apartheid, expect a hand out, infect others, leech off welfare, and still cry foul... oh yes, thats what you've done for over a 100 years...

WE educate our children into being respectable upright members of society. This takes time, bank loans, mortgages and hours upon hours of disciplined assistance from the parents.

THEY can never get upright, as they are either drugged, drunk or breeding. The children are left to their own devices because they're in jail or next door pissed out of their brackets, know no respect, and assist in OUR insurance premium hikes. They do teach the children however to follow in the adults footsteps.

WE count our successes on the increases we receive in our earnings, our improved material possessions and the standings we have in the society (both expatriate and foreign).

THEY count their successes on the increases in deceiving the welfare, in stealing OUR improved material possessions and the standings they have with the foreign society liberalist that just dish out more because of apartheid.

Now a lot of South Africans CANNOT leave, as to their own reasons, and we must not hold it against them. But yours is jealousy - you CANNOT leave, because YOU have NOTHING to offer....


Anonymous said...

Bravissimo to all you guys in the outer-world!
You should come and enjoy life here in paradise for a holiday in the land of milk and honey, provided you send your luggage per DHL, and not through O R Tambo Airport where your luggage would be distributed towards the furtherance of black economic empowerment; but you should record in an affidavit the number of fingers and toes you arrive with; and if you arrive at your holiday destination without expiring from a terminal case of lead poisoning, having endured a few hours in the 'parking lots' euphemistically called highways in S.A, having evaded the unlicensed and unroadworthy minicab taxis which achieve a higher death-rate than all the wars in the world, including Iraq - I would then say 'bienvenuto', and arrange a welcoming ceremony in the standing-room section only for you at the FNB Stadium, where the next Kaizer Chiefs vs. Orlando Pirates will take place before 100,000 equal-opportunity fellow citizens with their trumpets at full blast.

Anonymous said...

The k4 mentality is not to maintain anything. The k4 uses everything to destruction and then moves on to the next. The k4 has no honor, no conscience and no regard for the future.

JHB is destroyed because whites are moving out because of the crime and the k4's moving in.

Anonymous said...

I was feeling a bit homesick earlier, having moved to U.K. some years ago. Having found this site, I feel much better now. Only wish the rest of my family would get out too.

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK but I have family who moved to Johannesburg back in the 70's, at the time they told me it was a wonderful place to live, my grandparents actually went out there for a holiday one year & said the same thing.

That was back when they had apartheid, then the Blacks started getting their own way & now look at the state of the place, I wouldn't even send convicted child molesters there as a punishment, it's even too harsh for them & they deserve something pretty harsh.

To the people saying it's all because of the Whites being racist, well hell yes but Racism kept the place running smoothly for decades, then the bleeding heart Liberals took power & gave it all away to the Blacks & the blacks have run it into the ground as is their way with everything.

And just for the record the worst racists I've met have all been Black, ironic eh?

Anonymous said...

That place looks just like Detroit and New Orleans and ALL the rest of the black majority cities in the entire world. Nothing new here, blacks are destroyers. It's easy to hate these humanoids.

I feel bad for the Afrikaners. This is a glimpse into the future for USA/CAN/EUR/AUS/NZ/South America unless Europeans WORLDWIDE wake up, unite as a single people and drop these divisive nationalities, start breeding alot, reattach their balls and kick these traitorous politicians and crusty humanoid parasites out by force like in Serbia.

We can't sit around and keep crying about what they're doing to us forever, so get active and do what you can for our struggle but be prepared that not much will change without an insurgency. Don't kid yourself and think we can vote or pray our way out of this mess in most of our nations, we can't.

Drikus said...

So? Do you find the degradation anything we hadn't told you would happen? This is the result of voting for it! The peoples choice! Sit back an let it soak in. The worst is but yet to come! Brace yourself if you can't leave and if you have left (having put your liberal vote in the box prior to '94) thanks for leaving your mess to us!

Rhoda Jones said...

These pictures make me very sad actually. South Africa was a very beautiful place, and in some places still is. It is very difficult to see this now - its a very harsh reality. I dislike the negative comments - those must be quite harsh to deal with as they made me even angry. In an ideal world instead of all of us bitching about the state of it we should be trying to do something to make it better.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad when I see this. Every time I drive down Louis Botha (to buy school uniforms at McCullagh & Bothwell) I look at these buildings and try to imagine what it must have been like in their glory days. It's a strange thing that I can still 'feel' the spirit of Johannesburg when I come in from Harrow (now Joe Slovo)towards town; that buzz that used to be there still clings desperately to the boarded up buildings. I think this is such a waste. In the 70's my mother didn't want us to go to Hillbrow because the men had long hair and the women smoked...

Is there any hope to restore the place at all?

Anonymous said...

I used to live next to the Johannesburger hotel in Joubert Park.
Jeussus what the fu*k have these half humans done to the city/country.
The less said the better.

Anonymous said...

Just utterly wrong. Those of us living in developed countries, we had better act now or our neighborhoods will end up like this. Personally, I want to shoot those negroes.

Anonymous said...

"i remember", "used to be", "was", "in the 70s and 80s, "the new south africa". yawn.

Greer Valley said...

Get REAL real realist! Educate yourself! You are presenting a tiny, one-sided view of a much larger picture! How can you ignore the reasons for this decay! It was caused by centuries of opression!!!!

Anonymous said...

Typical. Let a kaffir loose and he will make a mess of anything he lays his hands on.

Best bails ship if you can and head elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

"Eish medem, she's brokken!"
The same way "they", yes "they" break everything you own while working for you is the same way they are "breaking" South Africa. Only this time, "medem" can't just replace it! Once it's gone, it's gone forever! What a shame. After two devastating experiences with "people of colour", my partner and I made the most difficult decision of our lives, we left our HOME. Our place of birth, our friends and everything we loved. All because we're white and not worth the skin we were born in. All because we "OWE" them... All they do is "DEMAND"... I'm not a racist BUT I sure do hate K4's!

Anonymous said...

This blog evokes a lot of emotions - happy memories of what was and then complete sadness for what is! There is something about a black South African that just isn't human. To call them animals would be an insult to animals so what are they? Where do they come from? They don't have chips on their shoulders, they have WHOLE trees!

Anonymous said...

Tragic what has happened to SA. I have travelled all over the world and had hoped to see it one day, but apparently I waited too long. Doesn't sound like a particularly clever idea to take my petite, blonde, beautiful to such a place.

Although I fear the worse is yet to come. Zuma gives the sensation that I'm looking at a young Robert Mugabe. With the global credit crunch and the commodities slide I think SA could be in for a world of shit.

In the US press and travel kit, SA is portrayed as the peace, love and guitars - what a crock. I wonder how many of my fellow sheepeople have been beaten and raped by buying into that on a visit.

For all the racism that supposedly exists in this world in my travels I have found it a truism that when the colonials leave the place goes straight to hell (with notable exceptions - Singapore, Vietnam, etc.).

But black Africa? - fekking hopeless.

Anonymous said...

i lived on jolly street, yeoville early 90s. walked down to rockey street alone (in the evening), stumbling back up when the sun was humming on the horizon.. your pics of yeoville.... i have been crying. outright.. sobbing... you are brave to have been "in" to take those pics and as sad as i am.. great memories have surfaced. i went back (in) to "see" in 2002. i told the guy driving (as we headed up bezuidenhout).. "get the F*&^ out!!!!!!!!!!" and have never been back. really.. i've been sobbing.

Escapee said...

Reading through all of these posts I'm struck by how many express so much indignation at the Africanization of Joburg. I'm a white boy that arrived from Scotland in 1976 and realized immediately that I should enjoy my stay there before the obvious future arrived. I left in 1985 after 9 great years, knowing that the Africans would take over and the inevitable would happen.
I'm amazed that you are all so surprised that Josies has become an African town. Look at the rest of Africa, did you expect something different?
Leave the poor Africans alone to run the country the way they want to. If they don't feel like removing trash from the street or fixing things that are broke thats not your problem. Let them enjoy their freedom the way they want.
It's really none of our business now. We were just temorary invaders.
Sure, we built a marvellous city which we got to enjoy under the strictly enforced laws of seperate developement but now its their turn.
I remember that Black Forest cake at Cafe Zurich, their Cappuccino was the best too. I bet all thats served there now is Mealie Pap.
Enjoy the memories of this once wonderful City, hopefully from some other Continent. Amandla

Anonymous said...

i think a lot of the problems, not only in SA, but in the world in general stem from ignorance. i understand how many people, especially those of us who come from western cultures, might look upon the current state of SA and the rest of africa and say its because black people dont have any sense of social maintanance, that "they use everything up, destroy it, and then move on to the the next thing", as some in this blog have put it. but let me remind you all that before western man made his conquest of africa, and the rest of the world, people had been living here in relatively perfect harmany with their surroundings for millenia. of course there have always been tyrants and mad men whove taken the world to be their own and in doing so wiped out everything in their paths, but they are exceptions. the fact is that africa was a pretty great place before western ideals took hold. in fact when you look at it clearly its the westerner who uses everything up, destroys it and then moves on to the next. this is western consumerism, and this is what the western world has been teaching and forcing upon the rest of the world. the fact that its more evident in places like africa is because its been heaped upon them so rapidly. europe seems to be in order and coping but thats only because its grown up with its own devil. and even so ive seen places in europe which are run down to hell, where people dont care about any kind of social value whatsoever, where they have no pride in their homes and their cultures, where the streets are filthy and nothing works. and i know that these are all simply side affects of a system that holds the values of greed, selfishness, and egoistic pride. it has nothing to do with race. it has nothing to do with being a "bleeding heart liberal", or an anti-racist, this is just simple fact. and anyone with a shred of intelligance and discrimination doesnt have to look far to see that no matter what colour you are, and no matter what culture you come from, when you adopt such terrible values everything naturally falls to pieces. its not a people that we are to blame - its a system, a philosphy, a lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

As teenages we use to take the bus into town and just window shop everything was clean and the windows always beautifuly decorated
Johannesburg was always light up at xmas time people walking around the town checking out the lights finding the hotdog cart when you got out the movies or head for the Americano Roadhouse what a great country it was to grow up in
what has happened to the old people that lived in some of the hillrow flats...have they moved away?
Now i dont have a problem with people leaving the country if they feel it would better for them and their family..BUT when they start insulting those that stay behind ..well that makes me see RED..Mike Longerich whats with bragging about what you have and what a fantastic life you living many members of your family is still living here in South Africa that you left behind You run away to a country that help turn South Africa into rubbish heap by putting santitions against us ..shows what you made of as just as a matter of intrest have you taken your parents or in-laws with you or have you left them behind enjoy your life HANDS-OPPER i would be ashamed going to stay in a crountry that ruined our's
And Jan i am not going to call you a "DOOS" like some one else did because i think a "DOOS" is a useful thing and you not
it's because of people like you that we have poor Afrikaaner whites begging at the robots you the type of person that will walk past your own people to give to blacks
Tell me what school did you go to MAAL-PIET-HIGH

Theo said...

I lived in Hillbrow and Yeoville and went to Wits. I was going to say that I can't believe that people could mess a city up as much as JHB has been messed up, but I can believe it. It frustrates the hell out of me that the country has become yet another African basket case, full of filth, crime, violence, corruption, laziness and all the other delightful characteristics of African life.

And what also frustrates me are the pathetic excuses made by whoever, claiming that this mess is somehow a product of Apartheid and that other countries also have run-down slums.

When will Africans stop making excuses for the problems of their incontinent continent? When will Africans stop blaming the whites for all the poverty? When all the whites are gone? Who are you going to blame then?

Sadly, judging from recent visits, I don't think it will ever improve in our lifetimes. I don't think you can take a stone-age culture and assume it can achieve the same cultural evolution that western Europe went through in centuries, in a few decades.

Maybe our great-great grandchildren will know a better South Africa, but they might also know another version of Somalia or Zimbabwe....

Martin Byker said...

Hello there,
I find your blog fascinating. Rome was not built in a day, but it sure looks like it can be destroyed in a day.
I've noticed that most of the photos were taken in or around the dreaded Joburg fashion district. Not to sound presumptious, but a drive down Simmonds Street, and Main Street up to Vanderbijl square / Ghandi square is quite pleasant. In fact, it reminds me of Europe - the narrow cobbled Main street and the small "eetcafe's". OK...occasionally it is ruined by a taxi barging into main street, but otherwise quite pleasant.

Then, the bus depot: this is no longer in use, as the buses are now stored in lower loveday street. It is therefore a derelict building.

Anonymous said...

I lived in JHB for 10 years but I don't recognize any of these building at all now. It is amazing that a nation of people are able to destroy at such an alarming rate and yet don't see it at all themselves. As much as we don't want to believe it they will only be happy when the whole of SA is in this state and then of course it will be the whites to blame for some of other reason. How we all tried to believe that SA was going to be different what a bunch of idiots we are. I now wish I had left this country 20 years back when we knew this was coming.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how whatever black people touch turns to crap . The entire African continent is in ruins. Wherever they go they rape , plunder , steal and break whatever they can . The worst of it all though is that we let them do it .
And when they have run out of food and water where will they go ? Oh yes , they will come knocking on the doors of the white nations again for help (Canada, USA , Australia ) . And what will we do , let them in so that they can destroy those countries as well and then go on to destroy the entire earth .

Anonymous said...

do you think you could post larger pics? leave the thumbnails the same size, but have the pictures they link to be bigger? I think your pictures are beautiful, and I'd love to see them in detail!

Anonymous said...

Response to Real Realist's 2nd post (9:03AM):

"Go dig a hole and create your own world if you don't want to live with blacks. This is our country too."

I guess this is how they want to live. So who are we to try to force our standards and culture on them? I suggest we save all our money next time they come begging for aid or refugee status...

Since they're so fond of saying all whites should leave because Africa is for Africans, they better get the hell out of white countries. They just don't fit in. This is why there was *separation* from them.

But no, they want to live like pigs in a sty, but at the same time, they want blingy cars invented and produced by whites. Doesn't work that way, but try telling them that. I say just let them rot. It's tragic to see all those great buildings going down the drain like this, but it's Africa.

If whites are so awful, why is it that after they stop running the show everything falls apart and then they run to white countries!?

I sincerely hope all those airheads donating white tax money and allowing all these 'disadvantaged' 3rd worlders to swamp white countries en masse will see this and re-think their stupidity.

Stanley said...

Amazing blog. Great Job!! I live OUTSIDE of Atlanta here in the US. I won't go into the city anymore as its become too dangerous for me. Good friend was carjacked and beaten by young blacks last year. Police knew who did it and would not arrest them. No thanks. You are right, the reason big cities have slums like this are for the same reason. Can't have a 1st world country with 3rd world population. Cheers and Stay Safe!!

Anonymous said...

Justin, "Africa was a pretty great place before western ideals took hold"?

What a crock!
I think you need to brush up on your history. The different tribes were slaughtering and conquering each other (along with raping other tribe's women and other atrocities) long before the white man set foot in Africa. To quote Mike Smith: "Nature amongst African blacks have always been very cruel. Blacks who supposedly lived in tune with nature were regularly eaten by lions, crocodiles, bitten by snakes, stung by scorpions and their numbers controlled by insects like the mosquito (Malaria) or the Tsetse fly(sleeping sickness). Yellow fever and Cholera were other forms of nature to control the numbers of Blacks...

But it has to be said that before the white people came to Africa, the most effective way Blacks controlled their own populations were with genocidal tribal wars...and cannibalism.
Blacks of central Africa sold other blacks they have conquered into slavery to Arabs, other black tribes and also to whites. The moment one tribe had a bit more than the others, they would be prone to a nocturnal raid by neighbouring tribes who would kill all the men, rape the women and children, steal the cattle and incorporate the women and children into their own tribes."

Have you ever heard of King Shaka of the Zulus? He practiced genocide on a large scale. He would wipe out whole tribes and cultures.
If you want some interesting reading then check out Mike Smith's Pandora Box series on South Africa. He delves into some of the history of tribal warfare and African culture. Here is a link to it:

The way the Africans treated women was appalling. They never bothered to invent a written language or even the wheel. You can imagine what their "medicine" was like.
No, Whites colonizing Africa was great for blacks there. They lived much better than they had previously. Their life expectancy increased and they were able to get an education. South Africa even built specific universities to train black doctors. Let me ask you, if those Whites were so terrible and racist then why were so many black Africans trying to immigrate to South Africa during Apartheid? I'll tell you why...because they were able to have a higher standard of living in South Africa during that time than they were in any of the black run African countries.

Angry White woman

Anonymous said...

Thank you for documenting all of this on your blog.
I want to apologize to all White South Africans. I am a United States citizen (born and raised). I was just a baby when you were losing your country but I'm ashamed of the way my country treated you. I know it may not mean much but there are American Whites who do care about the plight of the Whites in South Africa. We read about the incessant farm murders, rapes, beatings, etc. We are deeply saddened and angry. Is there anything we can do to help?

We are experiencing a lot of Black on White crime here in the US. Check out the DOJ or FBI statistics for Black on White murders and rapes versus White on Black sometime. Even with the FBI counting Hispanics as Whites when they're perpetrators but not victims, Blacks murder, assault and rape Whites in much higher numbers than the reverse. It looks like a one sided race war especially considering the recent knockout game attacks. I've been a victim of Black crime myself. Of course, when a White woman is raped and beaten by a Black we don't get any marches by community leaders. How many of these attacks should be classed as hate crimes but are not?

I'm starting to think the solution is separation. IQ is highly heritable and blacks have much lower IQs (lower IQ is linked to your likelihood of committing crime BTW). On average Black children of rich parents have lower IQs than the poorest Whites. The American black white IQ gap doesn't shrink even when blacks and whites go to the same schools, have the same family income and the same amour of schooling. Here is some information about the IQ gap :

Links discussing how IQ is highly heritable:

I am not hopeful about the Black White IQ gap ever being closed because blacks have smaller brains than Whites or Asians (hopefully I am wrong). Brain size is linked to intelligence. The more brain tissue you have the greater your ability for cognitive processing. African descended people (Blacks) have average cranial capacities of 1267 cm3 and European-descended people (Whites) 1347 cm3.Here is some info on race differences and brain size:
Links showing brain size is linked to intelligence:
Links discussing how lower IQ and criminality are linked:

Blacks also have much higher rates of the MAOA gene which is linked to violence:

Black men also have higher levels of testosterone than Whites or Asians. Higher levels of testosterone may cause more aggressive behavior :
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