Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Ruins of Johannesburg. . .

Above: Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Above: Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Need a haircut? Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Bree Street, Central Johannesburg

The Chelsea Hotel, Hillbrow: a formerly popular hotel, now boarded up

"Air conditioned apartments" Berea, north east Johannesburg


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foxenburg said...

i first visited joeys (aged 24) in 73 en route to rhodesia (another story.) i stayed in the carlton for a week, still have my receipt, R10.30 a night. walked up to hillbrow each evening and was amazed at how cosmopolitan and sophisticated it was. i'd spent a lot of time in paris before then, so wasn't just overawed. eventually lived in joburg for a few years, my accountant had offices in a large flat in hillbrow, he sold out in 1990, the writing was already on the wall. so sad to flick through your pix. wasn't it consols (consolidated goldfields) that had traded profitably for over a hundred years and went bust in the first year of some black empowerment deal? good luck you bitter-enders!

Scottish Highlands said...

OUCH!! How long will it be before places such as Sandton will look like this??

Anonymous said...

Going to have to call this blog DEATH OF REAL REALIST'S BLOG soon. Nothing happening here, losing momentum, bear market blog, going south, blogging like JHB...come on REAL...DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!

white-mohican said...

Say what you like, the supposed ‘white supremacist’ at least kept the country in shape and contrary to popular belief this was not achieved through slavery. Do you self righteous buggers in other politically correct parts of the world honestly expect me to think that you pay your lawyer what you pay your housemaid? You pay for the service and the level of skills you are making use of.

The people now running/ruining the country had education given to them but they chose to burn down the schools, hold mass gatherings and 'toyi-toyi' against any of the runnings of the country. If you look at any of the ‘black’ countries further north the pictures shown on this blog is what they all look like and much worse.. it’s only a matter of time before SA goes exactly the same way. I doubt there are any readers of this blog who can remember Commissioner Street before it was a tarred road. Give it a couple of years and it will again be a dirt road. I wonder how long before we see horse (donkey) drawn carts in Marshall, Smit and Market Streets?

A comment I read further down this blog is that natives dont like spending money on maintenance. I recently spent some time in Zambia where for the Presidents visit they painted virtually everything they could. Kerb stones, streets, rocks, fences, tree stumps. The locals do not believe in looking after their houses because they are then seen as being wealthy and are targeted by officials for handouts and taxes and various other cash 'prizes'. Its a mentality thing. THERE IS NO MENTALITY!!!

I recently employed a gardener at a decent wage to work in my garden on weekends. His thanks for the job I created for him was to work for a couple of hours and then run off down the road with my lawnmower. Is that thanks or just SAVAGE mentality. Instead of earning a decent wage, getting fed and receiving old clothes (which dont fit because I have lost weight, not because they are old and tattered) he chose the lawnmower which he has subsequently more than likely sold for a six pack of beer and a half loaf with chips. You can take the native out of the bush, you cant take the bush out of the native!!!

These photos of Jozie are distressing at best. To think that so much wealth (which is not appreciated) is going down the drain. Imagine if the Carlton hotel and many other businesses in Johannesburg were able to re-open how may jobs it could create and how many of these savages could then build a better future for themselves without the need to steal, rape, murder or pillage. I agree with a statement about bombs and shit. The inner city of Jozie should be blown to smithereens and then a new world started on EGOLI soil. Place of Gold indeed. mmmh...

Stuff the New South Africa, I prefer the old one. No I am not a racist but I certainly am a realist. Agreed there were attrocities but hey, show me ANY country in the world where there is not one form of APARTHEID or another. South Africa's biggest downfall was in giving it a name!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys, you are having me on. The pics you took are from Uganda. Right? Couldn't be JHB. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

What would make these pics realy impresionable is if you had pics from the 80's of those locations and compare them side by side with todays current ones.

Anonymous said...

What would make these pics realy impresionable is if you had pics from the 80's of those locations and compare them side by side with todays current ones.

Anonymous said...

I visited JHB early 80's and then 1986-7. Used to go to Chelsea hotel terrace for a beer and walk to my friends living in Berea. Did not have to worry then, and could park the car safely almost anywhere.

Anonymous said...

wow i stayed a night in hillbrow once in teh 80's the allnight gunshot sounds was quite scary ..but to see it now i would never set foot near there again ,whoever took these photo's must have taken his/her life in their own hands ...maybe on day things will get better but when i will never know and so will keep on living in teh uk

Anonymous said...

You wilthy person, what do you want to aim at this???? Picturing bad parts of the city and trying to use it into propacanda....Some ingnorant people will believe your shit. I have been to African countries and know that it depends how you portrait the picture, it makes it different alltogether.
Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to do is shove my foot up his ass. It amazes me how black people think that they are so tuff. But in most cases they seem to cry out for the white people to help them. I think that the USA needs to stop giving them aid so that they can wipe each other out, only then will we come back and rebuild the mess.

Anonymous said...

Let's take racism out the equation for one second, and look at the statistical relationship between "African" governance and self destruction. I don’t need to point of the correlation there. It sickens me. What a disgrace of a nation. What a shameful race they are. Shame on them. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

This situation reminds me of an animal in the Kruger Park, that has been allowed to exist in freedom and over expands beyond its means (because of lack of control from the game rangers). It does not have the intellectual capability to sustain its existence. It eventually leads to it own downfall through death and destruction, reverting to a mean of natural selection. The end result is nothing more than nature at its best. Can a virus survive without its host? Go ahead Zuma. Cut off the hand that feeds you. The devil has his pitch fork in you already my man.

another russian said...

Looks pityfully similar: http://www.anycities.com/user/conradroy/english/english.htm
I also deplore what the SA became... We, the people, never concidered the old SA to be an enemy, rather respectable rival.
Thank You for the photos.

Anonymous said...

(*) (*)

Racist or realist you don't need to be a rocket scientist to see what is missing in Johannesburg. The whiteys have moved out. Look at Zimbabwe.. whiteys gone and the blacks moved the township into town... Gatvol and fed up!!

Anonymous said...

(*) (*)
Well they will still blame the Apartheid Regime. The truth of the story is this: In 12 years of democracy the collapse of the country is evident...they are a lot of bushcats that will take another 30years to come right.
Viva White Rule!!

Anonymous said...

Modern Tsotsi

Why i really feel for all of you pissed off, Disillusioned, lets not kid ourselves, Rascists!!!!!

Well sorry SA didnt turn out the way u wished it would. lets face it theres alot of animosity between the races in our country especial between Black and White. And none of the strides that have been made in the country can make some people feel happy, because they simply cant accept the fact that things have changed.

Sure things have detorierated as seen in the now infamous pics, that document the parts of Jozi that havent been refurbished. However there are plans to fix them up.

Lets focus on Hillbrow, for the people that know it, will tell u that no self respecting SAfrican would live there. The Place is filled with illegal immigrants, and thats why its in a spiral of decay. This didnt happen over night, ohhh no, i used to go to school in yeovil passing Hillbrow everyday. I can guarentee it took at least at least 20 years for this to happen.

However this is not my point. As soon as we accept the fact that things wont change until we stop relying on the friggen government (like lazy bastard. some people made a connection of that word in that context to people of a darker skin colour) to fix our problems. WE gotta be a DIY society and stop complaining. Take up the Megggga challange of rebuiling a good nation into a Fantastic 1, regardless of skin colour. We all have something to offer.

Anonymous said...

Quoting - Anonymous said...
"To all rational-minded people that may stumble across the bitter, sick racist rants scattered across these pages: the worst white South Africans have thankfully emigrated. In order to feel powerful, these small, backward idiots kick and peck away at the underdog."
I am a Canadian Aboriginal and I have many white SA friends who have moved to Canada. These men and women can be characterized by their clear eyes, steady hands and of hearts of oak. I have never heard them utter a “sick racist rant” in my life. I have found their men brilliant and indomitable, their women intelligent, beautiful and demure. And I for one would be proud to stand beside them in the library, the boardroom or the battlefield. I have watched these people create successful businesses and careers from nothing in a very short period of time and do so in the face of daunting odds. They have my highest respect.

I encourage more South Africans to come to Canada. This country needs you and wants you.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised because it is happening in the entire world. London, Paris, New York, Washington, Philadelphia and now Johannesburg.

It is not only a local war. The current civilization is growing in fights but we are happy because we see it only in TV or when we want to see something different (not so often).

None country has recovered the lost zones. SA will not be different. It is cheaper to make a new city.

Anonymous said...

Kruger, Botha, Steyn and the rest, must surely turn in their graves.What a criminal waste of a once fantastic place. As if in our heart of hearts we didn't know this is what would happen. But in just twelve years?!!

Anonymous said...

South Africa belongs to black African people. You whiteys call yourself as an African. What a joke. You have never been African.
Whiteys hava stolen SA from blacks and now blacks are getting back their own. No matter what is the devolopment on JHB, Hillbrow etc., its not whiteys problem.

Some people here calls white emigrants as chiken. Chiken run as you say it. They might be chiken in one point of view( take care of their safety ) but in other hand they make a big favour to this country. They do what is right. They do what every whitey should do.

They do the decent thing!!!

Colonialism is over, apartheid is over. Face it and leave.

Go Europe, go UK, go home, ge where your are coming from and never came back.

Anonymous said...

Look at what happened in Zimbabwe. Blacks stood up against muggering white power. Renouncing of white goverment will came about EA as well.

Mugabe murdered thousand white farmers, yes, but what people seems to to forget whites have murdered hundreds of thousands native people during centuries.

I do not want to say it's right to kill people in any circumstances,
but that's what it is if white muggers does not understand to leave.

Frustration and embitterment are rising and they are rising fast.

Whiteys can not hide out their electrically wired and armed houses forever.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said
"Go Europe, go UK, go home, ge where your are coming from and never came back"

You don't right. A lot of people was born and grew up on this land, built and bought houses, skhools, life, city. Where is truth?

I am white but not rassist. i am from Ukraine - postcommunist country. I visited Johannesburg in 2004 and shoked. Its real internally war.

Anonymous said...

I was horrified to read recently that blacks from South Africa are starting to emigrate (I use the word emigrate in its loosest posible sense)to Australia.If this is true then I appeal to John Howard STOP THIS SITUATION NOW.These people were handed a superb fully opperational country on a plate and now look at it. This is their modus opperandi, move in destroy and move on. Australia is a prosperous peacful place and under no circumstances does it want or need hoardes of murdering thieving savages living within its teritory.Put a stop to it now because if sombody doesn't, in the blink of an eye Sidney will become another Johannesburg.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of you guys should try living in Nairobi which the British left to local authority control in 1963 and then get some idea about a vision of the future.I can tell you that although the Kenyans are essentialy decent the precipitous slide seems to be irreversible.
Go and live in Australia or the UK and be grateful that the choice of doing so is still open to you.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Botswana and I can tell you that although life there is generally about as exciting as watching paint dry they were smart enough to only pay lip service to the changes that were ocuring in SA and Zim and definately knew that such policies practised by these countries goverments were ruinous.
I think the fact that Botswana is about the only country in Black Africa that is reasonably prosperous proves that they may have been right.

Anonymous said...

Whilst the pictures are shocking, some of the comments on this blog are extremely racist. Kinda sad....

Anonymous said...

First time in Blog, link received from a family member in Beaumont TX US, A very brave and informative site. I live in Alberton SA at present and work daily in JHB,Germiston,Kempton Park etc and I am PSed off with the slow and systematic degredation of infrastructure and and and, the list does not stop. You that bitch about comments etc, he who has not had a 9mm pistol shoved in their face by a RIFFAK (lees agteruit) then keep quiet, for us who live in fear when we want to take our families for a picnic (where in JHB) a park, haha. Come to SA with your IPod, clothes and CD's in your bag and have it very kindly removed by the staff at Jan Smuts sorry JHB INT sorry OR Tambo International Airport what ever the name. Our culture, places and security are not in the interest of the formaly disadvantaged individuals who now without qualifications employ us to do their jobs and of course drive those shiny cars which I do to, because at the end of the day ownership of anything is earned the good old way (om fokken hard te werk). Qualified as a dental technologist and own an IT company, busy with emigration to Aussie, SA's 10th province.

Anonymous said...

SAD ! so very sad that the concept of maitainence is not inpractice,
who are the current landlords who bought the various high rises from major insurance groups for greatly devalued prices, why are they not concerned about the buidlings' degradation ?

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't worry too much these people pressed the self destruct button 12 years ago and now the abort opption has now passed. AIDS is gonna take them all. 10 years max. Ladbrokes care to take bets on that? I hear they've already opened a book on wether or not the World Cup will take place in South Africa in 2010 let me tell you those odds don't look good.

Anonymous said...

It is pointless lamenting the mayhem going on. It's all over bar the shouting. If Zuma gets in, and it looks like a very good chance that will happen, then it's the final slide into Zimbabwean chaos.

I left for the USA at the age of 45, with wife and three kids. Starting over has not been easy, but as a hard working ex Saffie, after 4 years we are now getting our lives firmly established. I went back to SA twice last year and finally saw the place without rose tinted glasses on. It's a disgrace what is happening. Black, white and brown, I don't care. To ALL decent South African people, there is a MUCH BETTER AND SAFER quality of life awaiting you in civilised, and decent societies where you will be respected as human beings, not as cannon fodder for the likes of Mbeki and his cohorts, who have clearly demonstrated that they simply don't give a damn.

Good luck to you all!

Dixie Rebel said...

America is also facing destruction from the non white third world. I believe the final straw is the importation of hundreds of millions of biped Mexicans into the heartland. http://www.davidduke.com/ Here is where the enemy has been uncoverd!

Sunnysouth, Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Oh how sad! I remember the city well having worked corner Joubert & Eloff St all those years ago. My memory is clear. Have not been back since and now seeing these pics - it is a true 'death' and warrants great mourning as it will never recover to it's former beauty.
Let us weep for a nation lost!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you create a formal website for all of this stuff? I mean you are doing a great job chronicling! Get a domain name, a little web space, and put this stuff up.

I think what strikes me as obvious is that the money just dried up overnight. You can see it and there is no chance anyone will bring it back again. It was as if a whole population left and it was repopulated.

It is interesting how glad many are to have emigrated. This has nothing to do with apartheid except that the governments before the ANC were better ordered, ruled by law, and had higher standards. Again, it is as if all of those people just left.

It is too bad the US and others superimposed the template of the "civil rights movement" over South Africa and Rhodesia. They were unique and in an age of multiculturalism very diverse with Afrikaaneers and Rhodies.

liberal lunacy said...

This type of blog would be outlawed here in the UK thanks to the lunatic lefty liberals that run the country; I just wish some of our politicians would read it and see the cancer that is spreading throughout the civilised world.

It seems that whenever multiculturalism is invoked on 1st world society, the parasitic sub-humans set out to destroy it. They just want handouts (which our welfare state readily gives them) or take what they want from those who have worked hard to get it. To speak out about this subject, though, gets you branded as a rasict.

I just hope there is something left to save, not only of your country but of the civilised world in general, before the disease is terminal.

Anonymous said...

move to Sweden! my white friends!

Anonymous said...

I remember the peaceful days. Just a distant memory.

Anonymous said...

Here is a little story that goes with the theme of this blog.

African Renaissance
Every era in the history of mankind can to some degree be recognized by the characteristic style of its architecture.
Greek (750-30BC)
Roman (100BC-365AD)
Byzantine (330-1453AD)
Romanesque (850-1200)
Gothic (1150-1550)
Baroque (1600-1800)
Renaissance (1420-1900)
Industrial Revolution (1850-1914)
Art Nouveau (1875-1914)
Art Deco (1920s and 1930s)
Modern Architecture (1918-Present)
Post Modernism (1957-present day)

Since our President Mr. Thabo Mbeki declared his term of office
the African Renaissance but has failed to define it in any way I have decided to suggest that it may be appropiate to call the style of building in South Africa
since 1994 the Madiba Style.
Since very little building activity is expected due to a total lack of funds it can however be applied (and this is the absolute beauty of it) to all existing, especially government and other public buildings like
hospitals etc.

Another important attribute of the Madiba Style, one which will find immediate favour with the Department of Public Works, the Department of Finance and I'm sure others is the fact that absolutely no effort is required to implement it.
Let me explain what the Madiba style is.

As stated earlier it can be applied to any and all existing structures. To qualify, the building has to be in a state of extreme disrepair, water and electricity, lifts, sewerage nonfunctioning, windows shatterd
and replaced with cardboard etc.
In special circumstances, maybe when the building has been declared unsafe because it has been severly vandalized, or the raw sewerage is runnung out of the front door it may even be declared a national monument.

Another approach, one which will require some capital and effort is what can be called the Maseru Option. However the desired effect is obtained a lot faster. I don't think I have to elaborate too much as it is pretty self-explanatory.

AS I pointed out earlier all this can be achieved with little or no
capital investment and will be a fitting tribute to our leaders and democracy.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad. My parents grew up in Jo-burg and used to go out in Hillbrow - now... Crap depressing

Adri said...


Living in the USA said...

“No difference whatsoever: south side Chicago, Port au Prince, Detroit, South Central L.A., Bronx, Detroit, Paris (Clichy), London, Lagos, Gary, Indiana, Atlanta (the home of the CNN media mafia), Rio de Janeiro, Bamako, Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe....”, Strange but the only similarity or common denominator in regards to all theses places is that in each case the white order and its inhabitants have all left and they are now inhabited by the roidian virus, a plague far more devastating to society than HIV/aids. As for Kafricans spending funds on repairs and maintenance, as learned from their atypically politically correct leadership, “Why work or spend when you can steal”, the only problem with the last remaining die hard opportunistic white South Africans is their inability to understand basic animal instinct, no mater how destructive and murderous the head monkey is his troop will always defend him and follow suit. There is an old South African expression that has proven itself time and time again, you can take the Kafrican out of the bush but you will never take the bush out of the Kafrican, even in those that have migrated to other parts of the world. I have lived in North America for the last fifteen years, two of my business partners are black Americans with black American wives, and they do not class themselves as African Americans and want no association with the African continent or its inhabitants. They have shown me a lot more about separatism than I ever saw back in SA with their basic business policies of no credit to black Africans and no cheques accepted from black Africans coupled with their refusal to socialize with black Africans pretty much says it all. As much as I love SA I will never return, together with the over one million white South Africans that have already left, the ones that will still leave and those as yet to be democratically liberated of their lives by the new authoritarians, it’s just a mater of time until the lights go out in Kafrica. Now go ahead, call me a racist white pig, my black American god children will most certainly disagree with you.

ExSouthAfrican said...

I had lived in Yeoville/Johannesburg as a young man, and am amazed at the destruction of the whole city shown in these pictures! This looks like a war zone. The people that live in these areas have no concept of the worth of property or life. They were given a beautiful city and country and the opportunity to build their own lives. That no longer exists. I wonder if they realize as a community that nobody will invest time, money or any of the things necessary for them to succeed, with all the destruction and crime. This is now a "Third world" city/country. This is no different than the Congo after the Belgians left, or many other similar countries in Africa. I am amazed that these people cannot figure out that this way of living does not work. The more there is crime and killing, the less they will have.

Anonymous said...

I refer in particular to the post of one "anonymous" at 6:06 PM

It is apparent that the author cannot express him/herself in a reasonable fashion, but never the less....

These buildings were not maintained by slavery, where on earth do you get such an absurd notion from?
Your implication is that South Africa is a racist country and in saying this you are completely correct. Which "More Racist" country would you in your infinite wisdom suggest.
The ANC have not demolished apartheid, they have simply restructured it to suit their own ends establishing their own sinister and insidious brand of racism.
To defend the undefensible is sheer stupidity.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if some of theses pictures were taken last week or last year. What matters is the intention of the blog owner in making these available. THe intention is to demonstrate to reasonable thinking people the fact that the black "Authorities" are completely useless and unable to maintain standards and hence the decay that is so graphically demonstrated.
The authorities are not interested in responsibilities or standards, they are simply unconcerned, indifferent and could not care less.
So long as they can blame the Whites then they have their standard excuse.

Anonymous said...

Go here and follow the links to see what happens to farms liberated from white racist exploitation and oppression http://www.africancrisis.org/default2.asp

Anonymous said...

To the poor "anonymous" with the "so-called" spoon up HIS ass. Not only are you SO misinformed, but totally uneducated. In the old regime, the GOVERNMENT kept the buildings in shape. I have never heard of any slaves in SA, because as far as I know, slaves are bought, and not paid a salary. So If there was any black people working on these projects, it was by choice! Everybody makes a choice in his life, on what kind of work you will do when you grow up. I BET you said "I want to be a fireman" and what happened? Still loitering, like allways, but only on the internet. Sit on your be-hind, instead of doing something constructive. The so-called new regime, not only lives off MY tax money, but YOURS as well! So WHO is the idiot NOW? They steal from YOU, and you let them? Poor, poor, dark soul. You have yet a lot to learn.....

TP-2005 said...

are there any new photos coming up this year?


Anonymous said...

You mentioned a Peter Rose ( publisher) who disappeared - was he australian and a graphic designer as I knew a Peter Rose in the early 70's he had just come over from Oz and we met working on tarmacing parking spots ( temp job)

Anonymous said...

Mandela statue in London? Stupid bastards..

Anonymous said...

I was in Johannesburg during the 80's and spent every weekend in Hillbrow at the Bella Napoli or Thunderdome or Boobs the list goes on...Those were great days! How shocked was I to see these pictures.
Shocked yet not surprised we always knew this would happen South Africa always had a Third World destiny it was merely delayed by the apartheid era. I don't know what the solution is, I'm not sure there is one...maybe best to just shut the door on Africa and let it die.
London has whole areas now which resemble third world slums and the problem is creeping across the rest of the UK like a cancer...maybe what's happening in S.Africa is the ultimate fate of western civilisation as each day more and more poverty stricken and disease riddled Africans are washing up on the shores of southern europe and spreading across the continent like a dark plague... Anyone whose been to Spain recently will know exactly what I'm talking about.
it may not be PC but the African was better off under colonialism because lets be frank guys you just got to open your eyes, look around you to realise that you've realy f%^$ed it all up..anyone with broadband use the following link..watch 'Addios Africa' and then tell me I'm wrong http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5855323615829365487&q=africa+documentary

Paul M

Patrick said...

I see Joeys city council has downgraded joburg central to match Soweto central.

It to 125 years plus to build joburg and 18 years to return it back to its component parts. The shots of Rocky Street are just what I didnt want to see.
Memories of a good place.....

Anonymous said...

And our great president asks what crime!! The reason being, that he is never in his own country to see the state that it is in!! probably a good thing to! Just imagen what it would look like if tarboy tried to make a difference in the "lovely new rainbow nation".

Anonymous said...

This is utterly insane. I had NO idea that Johannesburg was turned into a ghetto... I'm still in disbelief!

I used to live there in the early 80's while my dad was working there.

To see so many places I used to frequent turned into rubble is mind boggling... The 80's weren't THAT long ago!

Now I understand why all the primarily black communities here are the way they are...

Anonymous said...

we left SA 12 years ago, with heavy sadness in my heart, The memories of growing up in yoeville and going for ice cream with my parents in hillbrow on a sunday night.... i miss my country very much. But sadly that place is no longer there. I can move on finally and be glad that we left when we did.

Anonymous said...

A comment on 03:02

First of all well done for seeing other African countries. The only problem is you were probably looking up your own ass instead of looking at the surroundings. You say it is how you portrait the picture!!!! So what is pretty about any of these pictures? The fact that there are still same buildings left standing? I did not mean to attack you but if you talk shit you must expect shit!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am an American living in the Northern Suburbs of Joburg. I am afraid to go out after dark. I feel like I am living in a prison and have had trouble getting a full night's sleep for fear of being murdered in my bed. I have been to downtown Johannesburg and it is MUCH worse than anything I have ever seen in the US, even Camden and East St Louis are not nearly this bad. I can't wait to get the hell out of this cesspool and go back to the USA. At least there you won't get murdered for your iPod.

Anonymous said...

You will find that most of these squatters and inner city slum dwellers are foreign illegals arriving in the country to find a relatively rich country compared to the likes of Zimbabwe. Check the figures, 5000 illegals a day cross the border from Zimbabwe alone. This is where they end up. It a regional problem not only South Africa's.You still have the Mocambicans, Malawians, Zambians, Nigerians , Congolese - hell every country in Africa is well represented in JHB now. This is a country buckling under the strain of the influx of economic refugees as well as the total corruption and incompetance of government.

Anonymous said...

Jo'burg is as sad state of affairs
You can take people who roamed with the wild annimals 100 odd years ago out of the bush but you cannot take the bush out of the people in one or two generations, the result is what you see in this Blog the demise of a great city

I was one of the so called "Chicken run" and left South Africa for OZ in 1986. However after 20 years I still can't get that African feeling out of my blood. Boerewors is still better than prawns on a barbie
regards Aussiebok

Anonymous said...

The Ruins of Detroit (88% Black):


The only consolation is that these urbanized scum will all probably eat each other when the lights finally go out - you reckon they can run a power station?

Anonymous said...

All over the world the pix is the same wherever you find these ignorant creatures. Wake up people !

Geri said...

Dear people
The eigthies is more than 25 years ago. Love your memories and nostalgia and let it go. I am from the Netherlands and have been living in South Africa for 3 years now - out of free will. Many areas where I grew up in in Holland are also no longer there, or have been deteriorated or have been flattened to make way for new developments. I am sure that that's also what will happen in Yeoville, Hillbrow, Berea etc. I happen to live in Orange Grove, near Louis Botha Ave. And no, what has happened in those areas has NOT trickled down. Yes, Louis Botha is an "African" street: lots of taxis, some street vendors, not always too clean. BUT, cctv cameras are being installed, a new KFC opened up, the old Victory Theatre has been revamped and opened recently. Norwood down the road hosts the most popular club in the area (88), we have the best schwarma in the country (The Schwarma Company), the best italian in the city (Giovanni's) and the people working at the Spar know my whole family and we know them. We're even on first name basis with some of parking guards. Those are MY memories - and I will have no illusion whatsoever that in 25 years that will be exactly the same! Cities and suburbs come and go. And talking about coming, I work downtown (in the "CBD"), and it is on its way up! Yes, there are still bad areas, but don't forget that BHPBilliton, AngloAmerican, all the big banks: they stayed, despite all the other "white flight". And what a difference it's making: new developments (coffee shops and restaurants) galore, clean streets, an actual nice vibe! The government is really making an effort - but they do have to do it one step at a time. As said, I am sure the beforementioned areas will also have their makeover in due time. I work a lot with government and you have to realise the kind of challenges they are trying to manage (I'll get back to this later). For instance, even if people are squatting, you can't just throw them out. People have the right to a roof over their heads and it is very problematic in today's environment in SA to just throw people on the streets without providing alternative accommodation (the same goes for people squatting on private land). Government and a lot of NGOs and companies (such as the Johannesburg Housing Company) are trying to solve these issues and the horrible scenes you photographed.
Because let me ask you: do you honestly think these people LIKE to live in dilapitated houses, without any running water or proper toilets? Do you think they LIKE being robbed and raped and being scared all the time? There are a lot of courageous black people out there that are trying to make a difference (of course not all of them, not the robbers and the killers - these are just opportunistic pigs): the grannies taking care of the Aids orphans, the activists campaigning for better houses and livelihoods.
And also, to comment on all the racial slur: I work with a lot of black people, and yes, some are good, some are bad (as with all people). I think we do also have to keep in mind that a lot of people never had any access to good education and were treated like secondhand citizens (if they were treated as citizens at all!). A lot of them do want to make changes but they don't know how. On top of that, they came to Joburg, hoping to find a better life than what they had in the townships or the homelands. Instead, what they find is joblessness (because they have no skills), crime and communities that you can't call communities because no one is connected to each other. People don't care and things start sliding. That's where we shoudl start to make a difference: I live in a "multiracial" street. Yes, the music goes on at 3 am sometimes. And then we talk to each other like neighbours, we ask them kindly not to do this, they understand, we get along. They meet my little boy in the street, say hello and chat. We take an interest, ask them how they're doing, where tehy're working etc. And we all get along and keep our street nice: that is how you build a community. Not by fingerpointing or hiding behind your fence.
And to brag a bit more about this country that I love: Gauteng is aiming for a 9% growth rate. For ALL its citizens. I didn't see the Nats doing that. Instead, they left the newly elected government with a fiscal deficit of over 9% of the GDP. Go Trevor Manual and go Tito Mboweni!!
And yes, I agree, there are many corrupt politicians (I read the Mail&Guardian every week), Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is a nincempoop and I can't wait for her to go, sangomas and muti is a crazy superstition - but hey what's new. My husband's American; you think he likes Bush, Rice, Gonzalez and all those Republican idiots? Do you think there's less corruption in other countries? NO - the only difference is that SA actually has newspapers that have the guts to publish this stuff - newspapers not owned by media-moguls such as Murdoch (who is closely connected to the Republicans - now that's something to be sick about). The US's health care system is non-existent, and the US's deficit is out of control. In the Netherlands we also have crazy right-wingers in charge that are destroying our health care system, we also have areas in Amsterdam that you don't want to go to. And ever heard of "white trash" and "trailerpark trash"? You think that means something good?
So okay people, let's get off our high horses with our lily-white asses. We were priviliged, with our good education and nice childhoods. I don't always like all blacks, just like I don't always like all whites. I very often don't understand their culture and find it backward, but I also can't honestly say I understand all Americans or Dutch people (they too can have backward notions). Let's be realistic: South Africa, outside the white areas, was a disaster area and it needed fixing (all you guys sipping beers at one of those fancy hotels in Hillbrow, I bet you never set one foot in Venda or the Ciskei or the Cape Flats). And the government is fixing it, as good as they can. And I am helping.

Anonymous said...

The only reason SA had all its first world attributes in the past was because 10% of the population from “civilised society” as you all call it, used these facilities. I don't know how civilised you can call them as they did a fair share of murdering themselves.
All our other less fortunate friends were locked up in their townships where they were forced to live like animals in squalor with no services. These people were then forced to provide us more fortunate with the luxury and services we demanded.
90% of the population has now been set free and we expect them to behave like civilised individuals. “Civilised society” is also hundreds and hundreds of years old, not in Africa though, this is a European thing. How much war and destruction, genocide, poverty, recession, etc have Europeans had to go through to achieve their “Civilised society”. Also, how much effort has this "civilised society" put into educating and transforming the less advantaged. Giving a wad of money to your child doesn’t get him educated and put food on his table, it doesn’t teach him about love and tenderness? Until Civilised people help teach the people less fortunate about this, nothing will change.
Most of us have good friends who are not of the same ethnicity, usually it’s because we can relate and their fathers and fathers before them had some sort opportunity to embrace “civilised society”.
Yes government needs to do more to help this situation but how easy are these circumstances, there are not just our 90% of the less fortunate South Africans that we need to look after and educate we have millions upon millions of others flowing over our borders every day to handle. Most of these people were born into a violent war and have no regard for human life, everything is about survival for them. I’m sure if you watched your mother, father and sister get cut up with a panga you mite not feel too bad about blowing someones head off for an opportunity to feed yourself or take some drugs to get those images out of your head.
My South African friends the issue is far bigger than black and white, civilised or not. Stop blaming everyone for the problems created by the past and present. There is so much negativity in the world already, live your life where ever you feel safest and stop being angry and shifting the blame. There are so many people at fault for the situations arising in the slums in South Africa and Africa, most of them we will never understand, lets just hope for happier safer times were everyone can have a fulfilled life.
With all the negativity out there nothing will ever change, do your best to give something back, maybe if all of us did that things could improve. White SA hopeful

Anonymous said...

Living in Ireland now,..
Sal net die tyd wil vat om vir jou en jou span dankie te sê vir wat julle doen, en ja, die waarheid maak seer.
Ek glo dat reg sal eendag geskied,... hopefully sooner than later.


benoni skinhead said...

GOD left AFRICA ..........
Years ago !!!
Shame it was such a Beautiful Place to live and Breath !
I`m glad i got to see Johannesburg , Hillbrow and Yeoville in their Glory Days aswel !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like south sydney and western sydney. It always happens when whites arent in control.

Jim-USA said...

When I was a kid in the early 80's, South Africa was one of the worlds premier economies. These pictures are truly heartbreaking. I hope the ANC is happy with what they have made SA into.

Anonymous said...

The next Zimbabwe!

the hog said...

Jislaaik,what can you say, hand the country over to the floppies and this is what you get. Once a great place to hang out, let them live in the filth that they have made.wfzpg

Anonymous said...

While reading the comments, I got very sad. Unbelievable how many people in this blog don't understand what life is all about. But if you rather live with hate, go on. Just do me one favour, don't come to Europe. We Europeans don't need you here.
By the way I worked in SA for a while and had a wonderful time. I spent a lot of time in Johannesburg. And yes the place has awful parts, but also lovely areas. But unfortunately poor people and immigrants can't afford that lifestyle. Most people don't like to live and raise their kids in Hillbrow (I'm not saying all of them). We should feel for these people and their children as they grow up in a terrible environment. If South Africans work together (businesses, artists, government and citizens), inner city of Johannesburg can be revived and made attractive for businesses. Please do me one favour: If you speak of blacks or whatsoever, be respectful. I was taught to respect anyone.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are heartbreaking.

I left in 1965; didn't like the existing government. Never been back. Even though among my forebearers are 1820 settlers and two of my distant relatives stood at Bloodriver. Then Mandela came to power, and we all watched with bated breath and hoped he would pull off "The Rainbow Nation". For a while it seemed as if he was going to do it.

But it didn't happen.

My heart aches for every single person in South Africa, white and black. It didn't have to become another Brazil; the "have nots" living in squalor and crime, and the "haves" living in armed fortress compounds.

But it did. Cry the beloved country

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are heartbreaking.

I left in 1965; didn't like the existing government. Never been back. Even though among my forebearers are 1820 settlers and two of my distant relatives stood at Bloodriver. Then Mandela came to power, and we all watched with bated breath and hoped he would pull off "The Rainbow Nation". For a while it seemed as if he was going to do it.

But it didn't happen.

My heart aches for every single person in South Africa, white and black. It didn't have to become another Brazil; the "have nots" living in squalor and crime, and the "haves" living in armed fortress compounds.

But it did. Cry the beloved country

Anonymous said...

It is not the blacks to blame for the decline of inner city Joburg.

Who you should really be blaming is the white people living in Stanton.

No one told the white people to flee Hillbrow or Central Joburgh for the northern suburbs.

If the white people where not racist and actually did not flee at the first sight of a black person in the inner city, then the core would still be vibrant today.

So look up at the Carlton Hotel, or other half empty buildings, and say "Thank you white people for the mess you left us in by fleeing the city for your gated Stanton homes".

Anonymous said...

This is to the racist who says we've got spoons up our assess. We were taught to have respect for belongings especially if it's not yours. If you want to go into the racist aspect then you must wake up. Your allowed to stay where ever you want even if it doesn't belong to you because it's been given to you for free. It has nothing to do with slavery. It's just that you don't respect your surroundings or other people.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when Blacks take over ? Say, what is the reaction of the Indian population of SA to this travesty ? Are they also leaving SA like the Whites or they stick around ?

disgusted said...

Just a few comments...

(I have just written on your subject 'Yeoville')

I had a very nice man friend years ago, we were together for a long time. He was English. Suddenly upped and went off to London to look for work, and when he came back to fetch his things I asked "Why...." as if I didn't know. He said because of 'B' rule. This place will be finished. That incident was enough to make anybody more than racist, more like a xenophobic psychopath!!
He said he wasn't happy to go, but had to.

I had a woman friend out from England, I took her around from Pretoria, to Vereeniging, the Eastern suburbs, showed her the mine dumps, she loved the place. Took her to see the better schools, King Edward where my son was, Pretoria Boys, and others. That was in about 1990. A few years ago after she had gone back to England, she phoned me and said thanks for showing her around. She had been taken around Capetown and Durban too.
She said she really appreciated it and loved the place, but sorry to say that will be her last visit to our beautiful country. I knew why of course, she'd been watching TV. If ordinary people feel like that, why should foreign investors be interested in this slum? Where are we going? Are we also going to have a 1,600% inflation rate because the people can produce nothing except dirt?

Many years ago, about 1994, I was horrified to get a lift with someone who took me into town. Bertrams was also not a very nice suburb, but at least the people did the best with what they had. The walls around the houses were broken down, the roofs were collapsing, there were dozens of 'people' sitting on the walls just staring at anything that moved. I ducked below the car window, expecting a rock to be thrown at me because of my colour. I was really horrified.

These people must realise (if they are capable of thinking at all) that our forefathers brought this civilisation here, and if it weren't for them, the 'people' would be living in grass huts, IF THEY WERE LUCKY. That is, if they were still alive which is unlikely with this disease starting with 'A'.

What has happened to the schools we had to pay for with levies and school fetes, collections and raffle tickets? Given away free by the government to some 'people' who had nothing to do with them in the first place. A lot of the older ones were built by the Brits themselves.

I still wonder what has happened to the library, the museum, the zoo. Are the animals still there or have they been cooked in an iron pot?
I believe the City Hall is now being used for 'ethnic' dancing. We used to go there to hear the symphony concerts and my mother won a prize in the 'Rose and Summer Flower Show' every year.
Now who built City Halls and stuff, not the 'ethnic' people, and we can't go near them any more.

Fortunately I am living outside of Johannesburg so I don't have anything to do with the licencing department or anything there any more.
Avoid town like the plague. I'm sure I'd catch something horrible at least, even if I didn't get murdered.

I was often cornered by glue sniffing 'kids' in Yeoville asking for money. I got out somehow, even fell into a box of cabbages that belonged to a street seller, but wasn't going to apologise, they pack the pavements and a person has to walk in the road in places.

Third world, here we come, if we are not there already. :(

disgusted said...

Oh I forgot to mention, how can they have the world cup here?????
This place embarrasses me enough from what people overseas already know. They don't have to see it too.
I'm actually ashamed to be a South African these days, feel like a social leper.
Can't they do it in Capetown rather, before it gets worse there too.
I had a friend up here from Durban a little while ago. She got a lift from the airport and went through one of these areas. She said she was horrified, thought the whole of Jhb looked like that. She was picturing her daughter living among fruit sellers, broken down houses, dirt in the street, collapsed roofs and broken windows.

Anonymous said...

Great pics - thank you.

As delapitated as the places are now they still bring back some awesome memories of clubbing days!

Its very sad to see JHB in such a state it was always my home and now I wouldn't even go back there if you paid me.

D ;)

Anonymous said...

Article about SA, world cup/crime etc. in London Times www.thetimes.co.uk Get blogging now.

Anonymous said...

I am Asian and am shocked and appalled at what looks like post-apocalyptic pictures for and end of the world movie. We asians won't make the same mistakes in our countries. We feel for you and the inability of the western gov. to manage their criminal population. I've been to parts of US with majority or significant black population and it is just the same. My condolences in loss of your civilization.

EK SAL said...

Please more pictures. Also any chance readers can submit old pictures of how it use to look so overseas critics that never understood this country can see the hell they helped to create. Ending apartheid is going to prove to be single biggest mistake the UN ever made. I am going to move to Orania within the next two years. I will rather live poor with my own people then die rich and young amongst strangers.

disgusted said...

Thanks for the link anon, I'm waiting for things like that!

Am already sending to private people in the UK, US and Canada what I think they can handle slowly, haven't sent any murder pictures yet! Also getting involved on blogs. With different names I might add, don't anyone who knows me (my family esp)to look me up in google! :)

Yes, we were blackmailed by threats of disinvestment, voted yes instead of what we wanted to. I see in tonight's IOL news that somebody in Iraq is threatening the UK with killing hostages if they don't get out of Iraq.
Blackmail is not nice is it? :)

Captain Cook said...

I have extended intermarried UK/SA family in South Africa - the Jo'berg contingent have recently moved to Cape Town for fear of their lives - two car-jackings and one armed house robbery with owners held at gunpoint.

When visiting them in relatively "safe" Cape Town, the tiresomely repeated warnings to observe personal security, and the constant wary eye for potential trouble soon wear thin. Once pleasant residential streets are now vistas of barbed wire with slavering attack dogs roaming on the properties. I've been recently told black-operated "citizen protection" outfits are now the biggest racket in town.

I no longer visit Cape Town. My relatives know exactly why and it distresses them because the sorry truth is brought home to them.

For those resident South Africans still in staunch denial, here's warning advice THE SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT ITSELF dispenses to those who risk visiting your country. Scroll down to "CRIME" to read a terrible OFFICIAL exposé of a once hopeful nation's descent into diseased hopelessness and crime-ridden corruption.

To others, visit South Africa if you must, but in the knowledge that if you can get from the air bridge to the airport taxi stand without having already been robbed or violated in some way, you can count yourself fortunate:


Anonymous said...

All of South Africa is heading this way, Jo'burg has turned from one of the most gorgeous cities to the most damn right fucking dangerous city in a peace time country (politically speaking that is, either way it's a total cesspit).

I really honestly feel for you guys out there, get out while you can.

And yeah, they can't fucking run the place, they are incapable of anything, Africa is one of the worlds richest sources of materials which serve as an excellent base to build an infrastructure, yet look at the state of every country there, it ain't racist, it's fact.

Anonymous said...

I grew up here, left in the early eighties. I consider myself more left but this shows what a dangerous policy this can be! eek!
These places were so diverse, it was a true rainbow of colorful people. It was not a rich area but it had tremendous character. I wonder about all the refugees all over the world that can never go home. A least you hope that most of South Africans lives are better off, as this all came at a tremendous cost to so many peoples lives.
I now live in the US in a wonderful well taken care of community,(I'm still not rich). I guess places change but a persons basic expectations don't.
I would of liked to see pictures of Johannesburg Girls High where I got a fabulous education and remember fondly.
This is so appropriately called The death of Johannesburg.
Sad Sad Sad.

Anonymous said...

Joburg was always a shithole...its just a bigger shithole now.

Alexey Zernov said...

Hi! I'm from Russia and I've never been to SA, but the content of this blog has truly shocked me because I sincerely considered SA to be one of the most prosperous and civilized countries of the world. These photos led me to a further investigation of the situation in SA which uncovered some apparently destructive and truly horrible nation-wide trends. 50+ murders a DAY (!!!), 140+ rapes a day (!!!!!)... Most of the victims - Whites!!! I've seen these farm murder videos, those tortured children... It's beyond humanity, only SS nazi troops were acting the same way in Russia during WW2. The people doing it - they are not humans, they are mindless animals, worse than Hitler's soldiers! How can you white South Africans live with such terror in your hearts? I understand that it's a dubious opinion but you hold a 15% part of the population, and it's the most intellectual and disciplined part. With proper will, it's implementable to restore things to normal in SA. For how long will you stand this forced extinction? I'm sorry for the emotional speech, it's just my soul aking for miserable white SA's, cristians like me, so much... With deepest respect and sincere condolences, Alexey

Bravolander said...

This is insane, this is what the whole of South Africa will look like in 15 years time. I can't wait for the world to come to "Africa" for the Soccer World Cup... We South Africans should be getting danger pay just for living in this dump.

Anonymous said...

I have looked at your blog with interest having spent my formative year living in Joburg. My father was mayor and very successful. He (deceised) would be sad to see such deteration as I am too. Are there any similar type blogs on other parts of SA? Also I would love to see a photo of how Diagonal Street is now. I have a painting in my house of that. H.

Anonymous said...

I have looked with horror at your sight. I grew up in Johannesburg when the city was thriving. My father was Mayor of Johannesburg. Have you a photo on Diagonal Steet? And are there other blogs showing similar deterioration in other areas i.e. Cape Provincet

Anonymous said...

Atrocious, disgusting.... and typical. This is the way that blacks live. The more black a neighborhood is, the more it resembles your pictures. Blacks do not build civilizations, they are parasites of civilizations.

What is amazing to me is that even after being handed a first-rate civilization lock stock and barrel, and then subsequently demolishing said civilization, blacks still claim that it's the white man's fault.

Anonymous said...

Im horrified, the chelsea was my 1st address when I emigrated in Oct 81, moved to Roodekrans for 7 years & 5 years in fourways before leaving to go back to sheffield in Aug 93, now living in County Roscommon Ireland. Looking at the site it really does not surprise me but what a waste, it was a great place to party in the 80`s. Andy Moran

Wayne Holmes said...

I will ask my folks to give me some old photos of Johannesburg during the '70's and 80's when they worked and lived there. Then the visitors can compare for themselves (then and now).

Anonymous said...

WOW...a really powerful and very brave eye opening blog with your
Exactly what the rest of the world needs to see!
They are all ignorant to the reality of how it 'factually' is. This is no romance novel but reality at it's best.Plenty angry, bitter people and very sadly for many right reasons.
Real realist, keep it up!

Isä Switzerland said...

I was living in 1975-78 in Jo-burg and CT. First as immigrant in the Hotel Bellevue, than 2 weeks in Chelsea-Hotel (see under "Ruins")and after on Twiststreet, across Hotel Johannesburg. At that time, I never thank, that the whites get of the leadership.
They did it - see the result: The hell for everybody living in Southafrica.

Anonymous said...

How many times must people keep repeating the same "social experiment" and expect a different result. All you have to do is look at inner cities in America with their black leadership and not a one of them is functional and civilized. Not one! I really blame the liberal whites who always demand that power is turned over to a people who are barely down from the trees. And do the liberal whites stay around to live through the inevitable decay and collapse? Of course, they are the first ones gone!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir.

Thank you for taking the time to post these pictures on your site. You certainly provide a very realistic pictorial of the rapid demise of a once beautiful and thriving city. This is true of SA as a whole too. I very much agree with the manner in which you manage your site (e.g your belief that racist slurs demean the quality of a good argument and your subsequent disallowal of these).

I do however disagree with one of your comments alluding to a house on lower Rockey Street. There you state that the Associated Press reporter purchased the house back in 1990 against your advice. Then you state that - like all 'liberals' - he has probably voted 'with his feet' (by leaving SA I presume you mean). Sir. I am one of the many South Africans who have left. I have since settled in the Far East. The change in lifestyle and culture has NOT been easy for my young family and I. Yet, I felt compelled to make the radical decision to leave SA. The high possibility of my wife being raped during a house robbery (and possibly doused with boiling water), the collapsing education system, the apathy of the present government in the face of the perpetration of the vilest attrocities against babies, children, women and the elderly... I can go no and on... I just cannot allow that to ever happen to my family. If I was single it would be a different story. Yet, I have to take responsibility as a father and bear the future wellbeing of my family in mind. I cannot wait until the current SA government eventually wakes up and takes responsible action to correct the mess they've created (using both your and my hard earned tax money in the process)! There's not a day that goes by that I don't long back for South Africa (...the MOST beautiful country in the world). Yet, your site - among other things - has only strengthened my confidence in the decision I made on behalf of my family. I've never been 'liberal' in my political views. In fact, I was very much involved in the then Conservative Party for several years. In leaving, the mainly black government and their true 'liberal' cronies have lost a well educated, hard and dilligent worker... an honest citizen who has built up an excellent reputation in the highly competative (and critical) Far East. This has not been easy but I've worked hard. The saddest thing about current SA is that a war is being waged against harmless, innocent white civilians without formal war ever having been declared. I once lived in Faerie Glen, Pretoria where that beautiful 19 year old girl was brutally raped and murdered past Easter Sunday. I am deeply grieved for both the fate she suffered as well as the suffering that has only just begun for her poor family (and that certainly will persist until the day they die). Her parents were not at home at the time. It could've been my daughter. I'm not afraid of fighting in self-defense... just afraid that I may not be there when my family need me to fight on their behalf.

So sir. I have chosen to vote with my feet... and with these feet I will walk my family into a future where they too can daily share with confidence in the most basic of all human rights - the Right to Life - in a place where life is still greatly respected.

Thanks once again for creating this site.

Kind regards


crossbow said...

they should execute all those nutsacks who sold out SA.no, not sold out, gave SA to mandela.i remember in the late 60's early 70's in the carlton hotel, they had a small ice rink in the shopping center in winter, and in summer the ice rink was a fountain.joubert park was a lovely place, always something to do or see there.my parents went to see shirley bassey , rorey blackwell (a brilliant south african drummer)and various international stars perform.i wonder what those stars would say if they saw the place now."ohpra fatass winfrey" should close her damn school and make a series about SA then and now.she is one of the richest women in the states.she should better spend her money trying to educate those monkeys in .....aahhhh forget it.i'm just getting worked up over a bunch of savages who can't even live up to monkey standards.i predict that 50 to 75 years from now the world will be black owned and us white people and our descendants will be slaves , thanks to our leftwing political correct gouvernments.but i can assure you, i will go down fighting, and not with words.screw all the blacks, let them starve and spread aids amongst themselves.i'm kind of lucky, i live in belgium now.but things are changing fast here too.parts of brussels, antwerp, ghent, and most of the french speaking belgium (wallonie) is allready gone to the dogs.moslims are taking over but our gouvernment is blind.same thing is happening in the netherlands.amsterdam, rotterdam, the hague all major cities screwed.france , the same thing aspecially northern france, paris, lille moslims taking over.not 1 gouvernment in europe taking steps to stop islam invaders.whites all over the world are becoming an endangered spcies.we must wake up before it's to late.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any pictures of the old Protea Gardens Hotel in Berea, Johannesburg or the old Braamfontein Protea Hotel? I am sadly curious to see what became of them!

Anonymous said...

This was the sadest pictures of my life, i use to stay in Hilbrow and became part of the night life of jo,burg in the late 70's Disco era, the fontana, highipoint the local record bar and all the disco,s like lapope and the 7000 club and so meny more it bring back teers in my eyes, thanks for memories that dont get damaged by human hands.

Ironhead said...

"Wow, guys, what is this.

Racism is a very ugly thing, and this site could be of use to us in seeing the pitiful situation that prevails in CBD Johannesburg, but I just read ugly blatant racism. "

Time for a reality check! Even a blind man can see the ugliness of the black man and how blacks can destroy their own environment. You can use any excuse, but the facts are the facts, just look at the destruction they cause all over the world. Just look at the cities in the US they've decimated. In the US, Europe and Canada they get the same public education as whites and yet the areas they inhabit look just like the cities in south Africa; so it's not education!

What's the next excuse, poverty?
Let's see... I've been to very poor Asian and white eastern European countries yet people generally took care of what little they had. People of these countries would build and maintain towns or cities with whatever bits and pieces they have. Poor non-blacks recycle everything and let nothing go to waste. Despite poverty, non blacks kept their areas clean, grew gardens, trimmed their lawns, and planted and maintained eye pleasing landscaping; even squatters took care of their property. The crime rates were were also significantly lower in these poor countries. In the US they give blacks public housing,Link(free food)cards, and tons of other government benefits, yet they just destroy whatever's handed to them(just look at Detroit), so it has nothing to do with poverty!

If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd...well it's pretty much safe to assume a turd without tasting it!

Anonymous said...

having left Southafrica 10 years ago having lived nearly 30 years in south africa. I was actually crying when i read all the stories I remember Joberg as nice place and what happend to it from 1994 onwards. I have 2 sons who still stay there but my daughter had enough and left 3 years ago, I went back for a holiday 1n 2001 and things where no better rather worse when i left in 1998.

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone taken these people by the hand, explained to them how to go forward and what to do?"

OMG! Are you smoking your socks??
Take them by the hand??? And get robbed, mugged, killed, or at the very least infected by their dreaded TB?? No THANK YOU!!

Californian said...

Africa is being kept poor by the G8 the IMF and all these organisations, and they are not really seeing the plight of the common man.

Just once -- once! -- I would like to see white liberals hold black Africans responsible for their own behavior. Just once! Instead, there is always the convenient scapegoat: the IMF, apartheid, the CIA, Zionism...it is as if black Africans are little children who can not be held accountable for their own behavior.

Let us not forget that even with sanctions and an international propaganda campaign launched against them, as well as having to fight a war or two, Rhodesia and the old South Africa were able to maintain the cities at much higher levels. I traveled extensively in both countries, as well as SWA, in those days and found the cities much more livable than those in the USA.

...it was grace (undeservedly) that gave you a little white skin, and placed you in the strongest country -

It was genetic inheritance and the struggles of the generations who went before us.

...Conquering nations and you think you have some kind of an entitlement to clean water, sewerage and clean parks.

Well, these days whites are being disabused of the notion that they are entitled to clean water, sewage and clean parks! Not to mention such other products of apartheid as a regular supply of electricity, jobs, and safety against criminal attack.

Put your hand in your pocket and share a bit of what you stole from Africa,

Sure. The whites stole from Africans all the power plants that were there before the Dutch landed; all the paved roads that the blacks had built before the whites came; all the factories that African workers had built before the whites took them over...

clifford charlesworth said...

I came over to Jo`burg in 1980 with my wife to work on a years contract as nurses at the Florence on the corner of Koetze and Hospital St. We lived at Dudley Heightsin Hospital St It was so nice we stayed for 10yrs. moving on to Milpark Hosp.Sandton and then I finally finished as Night Superintendent at the new Morningside Clinic. on Rivonia Rd.
Johannesburg was nice then - it was clean and a beautiful city. What a shame to see it like this - it makes my heart bleed.
Finally when Mr.De Klerk unbanned the ANC & the PAC we could see the writing was on the wall. We had 2 little boys by then and I could see that there would be no future for them under a black government and so we came back to UK.
I refuse to give to any charity for the `deprived` of Africa . They wanted us out - let them take care of themselves.It looks like a cesspit now.
Cliff Charlesworth

Johann said...

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. I just spent a good couple of hours reading through some good, some bad and some downright hogwash!

People who want to blame "Aap art hate" for the utter decay and general slide into a real 3rd world country have to OPEN their eyes, and not try to shift the blame.

They say the influx of immigrants in SA is to blame, not the locals?

F#ck that, that kite doesn't fly!

All kinds of Afrcan cities were quoted as being the same etc etc ad nauseum...

All those countries and Cities, did they have "Aap art hate" ? Don't think so, yet they leave their home countries that should be a paradise to live in after "Liberation and Freedom" ?

Fact is: all those countries had thriving economies, and now?

They die of hunger and HIV/Aids.

Those that can, stream to South Africa in their droves to find a "better life" Well, ha f-ing ha.... Is it still "Aap art hate's"

I am in the lucky position to be able to live in a Security Estate, false sense of security really, I still sleep with my 9 mm under my pillow, if that is Freedom and Liberation, I don't want a part of it thank you, but no thanks.

You Liberals, get your heads out from your rectums, and see it for what it really is!!

Anonymous said...

At least the Boers were honest addressing the problem with black majority rule in public. There are numerous countries in the world implementing the same rules. But not officially. Brazil is such a place. The Europeans live in often well-organized areas whilst the ex-slaves live in favelas (shantytowns). But Brazilian government doesn't admit it to the rest of the world. Brazil is world leading in plenty of fields. For example deep water drilling. The only province handled by blacks in Brazil is Bahia. It's also the poorest, most corrupted and dangerous part of the country.

Another African example are the tiny islands of Seychelles. Racism isn't too widespread. But generally, whites live in well-maintained houses. The blacks on the contrary live in shacks with piles of trash outside.

I live in Sweden, but have travelled all over the world and lived in both North- and South America. I would like to apologize on behalf of my country to all SA. Former Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was a contributing factor to the one party dictatorships that today exist in ZIM and SA. Gladly, he was put to sleep 22 yrs ago.

I would like to know if there is an organization or association working toward apartheid rule again? If so, kindly name them so a financial contribution can be made. All my sympaphy and thoughts to the brave South Africans who still have the courage standing up against the ANC. Some of us in the civilized world are still on your side.

Anonymous said...

just because posts use the word BLACK does not mean they are racist. as we are unable to use the correct term KAFFIR (unbeliever), which is lately in SA applicable to people from all race groups who have no respect for themselves, humanity or the cost of building a future!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine that the Soccer World cup will be held there in 2 years time!!

Anonymous said...

I left Joburg in 1985 and was it favor of political and racial equality at that time. I have since lived in the Caribbean and now reside in the USA. The thing that struck me having been back to South Africa a few years ago and having lived in the Caribbean, is that some (not all) Caribbean Countries are just as run down, corrupt and badly managed as South Africa. I raise the question; is this lack of education or are blacks just not able to run a country politically and financially?

Tom said...

Its funny, im not a racist person, but like one person mentioned earlier, each race does have different strengths and weaknesses and different mentalities bread into them going back thousands of years.

And from the real life events throughout history as far as becoming kind and caring and not being violent towards eachother, the black race seems not be be very good at this.

And yes they have different colour skin to us, and that is not important one bit, what is important is the way someone chooses to treat other people and there country they live in.

I have met black people who are intelligent and caring in the uk and ive met black people and asian who are ruthless and nasty. And for the same note ive also met white people like this too.

But the fact remains that the majority of areas populated by black and asian people in the UK do turn into wrecks and slums.

It comes down to pride and self respect. other thousands of years this pride and self respect has been bread into the white population for the most part. This is not the case with the black population, and I assume it my take many many generations for them to learn this mentality even with a clear example before them.

In which case they will nearly always be behind in terms of civilization, they will always be trailing, so sadly they will always be looked down upon by the more civilized races.

Its sad to say this, but the more that we sympathize with the un-civilized and let them inhabit our civilized nations, the less civilized as a whole the world will become.

I can honestly see that in thousands of years time, the colored nations will have taken over Europe and the US, and the white race will have taken over places like SA and made them into beautiful booming economies, and then the table turns in the same way once more.

These are strong words from someone such as me, but in recent years ive really begun to look at the events of human history in terms of civilization and this is how the truth has made me feel.

I want nothing more than the black race to prove me wrong and make me overdose on humble pie and become civilized and generally nice people to live with.

Please prove to me that history can change its course!

Anonymous said...

What else would you expect from black Africans? These jokers never even invented the wheel!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures - brings back memory. Any pictures of Bree Street Primary school - Fordsburg ?


jimbo said...

what a fuckin mess stayed in hillbrow in the 80,s great place to be then looking at it now there is a hell

Anonymous said...

I lived and studied in Jhb in the early to middle 80's, i remember the wits university protest marches and the pink liberal usually english speaking poofs,sorry souties but its payback time for calling us afrikaners'stupid Dutchmen' and the like,there was an extreme anti afrikaans sentiment in parts of Jhb and especially at the above mentioned university campus,it was as if the average english speaker thought the afrikaners were a race of mentally deficient white hill billys who had no right to being in power and referred to as the illigit Pretoria regime with there apartheid policy being the ultimate example of there monumental stupidity.Apartheit and the afrikaner regime had to be done away with and those fools were doing there utmost to help there poor oppressed black brothers to achieve these goals,intellectually speaking that is now,the hard soldiering was to gritty and grimy for these soft handed liberals.

My question now,coming from the 'stupid dutchman'is; are you happy with the way things are now, or doesn't it effect you that much because you used yours British passports to move your priveledged pink liberal arses out of harms way before the real shit started hitting the fan!You hypocritical, opinionated self righteous jerks!!!

gregsta said...

What a joke Proves what a bunch of chimps they really are. I will never go back.

Anonymous said...

I have just returned from Jhb,and had a first hand experience of the appalling rot that had set in, in the form of an attempted mugging by 6 black men a mere 20-30 m out from the south entrance to park station.
Ok it was a dumb fuck thing to do, but this was broad daylight 9oclock in the morning and that in relative close proximity to the station.The reason for this foolish move is personal,but to say the very least i wasn't thinking straight at the time and knew i was doing a dumb thing, and was about to turn back when this mob of thugs decended apon me from the opposite direction,by the time i realised what was going on they were around me showing me knives and pulling at my luggage that were fortunately firmly attached to my body with plug in buckles that these savages obviously don't encounter everyday.

That short delay gave me time to shake lose while screaming at the top of my voice which further unnerved them,i managed to get away from them about 4-6m ,but they were now between me and the station buildings relative safety which i realised i had to get back to ASAP,one particular individual the one who led the mugging wanted to resume the attack,all of this while pedestrians where looking on and some even laughing my anxious moments being there entertainment,or is it because i'm white and they could't care less, i rounded the corner and there about 15m away were 3 black men in camo uniforms,i approached them and told them what had happened to me,they said they can't leave that spot[they must have heard my screams, but no reaction!!] i had to plead with them to escort me back to the station,to which they reluctently agreed, looking very nervous and fearfull themselves whilst walking me back to the station entrance,where iwent in and stayed put for almost 5-hours untill my bus arrived, a black woman was attacked inside the building,and also screamed like a pig being put to slaughter[i did not see her assailent/s though,Jhb is the pits, you won't see me there any time soon, and then they want to host the soccer 2010 there,I laugh at you, you ignorant savages!!!!

Anonymous said...

My son wanted to go back until he saw your photos.Thank god we left.This is what you get you liberal wankers.You caused all this but I bet you do not live there.
Good bye o great Suid Afrika.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of seeing a photo of the old Mimosa International Hotel in Hillbrow? I stayed there for one night during my travels back in 1992. Wasn't the best place back then but met some of the old whites who couldn't afford to leave. An old lady warned me that the area was extremely dangerous. I was 23 and invincible. Later took a Joburg taxi, 21 people piled in and only then did I notice that the "steering wheel" was a wrench attached to the steering column by a vice grip. I got bemused looks from people walking around those neighborhoods...

Anonymous said...

I used to study in Joubert Park, lived in a all girl hostel in Berea in 1990. At that time it all began. I got used to walking around with a "pretend" gun (actually a tear-gas gun). Started seeing a lot of puddles of blood, drug dealers (right in front of Chelsea.) People were rioting in the streets, and getting tear-gased out of their buildings. I left in 1992 and am disgusted, but not surprised how it has changed. Yeoville was a delight! Being an artsy person, I just loved going there to look around and it took me into the '60's!! OUCH! Not anymore. By the looks of it, I think I know the answer to all the problems. I live in the US now, where, BTW, there are some "getto" areas too that don't even have paved roads but the places that do look good, look good for one reason:


Every complex is owned by someone who employs a maintenance person who keeps the place going. If someone draws grafitti on something, THE NEXT DAY the grafitti is painted over!!!!
As for human rubbish, well, nature takes care of that..doesn't it.
By disease. Give it some time. Sooner or later.
Until then it is good advice, if you are of sound mind and have kids
don't wait til you have enough money. Let the situation take care of itself or maybe drug-lords or such powers but get out. Maybe the situation would be better if all the buildings were just torn down and little huts put in its place, with hot running water, of course.
God bless Johannesburg and all of South Africa - yes all the people. not only whites or blacks!!

Anonymous said...

"Africa is being kept poor by the G8 the IMF and all these organisations, and they are not really seeing the plight of the common man."


I tell you what is the problem with Africa. We can't have a society of advanced people that try to make tribal people to live like us. Unfortunately, Africans are tribal people and they are used to live of the land with their own problems. Let them live as tribal, take care of their own problems, they should live as they want.

There is only one problem; they should not be able to get out of Africa, since the rest of the world does not live anymore in tribal land. Actually that is what they do when they go to a civilized country, they turn the place in tribal land, like Detroit, Joeburg and other places.

So, we whites imposed a type of civilization that blacks are not able to keep up with.

We should be separated as people, that is all.

Anonymous said...

What strikes me the most is that black people keep blaming the whites.Hillbrow now belongs to black people so to speak, what have they done with it? A total mess!

Can they blame white people for not installing a sense of pride? That comes from within. Stop using the boring cliche"its the white peoples fault" Its only an excuse, as it is far easier to play the blame game,than to take responsibility.Morals and values are taught at home, not by white people only.

As it so happens on new years in Johannesburg, all sorts of furniture get thrown out of windows into the streets below; is that again the white peoples fault?

If the mindset of poverty does not change, no fancy house or car is going to change it either. Just look at so many African countries where only black leadership has been in power,slums and delapedation,money laundering...it goes on and on. Then there are those that are those countries trying to help themselves out of it.

All walks of life have experienced some sort of oppression; the terrible holocast,Israel versus palestine, Straight versus Gay, Afrikaans versus english. The list goes on and on. These are terrible injustices against another.I speak from experience.

Please black people,its been 15years,appartheid was a terrible oppression,lets move on!!

Anonymous said...

Med bar with the pool, irish club new year 1983/4. Anyone remember Sweaty palms mick ?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the whole of Africa is lost! What an utter tragedy. I now hear that the blacks in South Africa hate the Indians and Asians and are murdering them. I thought the blacks were against discrimination??? They have ruined South Africa in less than one generation. It's an absolute travesty.
I'm so glad we left the country when we did. To have to be in the country and see its destruction day by day must be absolute hell.

Anonymous said...

The ANC government and all its supporters in SA suffers from what is commonly known as LV(LIMITED VOCABULARY)ie Apartheid,previous regime,kill the Boer,RDP(rape,pillage destroy), the Malema Dilemma,ad nauseam.The Unions (VABONDE) run the country and the so-called Govt are their puppets.
Tourists, the theat is also against you especially if you are White. I personally witnessed a situation where a White motorist who had stopped to allow two very elderly citizens to cross at a robot that was in their favour, was told by 2(1 coloured,1 black) members of the SAPS that he was not allowed to stop for pedestrians.They vented their hate tirade and verbal abuse and when his wife wanted to say something the one palooka (Black) shouted at her that she must shut up and she has no right to say anything.He then moved threateningly towards her side of the vehicle threatening to arrest her and her husband.The husband then informed this palooka to stay away from her side of the vehicle and then they (palookas) suddenly started looking for faults on the vehicle: Obviously they could not find anything wrong. At all times the husband and wife were very polite and soft spoken. What then followed was a digrace to the SAPS (I reason a big error was made when the various institutions were amalgamated into one Police Service). When the (palookas) had climbed into their vehicle, the crew member (black palooka)suddenly wound down his window and screamed at the top of his voice at the couple: "Jy is gemerk, ons gaan jou hunt. Ons sal jou wys!" For ease of understanding he screamed the following words at them "You are marked, we are going to hunt you down. We will show you!" This whole episode happened right in front of a Police station in broad daylight. Be forwarned: The Philistines are upon us.Eze 25:15 'Thus says the Lord GOD: "Because the Philistines dealt vengefully and took vengeance with a spiteful heart, to destroy because of the old hatred,"
The threat is very real.My advice? Accept nothing and trust no-one. Trust in the Lord at all times

Gordon K said...

I have just returned to the UK following a aeronautical sojourn around our planet - a great experience for sure - at least it was up until the time we arrived in Johannesburg.

Although originally very excited about returning to Jo'burg, having worked there for a number of years during the 70's, my desire waned the moment we entered the city from the airport.

Although much of the world has altered in the last 30+ years, development and advancement are continuing hand-in-hand throughout New Zealand, Australia and Thailand especially, the same cannot be said of South Africa and in particular, Johannesburg – a now ruined municipality and one made-up of what can best described as human hell-holes, by these I refer to Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville, to name but a mere few.

It was sickening for me to discover, (thanks to a somewhat dangerous taxi ride to the afore-mentioned areas) the full impact of negligent ANC Rule over the last number of years, once again confirming that African leadership reduces everything it touches into garbage - what an atrocious decline to a once vibrant, effervescent and delightfully clean environment...not even Bogota nor Caracas gave us the nausea we endured whilst in Jo'burg, quite easily, the backside of the world - a cesspit that I intend to never, ever visit again.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the "born-frees", a 1994 baby. I do not know anything of what South Africa and especially Johannesburg once was but what I see now upsets and saddens me. People have no pride and to be honest, I do not think I will one day be married and bring up my children here. It is no place for peace. It is only a matter of time.

Margaret Gortimer said...

Some thoughts:

Damn Apartheid all you like, but without racial segregation, South Africa's cities would never have become what you remember. The now-vanished modern, happy, safe, eclectic, sunny neighborhoods you pine over would never have existed because they would have evolved into Third World dung heaps early on in their histories.

Second thought: Browhill, Yeoville, all of these places are permanently gone. They are history, and they will never return. You can't go home again, nor would you want to in your right mind. Not in view of what those places are now and what they will continue to become.

Third thought: Learn what you need to learn. Genocide Watch, an organization monitoring ethnic conflict and the persecution of minority groups, has listed South Africa as being in Stage Six of the eight stages leading to genocide. Stage Eight is actual genocide itself. If you have white friends and relatives in South Africa, you need to be finding ways to talk them out, haul them out, or pay their way out. Now.

A fourth thought: Learn the reality of the form of evil we face, one vastly more sinister than Apartheid ever was; the "Forces of Darkness," also known as Leftism, Socialism, Communism, and Anarchy, have historically used ethnic conflict, human migration, human reproduction, and similar realities to promote their agenda aimed at totalitarianism and the redistribution of wealth and resources and power. They will continue to use these forces in the countries to which most of you have escaped. They will be aided by people they can beguile in churches, charities, etc. You must fight these forces of darkness in the places where you have relocated, or your children will surely suffer the same things you have known: despair, powerlessness, dispossession, and exile.

Finally, someone once wrote that the greatest weapon you can use against anyone is their own sense of morality. South Africa is the burnt offering proof of the logic of that strategy. And it won't end with her sacrifice.

Neil Parker said...

Made arrangements to immigrate into the RSA in the 1970s, and the government was going to assist me with initial settlement by placing me in an apartment in Hillbrow. It looked beautiful from the photographs of the building and neighborhood and schools. I believe the street was called Smits Street or something similar. Some sixth sense told me it was an illusory bubble all those happy, smiling faces were living in, and with mixed feelings we decided not to start new lives there. Looking into my the faces of my children now, I am so relieved we made the correct choice. I cannot help but think of the fate that would probably be awaiting them now. And I categorically reject the notion that such a sentiment is "racist."
When are we going to stop cowering whenever that word gets thrown at us? And why did you brave people start cowering for the crime of defending your own identity and neighborhoods and future?

Anonymous said...

You don't get the point, dimwit. the blacks can't maintain it for THEMSELVES. They have control of it now, and it lookss run down, destroyed, like RUINS.. Blacks LIVE there, dummy.

Anonymous said...

I too was a supporter of the "Free South Africa" movement in the late 80s.. it wasn't until I worked in the real world for twenty years and watched my city destroyed by blacks.. I honestly feel that the best situation would be no integration..that's unfortunate because I gave at least ten years of my life rallying for black causes.. look at the content of their popular music and their everyday behavior.. that's the people I fought for.. they destroy areas like a natural disaster..

Anonymous said...

I think that's a valid point. I have no problem with Asians, whites, indians, etc.. It seems like destroying a city through lack of maintenance is a "black thang"... it also seems like being lazy is a black thing too..

Anonymous said...

so how come Asia, India, Australia, etc.. don't look like that? They build their own country from within and maintain it.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to Detroit.

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