Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Ruins of Johannesburg. . .

Above: Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Above: Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Need a haircut? Jeppe, east Johannesburg, inhabited houses

Bree Street, Central Johannesburg

The Chelsea Hotel, Hillbrow: a formerly popular hotel, now boarded up

"Air conditioned apartments" Berea, north east Johannesburg


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Anonymous said...

Just like the rest of Africa!

jty98 said...

just what one would expect with blacks running the show. god i'd hate to live there now. now it's just one big littered rat infested slum.

Anonymous said...

These people just cannot maintain or build on anything. Where were they when London was buildt, in mud huts. Which is what they are trying to do with what used to ba a great infrastructure. Go back to their GRASS ROOTS of doing nothing

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. But don't feel too bad. It looks just like North Philadelphia. And West Phildelphia. And Southwest Philadelphia, and Chester, PA and Camden, NJ, and all the other "necrotic" (as one blogger recently put it) regions of American cities.

Anonymous said...

awww, some poor whitey is pissed b/c apartheid ended and your silver spoon is now up your ass. Sure is hard to maintain those buildings without slavery. I'd suggest you move to a more racist country but alas your currency is worth shit and now you're stuck in the mess you and your family made. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be are trying to do the same thing the United States and Europe. We all know who's behind it. They run the media to hide their responsibility, and to try and make whites feel guilty, an emotion which they and their lackeys are incapable of feeling.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who is rascist towards white. I was from South Africa. My family is all 100 percent European so I'm out of that third world cesspit! Slavery was never needed to maintain those buildings. Just safety, security and a government who cares. Unfortunately in Africa you don't get these values...

So before you go mad with your mouth, educate yourself...

AR said...

Hi Real Realist,
you started a very brave and really eye opening blog with your
Exactly what all stupid European (especially German) tourists should see!
I hope you will continue still for a long time and will be able to resist successfully to all following attacks by the furious "Rainbow fans".
I am going to do some PR for you here in Germany and elsewhere because I like your special view of things and appreciate your work. Please post MORE pics! They are heartbreaking hilarious!

The Real Realist said...

Dear AR,

Yes, more pictures are coming. It is however, very dangerous to go and take pictures in the jungle of Johannesburg, as I need two armed people to come with me: one to look after the car, and another to protect me while I am distracted with the camera. A friend of mine who went there alone was attacked while he was looking into the camera's viewfinder, and was robbed and assaulted by the local savages.
But, don't despair, more pictures will soon be posted.

Anonymous said...

I can describe the mess only as pitiful, but typical of what happens when blacks take over an area. What is needed is to send these clowns back from the rubbish dumps they lived in. Preferably with fences and a couple of landmines. Thank god I don't live in South Africa anymore. What's even more interesting is their plight to hold the World Cup in 2010. They can't even run a piss up in a brewery!!

pb26 said...

Hi Guys, what do you expect? Keep in mind these people where living in the early iron age just 200 years ago. No alphabet, no numbering system, not even the wheel was invented. Now they want to run a country, forget it! They will ruin it and will blame the colonists who tried to bring civilization. Get out if you can, your kids will thank you for it!

Anonymous said...

No difference whatsoever: south side Chicago, Port au Prince, Detroit, South Central L.A., Bronx, Detroit, Paris (Clichy), London, Lagos, Gary, Indiana, Atlanta (the home of the CNN media mafia), Rio de Janeiro, Bamako, Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe....

Swedish dissident said...

Terrible, absolutely terrible. South Africa is lost forever, now it can only serve as a warning example to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Great eye-opening photographs. Be careful in the urban jungle brother. God, what shame. DeKlerk and his gang are white traitorous pigs. How many silver coins did it take for them to allow this to happen. A special pit in hell should be dug for them!

Anonymous said...

I'll body guard for you if you let me shoot some savages!

Fenria said...

Great pictures and thank you for being a voice of reason in a multicult world gone crazy. If only national newspapers would pick up and run these stories and pictures, then the rest of the world could really get an eye opener as to what a society run by a group with a mean IQ of about 80 really looks like. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Schwarze "Demokratie & Kultur & Tradition" in Aktion. Dies ist die nahe Zukunft Europas auch!

Anonymous said...

It must be caused by a pigment deformity!!
Nice cheap accommodation for the 2010 tourists! They must just be careful – the razor-wire can create havoc with one’s clothes!

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that London is going the same way. Whole areas of this once proud and beautiful city are now occupied by Africans.
Whole streets are being destroyed and the remaining white people are forced out. I must start a photo blog of London.

The Real Realist said...

Yes, I have seen parts of London: I remember in particular being shocked at the area around the old Wembly Stadium, that was really bad. A blog on that would be most welcome.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college in the late 1980's there was a "Free South Africa" event every other week. I remember thinking, "Gee, that sounds nice..They certainly should free those poor black people suffering under apartheid" I never realized the truth. They should have called those events "Help Destroy a First-World Civilization" I would apologize but we in the USA are staring down the barrel of the same gun. I can only hope that we will stand up before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

This use to be the elite part of Johannesburg! Now its turned into scum like the rest of the crime ridden crap place Johannesburg really is. People say that there are still some good areas. If there are any, please post pictures of them.

Please keep the pictures coming so that I can keep remembering why I left that hellhole

Anonymous said...

This answers our question about why the Africa in general is in a mess. The African people as a rule don't believe in spending money on maintenance!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone telling the truth over there, I remember the Chelsea Hotel well in the 1970's, lots of poms used to drink there in the "good old days" keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

what can you expect with such a currupt useless goverment,at least the uk and usa goverments show a little more care about thier citizens, Why go in SA and buy a car rather just hijack someone it costs you less and you will get away with it, Try hijacking someone at gunpoint in the US and the penalty is atleast 15-20 years...

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is where those visuals of shelled buildings in Bahgdad are actually filmed. Nah, probably safer to do it in the real Bahgdad !
I used to stay in this area during the eighties. I can't believe it's the same place. I wish a time-lapse film existed, except that the camera would probably get stolen.

Anonymous said...

Look at the rest of Africa -
we are part of it, this is what inevitably happens.
It's not just that: All the structures are going downhill - police, education, defence force, health services, you name it.
Only difference between SA and the rest of the continent is that SA has more to be broken down, so it will still take a while to become a true African state.

Redeemed said...

To Anonymous who is rascist towards white; Go and look --the French, Portuguese, British and Dutch people did build up Africa many years ago, but unfortunately the African culture is of a different kind. What is left of the wealth they brought to your beautiful continent? Nothing! Unfortunately I and everybody else see the same thing happening throughout the world where the African people touch ground!

There are fortunately also good African people but they are in the minority and afraid to standup against this "out of control" movement.

I was born and raised in South Africa-now I live in the USA -I feel sorry for my black and white friends that are still in SA. Take note: The general African does go with the "out of control" flow and is not my friend!

People please take note! Europe has a Western-European culture. America has a Western culture therefore Africa has its own culture. Europe and the West has the "developing" culture. The African culture is 180-degree different!

"I feel redeemed"

Anonymous said...

I can still remember how we went and stayed in Hillbrow and Joubert Park as students during the Rand Easter show. How we used to have a few pints in the Chelsea, how we were First world. Just more than a decade later under our "democratic elected freedom" and it is Third World with barbarric occupants who still live a stone age life. If you still wonder, GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. I am glad I did...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should get yourself a real job, and stop trying to drag this country down to your own level. We will never beable to rebuild our nation with white scum as yourself. Yes I am white.

disgusted said...

I had a flat in Joubert park. It was newly renovated,with brand new doors,lift working etc. After my new "owners" moved in I went to see why I was not getting any rent.In one year there was no Lift working,the steps were smelling of urine(no lights) and there was no hot water. The place was a cesspool of stench and rotting decay. I was forced to give my flat back to the owners with subsequent R35000,000 loss to myself. need I say more.I am not surprised in the least.I only want to ask one question. Why does this type of thing only happen when blacks move in and not when other races are involved?

Anonymous said...

I work here every day. I drive in in the morning and drive out in the afternoon. I son't step outside. Pretoria has gone the same way. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

To Racist anonymous.First lesson:there is a difference between maintenance and systematic destruction

Anonymous said...

I'm from a part of the World where this problem is rather far (Central- and East-Europe), but our nations also have experiences of radical socialists (Lenin, Hitler) coming to power. In our region many cities were totally or partially destroyed by radical socialists (e.g. Warsaw, Minsk, Bucharest). Now another mutation of socialism is trying to destroy Johannesburg.

To the one proud to be white, but calling other whites a "scum" - there are some people who always claim that everything is all right, even at a time of dying. In Stalin times many people shouted "Long live Stalin!" even when they were being executed by the NKVD - their convinience in socialism was that strong. So if they come to backstab you, please shout: "Long live Joe Slovo!"

Anonymous said...

If the blacks say they are as good as they are, why is'nt Africa the bread basket of the world

Anonymous said...

Wow, guys, what is this.

Racism is a very ugly thing, and this site could be of use to us in seeing the pitiful situation that prevails in CBD Johannesburg, but I just read ugly blatant racism.

Africa is being kept poor by the G8 the IMF and all these organisations, and they are not really seeing the plight of the common man.

People will naturally go and squat in any empty building that seems to be available, and, empty building means exactly that - that there is no working ablution facilities, and you wonder why it looks like that.

Petrol prices soar, and warmongers Bush and Blair bit off more than they could chew, and the economy goes south because of the unsure market because of unrest and destabilisation in the middle east, and once again, Africa which has the weaker economy in the world, is going to suffer for it, with people needing to squat as they cannot afford more, and we sit in our little white countries, and homes (I am white too and sitting in Johannesburg) and we bitch and moan but we do nothing, we are happy in our little racist suits and our little racist homes and we slur on a blogger, and work up a common feeling toward someone that the living God made a different colour than yourselves and you don't realise that it was grace (undeservedly) that gave you a little white skin, and placed you in the strongest country - Conquering nations and you think you have some kind of an entitlement to clean water, sewerage and clean parks.

Has anyone taken these people by the hand, explained to them how to go forward and what to do?

NO, they were pushed into "townships" where they had no water, electricity, public transport, satelite TV, computers and such, and their training was lacking, and you DARE look down on them that didn't have your privileged upbringing, and think they are supposed to have learned all that your satellite TV and fancy schools instructed you!

You are a selfrighteous pompous no-good racist that needs to get back to basics such as LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR because, AFRICA is here, it is one of the peaces of Land that God gave us to live on, it has been exploited and abused by your forefathers and mine, and the riches in your queen's crown and in your Fort's and Banks in Beverly Hills etc. were taken from AFRICA and you survive on it's wealth on the bones of those less fortunate than yourselves.

Put your hand in your pocket and share a bit of what you stole from Africa, come and visit and see the misery, and see the honest to goodness efforts black people also put into keeping this country going, despite all adversity.

Now do me a favour and place this comment, and all of you see yourself for the ugly racists you are.

Shame on you.


Anonymous said...

Reading this has made me ill. What a buch of racist cunts you are..and oh, Realist? Nice try for your sensationalist 15 minutes of fame. What a hero you are. Glad to see you, and your possy of ignorant bigots, doing something positive for this country.Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Some moderation - you seem fine with hate speech and bigoted spew. The moderation must be for us folk, not so? Asshole!

Anonymous said...

Zim here we come!

Anonymous said...

Where do I go? What do I do? I have a successful business in Pretoria where I enjoy my work. Do I pack up and leave. Start over in London or Australia, work as restaurant manager???? I despise South Africa for what it has become.

You call us racists for laying the blame on blacks, that we should take them by the hand and show them how to.....

Please tell me exactly how to do this when SA is taking a page out of Zim’s book and driving all white influence and culture from the land. I couldn’t even find a job in my field which in fact is highly specialized. They gave the job to a black woman who had studied some rubbish tourism degree.

Town and city names are being changed, farmers murdered, land grabs galore and then you have the nerve to say that it’s our fault while these uneducated people systematically destroy this country. Our President actually believes that Aids and HIV are not connected. Our vice president is accused of raping an HIV positive woman. Grown men rape virgin babies to cure them of AIDS??????

We are not just burgled in SA. We are tortured, humiliated, slaughtered in front of our families. What type of people enjoy this sadism. Who are the thieves, murderers, rapists, thugs, corrupt officials....whites?? I thought not.

Help build this country they say... With a boot in the arse more likely..

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of talk over the last 40 comments. Some are racist and some are anti-racist. Maybe some balance is required. I live north of JHB. I am white male 30 yrs old. In the Northern parts of Sandton, there are a lot of residential areas that are very upmarket and stylish and First World that have been built in the last few years. I live in one such area called Sunninghill. On weekends I often go biking through my neighbourhood and I have noticed that many of these sectional title residential areas look like 6-Star Hotels. Neatly manicured lawns. Stylish architeture, lovely gardens. only electric fencing looks bad. However, I live in one such luxury complex with about 100 other residents. These complexes are almost like a commune. Two residents are black. Two are korean. The rest are white. You can see at a glance which 2 homes are occupied by blacks. They are the ones with trash lying about, they are the ones with dirty laundry and washing hanging on the balconies (like a 3rd world country). The presence of these 2 blacks has turned our 6 Star "Hotel-Style" luxury homes into a "Hillbrow-to-be" resembling a third world. Unfortunately for the "black lovers" out there these blacks are very wealthy and drive Range Rovers and Mercedez Benz SLK's. So poverty cannot be used to justify their behaviour. They do not seem to understand about living like civilized people. Fortunately for us, we all signed a code of conduct whereby we are allowed to fine residents who do not comply with an agreed set of rules. The agreed rules state that no garbage is to be left outside of the demarcated areas. No hanging of laundry on common ground in the complex. There are a lot of other rules. All the rules are agreed upon in a democratic manner. The Sectional Title ACT (a law) states that we may do this. So when the blacks accuse us of being racists for fining them, we simply laugh at them. We fine them until they either leave or shape up and start acting like civilized people. We have already driven out one black family after they refused to stop playing loud music at 3 in the morning. To save South Africa we need more civilized people who will muscle out the garbage in this manner. We also need guns to shoot those who insist on victimizing us in acts of crime.


Anonymous said...

Now that's telling the ARSEHOLE!..must be a government TAILGUNNER!

Anonymous said...

Well done TRR! Your brand of well-written, factual and in-your-face reporting is like a fresh breeze blowing out the stale, boiled cabbage stench of political corrrectness which permeates this forlorn country.

I applaud you for casting your relentless light on that which the New South Africa has become...from a prosperous, mighty first world state to just another stinking turd world shithole, in the short space of twelve years. Can you imagine what it will look like in another ten?

Hand the country over to a criminal gang of ragtag ANC Stalinist terrorist scum, and watch it go to waste. A fish rots from the head, and this is precisely what we are seeing.
Anti-White hate crimes such as murder, rape, hijacking and corruption is now the order of the day, all bred by malevolent, malicious envy on the part of incompetent, lazy and greedy blacks, who feed off their perennial inferiority complexes on the one hand, and their perceived eternal victimhood status & culture of entitlement on the other.

The orgy of barbaric, murderous hate crime reaches new extremes every day, yet the illegitimate regime (who stole power through the barrels of their AK47's and terrorist necklace murders) responds by 1) disarming Whites, 2) disbanding civil protection units (commandos) 3) tearing down our booms & street closures 4) closing down specialised anti-crime units (child protection unit, serious & violent crimes units) 5) diminish our suffering at the hands of black criminals by calling us whiners & whingers, and 6) tells us to pack our bags & fuck off if we don't like our babies, wives & mothers being raped, our brothers & sons being brutally tortured and executed in the streets. What next? Will they demand we turn off our electric fences and alarm systems, remove the razor wire & barbed wire we strung around our homes, and euthanise our vicious guard dogs? Not unlikely in the bizarre, sick Kafkaesque society this has become...

White schoolgirls walking home are being abducted by Nigerian filth, force-fed drugs and are then kept as White sex slaves for other sex-crazed simian scum, after which they are cold-bloodedly murdered.
How long must we still tolerate this? How much more humiliation before the Boers regain their spirit and burn down the Union buildings, and hang these stinking commie parasites from the nearest street lamp?

To all White South Africans, get out before its too late. What is happening here is not simple "crime". It is naked, ferocious and racially driven genocide. Worst news is that it's only in the beginning stages, and the real ethnic cleansing is yet to begin.
Just get out - immediately. Even God has emigrated from S Africa, and Satan himself is too shit-scared to venture into the streets after dark...

Or else, stick around sheeple- its no longer simply an "if" to get murdered, raped or hijacked, its a question of WHEN it will happen to you. Just get out - like another contributor said - your children will thank you for it.


Konrad Kruger said...

Mobilize Now!


I am a 26 year old Transvaaler currently overseas, I have been wandering throughout foreign lands trying to find a purpose and way of fending for my survival before I can be strong enough to support and strengthen our cause for independence. I want to return, but would not be able to find employment. I have considered going to Orania but am uncertain if I would be accepted since my command of the Afrikaans language is not very strong. Does the H.N.P., VF+ or the A.W.B. have any units defending the Boer farms and if so how does one go about applying? We have so many resources at hand. If organizations such as the H.N.P. & VF+ are increasing in popularity then it demonstrates how the White mentality is shifting to the Right. Let us mobilize the unemployed youth of our nation. 10% of White Africans are living below the poverty line, that is approximately 500 000 supporters drifting in misery which we could harness and empower. Potchefstroom and Pretoria University are full of educated and loyal supporters of Afrikanerdom. Lets put our petty differences (with one another) aside, lets attract even more White allies of the Boer Nation, such as English, German, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Lebanese, Polish and so many other descendants who think likewise and are fed up with genocide, crime and liberal complacency. Let us Mobilize Now before they weaken us any further. Our leaders are capable of great feats to believe in them and follow their ever increasing wisdom will certainly lead us to victory in the near future. I like many others want to return, but need to have a destination with a clearly defined objective that has any possibility of a future.

Sincerely yours
Konrad Kruger

‘Eendrag Maak Maag’

jani allan (yes, THE one) said...

How very very sad. I remember when the Chelsea Hotel was THE place to be - when Via Afrika and Ella Mental were performing...when Jacquel Brel was being performed for the millionth time and adored by all....I remember the Highpoint was the place to hang - best roast chickens at Fontanas....when everyone went to Hillbrow on a Sunday night to go to Exclusive Books....and yes, even a hardened journo like me is typing this through tears...
I worked at SAAN - South African Associated Newspapers - used to go to the Carlton - the Top of the Carlton was so elegant...attracted artists from all over the world.
So cui bono? Who has benefited from the take-over of black communists? Not the ordinary black pessons...not the whites...
no-one....the created a wasteland and called it DEMOCRACY. Jani Allan

Redeemed said...

For you guys that calls this racism; grow up, this is not racism it is reality and I do not need to live in such a reality. I was given a brain to think. To know and realise that there is trouble and therefore I left. Yes some countries did try and use the South African nations to build their wealth, but these countries left SA some knowledge and money behind. We tought people how to fish but they d not want to fish for themself! SA is the jewel of Africa and if the blacks and whites want to work together and have the same goal it will work but for now it is not!

Why do you want to shoot the messenger-he that reveals the truth?? If you fix the SA crime situation the messenger will also reveal it-so dear "messenger" please continue with your reality.

May be it will make a positive difference

pb26 said...

Shame on you AdR.

I agree that racism is a very ugly thing but why do you only refer to racism that fits your argument. Why do you not condemn the systematic murdering of white farmers. Why is it OK for a football stadium full of people to sing “Kill the farmer, Kill the boer” and this in the presence of the current and previous Prime Ministers. Why didn’t they do anything to condemn this, is it because they agree? What would happen if a stadium full of people would sing “Kill the Ka%$@&s, kill the Bla%&s”.
Racism is discrimination based on race, even if a black person is the discriminator and even if you call it BEE.
And then to come with a “love thy neighbour” story and how all the Europeans should feel guilty for what is going wrong in Africa due to their own mismanagement and incompetence. Mugabe example!
Go and have a look in Europe and you will see that civilization existed long before they sat a foot on Africa. What was going on in Africa before an attempt was made by Europe to bring civilization? When will Africa learn to take responsibility for its own destiny and stop blaming others?

Anonymous said...

Jani Allen's posting brought back so many fond memories as well, those (oily!!) Fontana chickens & Cafe Zurich where everybody got together on Sunday late evenings for coffee, cakes & pastries and the pianist doing his thing in the background, .......those were the days.

It's a sad state of affairs, this wasteland what we call SA. One would like to think that, given some time, things will improve, but judging from our 'friendly neighbour' comrade Bob, I have serious doubts.

And to the first 'anonymous racist' - apartheid/racism has always been part of many countries, be it USA, Australia, UK, you name it...only difference is, at the time SA gave it a name and passed laws about it.

And why is it that even the great Sir Bob Geldoff, who needs no introduction, has expressed his concern about the fact that traditional African nations has a tendency of just sitting "bakhand" for hand-outs, and blame all problems on the fact that Western nations have 'forgotten' them. How many more World Aid concerts, aid from UNESCO and UNICEF and what not do they want? At which point do you call it a day, cut your losses and run like hell?

We have not forgotten, like many of my fellow white SA citizens, I am just "gatvol" of continuously adding more time, money and other resources into this bottomless pit we are supposed to call home.

What is needed is a serious change in attitude. Anonymous in Sunninghill has hit the nail on the spot - no wonder the saying goes "Al dra 'n aap 'n goue ring......."

To the Real Realist, good luck and be strong!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone taken these people by the hand, explained to them how to go forward and what to do? " LOL...hell this individual has lost it totally..you can explain till you are blue in the face!

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest site I've ever seen. The fact that people get a kick out of this base drivel astounds me. I would imagine that the commentary against SA (my home) is coming from people not in Iraq, Lebanon or Afghanistan who have felt western justice. Bob Dylan wrote a song called Masters of War in which there is a line that I think is appropriate for all of you "..even Jesus would not forgive what you do..."

Anonymous said...

Johannesburg is the ugliest bloodiest (no pun intended) place on the planet. I feel sorry for all those that are stuck in that disgusting sick place. GET OUT, GET OUT QUICK before the hillbrow virus crawls into the few nice suburbs that are left and easts you alive.

Anonymous said...

To AdR, with my compliments:

Have we "taken these people by the hand, explained to them how to go forward and what to do?". Absolutely. Go back in history and see how much time and effort had gone into the "hand-over" period (by FW De Klerk & his gang).

They've been given hundreds of farms with mega-million bucks to get them going - and white farmers begging them to ask for help. A few years later their borehole pumps are stuffed (or sold), their cattle are dying from diseases, the farmhouses are in ruins (the wooden beams and window panes used for fire wood and the corrigated iron plates used to build shacks - yes, they create their own township conditions. They plant just enough to feed themselves and no-one else. Oh, by the way - they've all got TV's and cell phones, poor or not - which they keep going with power stolen by tapping into the nearest electricity cable. And by the way, how many times have billions upon billions of dollars of debt by the modern world been written off in Africa? It was made known about a week ago that over 40 of the 70 farms handed over to black farmers in the Limpopo are are in ruins! Now it's going to be given to a new set of farmers. Please tell me, if they drove a perfectly well working, modern farm into the ground, what's the next owner going to do with a farm that's already in ruins?

We gave the ANC a well-developed, ultra-modern country. They could not have asked for anything better. Now we have to feel guilty because they're systematically breaking it down to the ground and murdering its "advantaged" (i.e. 'white') inhabitants? Come on, be serious!

Oh - "Love thy neighbour" does not always pay too well - the majority of home murders come from current or previous gardeners and/or maids. What kind of payback is that for "neighbourly love"?


Anonymous said...

Stop saying there is only blacks and whites that live in South Africa. I'm so sick and tired of hearing that! There are also other races in the country. Like mix race people and asians etc. I'm a mixed race or formely called coloured. My great-grandfather was white and British. It is like they forget about the other races. That's not right. I'm currently in London and loving it! Don't want to go back home,never. I have to say that Johannesburg does look horrible now. I'm also afraid that the whole country will look like that in a couple of years time. It is really sad. Not pretty at all. Let's just hope things will get better someday.

Anonymous said...

I`ve just returned home to Canada from SA (Jo`burg) after having left 9 years ago,and the pics that Realist has put up is exactly what is happening to this once vibrant powerhouse of SA and Africa.
My heart cried when a friend took me for a drive through Hillbrow (where I partied),Berea (where I lived part of my life)and Yeoville when I saw how these area`s are turning into the same as you would find in the Congo or Liberia.The filth and garbage not having being picked up for weeks,live chickens in coops that could be bought right outside the old Childrens Hospital in Hillbrow,(this used to be one of the top children`s hospitals in the world).

Yes, you will find bad area`s in other cities,but you will not for example be allowed to set up a chicken coop in downtown Philadelphia on the sidewalk and sell live chickens for dinner that night...what Realist is not showing you in these pics,is the small vendors on the sidewalks and outside the buildings, barbequing meat in 44 gallon oil drums, giving haircuts,rotting garbage,collapsing sidewalks, burnt out and abandoned cars etc.

This is also spreading down Louis Botha Avenue like a cancer and into the suburbs,even Norwood, and the suburbs around it, have started to decline and are looking shabby.

I remember Cafe Zurich,Cafe Le Paris, Cafe Wien, TheMilky Lane,the Chelsea hotel, this entire area looks like a scene out of a Mad Max movie when the world is at an end.

Its all over...what a pity.

Joburg is going down to a 1, instead of starting at 3 and moving up to 10.

Anonymous said...

Great job Realist, keep telling the world.

wtf! said...

fuck the republic south of africa. its a sestpit!

The Real Realist said...

what Realist is not showing you in these pics,is the small vendors on the sidewalks and outside the buildings, barbequing meat in 44 gallon oil drums, giving haircuts,rotting garbage,collapsing sidewalks, burnt out and abandoned cars etc

Oh, I've got those as well, they are also going to feature, don't worry -- I don't want to spoil the boys and girls too much all at once. Just keep checking back every now and then.

Next on the list of images will be my tour through Yeoville, and the once famous Rocky Road. Amazing scenes....

Anonymous said...

Will you do a similar posting of photos on Cape Town?

The Real Realist said...

Will you do a similar posting of photos on Cape Town?

Unlikely, for two reasons:
1. I don't get paid to do this, and it all costs money;
2. It is actually dangerous to walk round these areas with a camera and every time I do it, I invite trouble from the locals.

Anonymous said...

To the racist blogger ... heres an idea, I challenge you to bring your family to SA, to live in Hillbrow and if you manage to make it through a week, then mail again with your snotty comments. If you're already in SA, then you are just a f**wit - I was lucky to get out, with my family after I lost half of them to murder ... bet you've never even looked down the barrel of a gun, you're a doos (ask another South African to explain that term to you - pratt)

Anonymous said...

It makes one real sad to see a once prosperous city go down the drain. There is no way that the former glory will ever be restored. Like the rest of Africa, it seems that Africa has arrived for Johannesburg as well - destruction and filth everywhere!

Natasha van Dyk said...

Disgusting is not the word. This is what we anticipated and thanks to those that voted "yes" in the last referendum, this is the outcome of your outcry. How can you take stone age people and hand them a 1st world country and expect them to maintain it. I suggest for all those a**holes that voted for the Nats to come back to the country and sort their sh*t out , you have created the monster and we where the racists. Now your wifes and children are getting raped and killed and you are running away. You are all cowards. I voted "no" and made a pledge that I will leave this God forsaken country for the sake of my ancestors who lost their lifes in battle for the sake of being a free nation. I will return when the white supremists are back in power and we will lift this hellhole out of the ashes.

Anonymous said...

Great work TRR

Maybe I'm a bit off topic, but I believe this blog has highlighted what I believe will become one of the defining issues of our genreration.
Namely, will the developed western world (of european descent) kill it self with multicultralism, political correctness and immigration?

The people who shoulder blame for this are, in my opinion, White Middle Class Liberals (W.M.C.L's).

I live in London and have seen parts of it decend into almost third world squallor due to the immigration policies of the W.M.C.L's.
In fact things have got so bad that Medicines Sans Frontiers have began operating in some areas (no joke).

You can debate with the white middle class liberals all you like, it will get you knowhere, It is like trying to reason with a psychopath or the Taliban, they have a fundementaly warped view of reality.
One of the funny things in London is that the ethnic minorities seem to enjoy attacking and robbing White Middle Class Liberals more then they do anyone else, this is why a lot of the W.M.C.L's now live in gated communities. How ironic.

The only thing that can be done with the W.M.C.L's is to kick them out of power where ever you find them. This is already slowly being done in the UK, thank god. In fact I've even noticed an air of panic in the Liberal media as it sees its world slowly falling down around it.

As for the white South Africans who it appears are being ethnicly cleansed, I say come to the UK, we need people like you, and you will be welcomed with open arms. Just stay away from the muticultural areas of London and stick with Wimbledon Village (The place where most SAfricans seem to settle).

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be pessimistic, but it can, and shall get a lot worse! Still nothing in comparison to the streets of Kampala, or Delhi. The thing is, both India and Uganda are trying to change their situation, unfortunately that is not the case in South Africa.

MS said...

Excuse me while I throw up. I am sick to my stomach. We, who voted "yes" in the last referendum, with the idea of creating a democracy with "freedom, equality and justice" for all, surely did NOT vote yes for murder, rape, robbery, etc. But it seems like this is what we got for wanting a better life for all.

It seems that one is left with one of two choices: either we admit defeat, pack up our lives, hopes and dreams, and emigrate; or we continue hoping and praying for a miracle because it does not look like we'll be able to do anything about it physically without more bloodshed.

Either way, it's going to be extremely difficult. I love this country and the idea of leaving everyone and everything I know behind, just guts me. But the land - the little that is left that still makes it a beautiful place, the sunny weather, family, friends etc. certainly will not compensate for the loss of a loved one to violent crime.

My children want us to emigrate. They see and hear about the things that are happening here, and they are constantly living in fear. I am thus, by choosing to stay, choosing a life of fear for them. What a horrifying idea. "Your children will thank you ..." Yes, and I'm sure if something had to happen to one of us, they will blame me. So I guess the question is: which scenario can you NOT live with?

It takes a lot of faith to build a new life in a foreign country, but it takes even more to stay here and hope for the best.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

This is the results of clever liberalists!

You can see all the clever people in the street. Wonderful results....a typical African Mess.

COME TO JOHANNESBURG FOR A FREE TOUR OF THE FILTH, RAPE & MURDER CAPITAL OF THE LIBERALIST....an then go home and donate money for the poor African children ...

Anonymous said...


Albertus said...

I never knew a cuckoo to destroy his "own" nest.

These peolple defy belief - the rest of the world still belief SA is a miracle come true. The almighty Mandela will set us free, or not!

In reality it can't be more from the truth!

Russian said...

I watched that photos with sense of pity. The results of great work, plans and dreams are ruined. This was the result of "political politness"...

Anonymous said...

I left SA in 1994, not for the obvious reasons but because an oppertunity came up and I took it. I remember my carefree youth sitting on the pavement outside High Point, eating a whole chicken and watching the world go by before heading off to Bella Napoly?? Anyway I've been back a few times, witnesed a cash in transit heist last year, was at the casino the next day where there was a hold up.

Anyway what I really want to say is that at the age of 44, and even having seen first hand what my (our) beloved country has degenerated into under ANC rule, your photos brought real tears to my eyes when I remember how it used to be.

Pity that the Lefty Libs reading your blog and have never been to the old or new SA just don't have a clue!

Anonymous said...

It feels like just yesterday when I've travelled to Jo'burg by train as a primary school kid (imagine that!) with my baby brother at my side, carrying him back home the full distance (15km) on my shoulders. Playing cricket in the streets till late night, sliding down mine dumps on car bonnets turned upside down. Visiting a night club or two in Hillbrow, out of pure curiosity. Having mock-fights by 'clay-throwing' in one of Jo'burgs' creeks running through one of its un-inhabitted grassland fields (not even one shack in sight!). Man, those were the days. You try any of those activities today and your life will end in no time at all!

No wonder our children have no choice but to sit plastered behind TV screens spitting out a bunch of filth. They will never know what they're missing, but at least they're relatively safe (as long as all the security gates are locked)...


FUC_ALL_OF_YOU said...


Anonymous said...

Mr F_A_O_U, we're hanging around, since this is where we were born and this is the place we love. That's why what people like you are doing to it, hurts that much. We don't know anywhere else - only a few lucky ones are fortunate enough to get out of here. In mean time we hope and pray that sometime someone is going to wake up and realise you're raping this beautiful place to pieces and do something about it, before it's beyond recovery...

Sipho said...

Sad reality & a perfect example of "if they can't f..k it, steal it or eat it, they break it"
What a virus!

Bravo on the site.

Show the world the lovely new south africa for what it really has become - a bucket of shit.

WTF said...

Why should we? We are trying to change this pisshole of a place,do you like it here you lIBERAL ARSEHOLE??

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if cities did not have run down areas, if change was always for the better, if people did not hang onto nostalgic memories of the past and compare(change happens!)...if they would also look at at all he new developments...other side of Joburg city centre has had huge renewals, cultural centres, theatres, shopping malls, hotels, apartment blocks. Developers create new environments and poeple move there and that's why old areas become run down. Nigeria has over 60 million people, probably some of the wealthiest people in the world (and many poor) Lagos the capital has no sewerage at all and never has and probably wont ever!!! They burn garbage in the street (this includes waste from toilets which are holes in the ground. And this even in wealthy homes...its a culture. This is Africa...its not a first world culture and the rest of the world does not help, but are quick to criticize.
2010 soccer in SA will provide jobs( and self respect), motivation and thanks to the world waking up to the money THEY can make, we have sponsorship to improve infrastructure. Don't you wish the world would want to help...even when it means THEY don't get to make money for THEM out of it?
People who criticise, need to know that some people have a hard life and its not a pretty sight.
Some people are happy to have a roof over their heads.
pass this on to the Fat Cats who sit in their luxury homes, watch cable TV while listening to music on their new surround sound, surf the Net and spit on those less fortunate.

H Meyer PE

Anonymous said...

What do expect with 2Million plus Immigrants, no border control and an ineffective Government, not even talking about the sorry excuse of an Aids invested Army!!! GOD what a sorry state of Affairs!!!

Anonymous said...


bad people are worldwide. You have yet to meet similar behaviour from whites then you have not travelled much. Eastern Europeans are quite something. Then seeing how some white South Africans live in the UK is also quite hilarious

Bad is bad

Majuba said...

No surprises here! What can we expect. I left South Africa after thirty years there. This is all part of the tragedy. A great and wonderful country where White people, through their hard work and industry built something sound and good, only to have it destroyed by people who just don't have a clue and destroy everything they touch. As for "Anonymous" and his pathetic anti-white remarks. Do some research, study some history and get your brain in order before you open your ignorant mouth!

Anonymous said...

This is Africa run by Africans. Remembering what it was like when run by whites will just be memories. It will get a lot worse before it gets any better. When the government learns to make life better for its people, then it will get better. When they learn to spend the foreign aid on the people,instead of themselves, then it will get better. Campaign for that and you will be helping the people to rectify The Ruins of Johannesburg

Anonymous said...

I've never been to South Africa but am always interested in news stories over there (Canada is my home). Nothing in main stream newspapers here to inform, so I touch base with this website:

Seeing a once-great city being slowly turned into a 3rd world slum is a crying shame and like a disease run amuck, it will spread rapidly in quick order.

My city of Toronto is also not what it was during the '70's or '80's before mass third-world immigrant 'multi-culturalism' became a dominate force. We now have Black gangstas originating from the West Indies whose presence has turned our once-safe city into a shooting gallery. Paste this blog to learn more: www.hogtownfront.blogspot.com

Webmaster said...

How about showing a bit of balance... take a tour through Soweto sometime and take pictures of how certain squatter areas are being cleaned up by the local people.

Poverty isn't the problem and neither is the black skin - the problem is a lack of pride! Work for it, and you will take care of it...

Silverfox said...

What is seen, is actually to be expected. Africa, run by the indigenous Africans, is a 'showpiece' which is highly visible to the rest of the world. Cultures which have been relatively unchanged for 1000's of years, can not be expected to conform with the standards of evolution which is the desired norm.
With the implementation of Affirmative Action, (Or more correctly put:Reverse Racism.) South Africa has placed a plethora of inept,nepotistic,corrupt and totally ignorant workers, in positions to which they are not only unacustomed.....(must I go on?)
Billions upon billions of Rands (SA's currency) have been misappropriated, (Polite word for theft!) and generally misused.
If you think that Hillbrow is a cesspool....take an depth inspection of the schools, hospitals, municipalities....(must I go on?)
Politically, the Left hates the Right and the Liberals. The Right hates the Left and the Liberals. The Liberals hate the Left, Right and the not liberal enough Liberals. So, what's left? Realists!!!
Realists are labeled as being racists. In my opinion, that's a lot of smoke and mirrors.
No amount of smoke,mirrors and political hogwash can hide the fact that SA is run by a bunch of incompetent idiots. Fat cats who only worry about themselves!

The mere fact that they just happen to be of a darker hue, is coincidental...or is it just a pigment of my imagination!?!?!

If things were not so apparently tragic...it would be the biggest joke on the planet!

siobhan, ex-vaalie said...

So depressing! I used to go there in the evenings to some lovely places - Club 58, Chelsea Hotel etc. and it was totally safe AND clean. Now even the police have to go in there with armoured vehicles at New Year, because it's the most dangerous place in SA on New Year's Eve! Is that what is waiting for us all in the rest of SA?

Anonymous said...

How sad this is. You were wrong before 1994 and you are still wrong now. Apartheid is a crime and most of the racism demonstrated in some of the comments would not go unpunished in most civilized countries. What puzzles me is that you still do not understand that racism got you into trouble to begin with. Hillbrow, Berea, Yeoville are slums, I admit it, but please show the courage to publish pictures from Dainfern and Park Town to show the people of the world SA is schizophrenic as it has ever been.
Is was never a first world country but it not doing too bad compared to other middle income countries. Crime sucks, yes, but SA has always been violent, just not in your cosy suburbs for one of two generations. The democratizations of Troubles is here: up to recently 10% of the South Africans were free of troubles, now 100% has to face reality. I have never looked into the barrel of a gun and I want to keep it that way and I do apologize for my words to the people who did and lost friends and relatives. But killing people has been a feature of the country for a long long time (please read Rian Malan if you have not done so yet)

Please do not come to Europe, we do not need you here but stay where you are because SA may need you.

The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said...
How sad this is.

How right you are.

You were wrong before 1994 and you are still wrong now.

Uuuh let's see now: Hilbrow in "the old days" was a major centre of activity and an economic hub, and today, it's a slum which is being, quite literally, torn apart.

You draw the conclusion about who is wrong and who is not.

most of the racism demonstrated in some of the comments would not go unpunished in most civilized countries.

Ah, glad to see you, as a true liberal, believe in freedom of speech. Your idea of "democracy" is only limited to those people who agree with you, and you would quite happily see everyone who doesn't agree with you, prosecuted!
You filthy hypocrite -- you are actaully WORSE than the 'dictators' you claim to oppose, because at least they were honest about their desire to suppress freedom of speech, whereas you liberals are not.

What puzzles me is that you still do not understand that racism got you into trouble to begin with.

Oh, I see, thanks -- so it's ALL Whitey's fault, everything, of course, how could I be so silly not to have seen that from the very beginning...

Thunderheads like you want to blame Whites for every Black failure all the time... it isn't true, no matter how many times you say it.

Hillbrow, Berea, Yeoville are slums, I admit it, but please show the courage to publish pictures from Dainfern and Park Town to show the people of the world SA is schizophrenic as it has ever been.

Oh, I am going to do all of that, don't worry. There are lots of other formerly decent places which have been turned into trash heaps, and when I have finished showing everybody those, I will then move on to show where the Whites live, surrounded by electricfired razor wire, spike steel fences, their own private armed guards, the guard dogs, walled off suburbs etc. etc. That will be interesting for overseas readers, I am sure.

Is was never a first world country

Now you are talking out of your arse. South Africa was one of the foremost technological First World countries in the world - once upon a time - producing the world's first heart transplant operation, the revolutionary oil-from-coal Sasol project, and many others. You are simply lying.

Please do not come to Europe, we do not need you here but stay where you are because SA may need you.

Tell you what: if you think SA is so great, why don't we do a swop, and you can come and live here, instead of lecturing me with your fantasies from the safety of Europe.

Anonymous said...

I could comment on almost everything you say but I will limit myself to this:
- I believe in freedom of speech. But freedom of speech is always limited to responsibility before the law. This is in most constitutions I know of. It means that you can say whatever you like as long as you not go against laws like the one that is article one in the Dutch constitution which more or less says "do not discriminate" And punishment will not mean a dead penalty just for your information.
- I am not blaming “Whities” at all, I am blaming racism and apartheid (and maybe the world economy and the winds of change). You are the one talking about Whites (“I will then move on to show where the Whites live”) If you feel like I mean you...you may be right but as far as I know you can be any colour since I have never met you. Furthermore apartheid is not even typically South African, it is not limited to colour, religion, sexes, nor is it limited to a specific time. I must rephrase my first line, however, because what I meant with “wrong” is that Apartheid was wrong and with “you” people present are excluded. But Apartheid was wrong wasn’t it?
- I am not saying that SA was not capable of cutting edge tech or that is incapable of great things now. But your transplant is 40 years ago and Sasol exists because of a boycott. Please have a look what your country is doing at the moment, you will be surprised! Interesting point is that as soon as I “attack” SA you are suddenly turning into a chauvinist. But a first world country? Never. O right, the Transkei, Ciskei, Bop..that was not SA! Sorry I forgot.
- As for swapping: I am moving back to SA soon. Yes back to that terrible place, as I have lived near Yeoville before. And you are right, it is a mess and a lot worse than I can recall and SA has a big problem (we have papers, television and internet here too:
http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/africa/07/02/safrica.crime/index.html) so I do not even disagree to some of your statements at all!

The only thing I am trying to say that the reasons for the present state of SA are a bit more complex than most of the comments do suggest and these pictures do only confirm what a lot of people already know: Jo’burg has a problem, as do Rio, Mumbay and Mexico City. Still the population of Gauteng will grow to 15,000,000 by 2015 from 9,5000,000 now. So it will get a lot worse but understanding the reasons may actually help to find solutions. And me coming to SA may help a bit because I will have to pay a lot of taxes to pay for your roads and buildings and pensions.

We can have a discussion about all this but I seem to disqualify myself because I am from Europe, I am a filthy hypocrite and worse than a dictator…All very funny (I do not feel offended, I like a good discussion and that involves a bit of passion too) but no more postings from me.

The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said...
- I believe in freedom of speech. But freedom of speech is always limited to responsibility before the law. This is in most constitutions I know of. It means that you can say whatever you like as long as you not go against laws like the one that is article one in the Dutch constitution which more or less says "do not discriminate" And punishment will not mean a dead penalty just for your information.

It sounds to me like you would like to see some of the posters on this comments page locked up or fined.

Now, let's see: WHO does that remind me of?

I am not blaming “Whities” at all, I am blaming racism and apartheid

Oh don't lie: everyone can see what you wrote.

I am not saying that SA was not capable of cutting edge tech or that is incapable of great things now. But your transplant is 40 years ago and Sasol exists because of a boycott.

But that's exactly what I said: South Africa WAS a First World country, but no longer.

Please have a look what your country is doing at the moment, you will be surprised!

No, I am not surprised: this is exactly what this blog - and
www.southafricaiscrap.blogpsot.com is all about, looking at what the country is doing.

As for swapping: I am moving back to SA soon.

Good. One less liberal in Europe. In fact, it should be compulsory for European liberals to live in the Turd World.

Yes back to that terrible place, as I have lived near Yeoville before.

Oh, how good: please do check back in a short while: I am busy putting up my NEW Yeoville pictures, maybe you will even recognise a few of the ruins.

And you are right, it is a mess and a lot worse than I can recall and SA has a big problem

Of course I am right.

these pictures do only confirm what a lot of people already know: Jo’burg has a problem, as do Rio, Mumbay and Mexico City.

Yes, and all for the same reason, my colour blind friend.

Still the population of Gauteng will grow to 15,000,000 by 2015 from 9,5000,000 now.

Right, imagine the awful shit hole it will be by then.

Anonymous said...

I think your pictures tell a story for all those that knew these areas which were in much better conditions. There is something to be said for order and government. Your pictures are very well done!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You are a typical racist clown. Hillbrow, Yeoville and other former white neighbourhoods are in the condition they are in today because of the greed of white landlords. The Black people who live there are mostly illiterate, unemployed and cannot afford the exorbitant rentals that are charged by the landlords (who are all white). It is actually cheaper living in the exclusively white areas than it is to live in Hillbrow and Yeoville-I know I have lived there when I first graduated from university before moving to a white area. It is the same old story of greedy whites exploiting blacks

Anonymous said...

I am an indiginous South African and to all you idiots out there living in "hell in paradise," yes, show pictures of Sandton, Parkhurst and Glenhazel etc, show everybody the walls, the razor wire on top of them, the electric wire running through them and oh yes,the electric gates, bars on the windows- just like it was 30 years ago, hey?
I have been hijacked. Not by koreans or chinese or indians but by Africans - attacked a few times in my different homes. Yes ,I lived in Yeoville and yes, I saw dead people killed by blacks. I saw gunfghts with blacks. I saw knifings by blacks. But we should not be racist.Just truthful.
Some of my friends are living there still,that is whoever has not been killed.
My old family home is now inhabited by 3 families where they are selling chickens from the front porch and goats from the back. Incidentally, they have not paid the bank for the house but the bank has given up trying to get the payment.
Some of the places that were shown on the blog were clients of mine once. But they are no more because they dared to think of having a business in Hillbrow .Or Berea for that matter. They were unfortuneate liberals not alive to tell the tale of their idealism. They were killed by AK47 bullet shots and knives piercing hteir lungs.
Oh- Iforgot- the BP garage in Bellvue was a good business until the old man was killed by 3 Africans shooting him with ak47s. Why? He did not giving them enough money when they asked for it.
2 of my friends were just shot on a
Friday evening and killed- shot in the back of their heads. The cops[ha ha] ,"dont know why" . WE do. They dont have enough cop cars to do the rounds. If you are lucky to be alive to get to a police station ,the cops themselves ask you to write out the complaint as they are illeterate.
My friends who are left there are locked in their own fantasmical prison. One friend of mine's wife had her finger bitten off because she didnt remove her ring fast enough when asked to do so by these savages. But they stay.
The other had his arm dislocated because he didnt help them fast enough with giving them his money.He's still there, making more money so its okay. And they are "still alive" - arent they? They cannot walk the streets by day or night,they cannot enjoy their well manicured gardens for there might be a savage hiding in the bushes waiting to attack.
Oh, and dont stop at traffic lights -that's if they havent been stolen- someone might just throw a spark plug trough the window and attack you.
Those who choose to stay are disillusioned.Their kids do not have quality of life because of their parents greed arrogance and cowardice . You see, its too difficult to even think of leaving for after all where else could we live like this?!
Take your liberal trash and stick it up your ....! They've had the time and the money to get it right but true to history, they've messed it up once again.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason why liberal Europeans and Americans don't understand the problems of Africa is because of a lack of experience. You see Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Mbeki (not really) etc on TV and think "Hmmm, they aren't so bad. They are civilized,they can function in a Western society". What you fail to realize is that success or failure of a people is not determined by the top 5%, cream of the crop, individuals of a people, it is determined by the average man on the street. The man on the street must behave civilized, respect the law, have good moral values etc. No denying, in Africa you have such blacks. The problem is that 80% of them aren't like that. In the Caucasian world only 5% (maybe 10%) aren't like that. Thats why communism doesn't work in Africa. Thats why democracy doesn't work in Africa. Thats why no known form of government has ever worked in Africa.

My advice to liberal Europeans and Americans: Try to get to know about 50 normal, man on the street blacks. Use your experiences to judge them on the criteria mentioned above. Do this before you allow yourself to become a minority in your own country.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter where in the world you go. Things go to hell wherever blacks take over.

Hangerit said...

They all said "Wait - the wheel will turn and things will get better " Then I saw pictures of Monrovia, Liberia and I realised that the wheel still had a long way to go !

Welcome to Africa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Real Realist,

There are many very good comments written by your visitors at different places on your Blogs, but due to the fact that they are all over your different Blogs it becomes very difficult for visitors to get an overview of them and therefore I have a suggestion. How about making another Blog where selected comments, which are worth reading again, are grouped together. On this Blog you place only the comments that you decide are making a good contribution. Maybe you should not allow further comments directly on the comments Blog to prevent the same problem starting over again.
Thanks for creating awareness of the many problems in your country and if ever the authorities start reacting, lives will be saved.

Anonymous said...

Real realistic, you are an idiot to venture out to that crap hole.

I am black man and I used to live in Yeoville. I sympathise completely with your views. The entire area of Yeoville, Berea, Hillbrow and the JHB city centre is a goddamn toilet: it is so filthy it is impossible to imagine anything living there, let alone human beings. The place is home to a bunch of brutal savages from all over Africa: you have your local thug; nigerian and congolese drug pushers, pimps, child-sex operatives and killers. They all have one thing in common: they kill with impunity. Policing is virtually nonexistent and the odd policeman one occassionally sees is working in cahoots with these people. There's always a mixture of fresh blood, urine and human excrement splattered on those filthy pavements. I was held up one day (in broad daylight) by homeless urchins demanding a cellphone and, afterwards, I was so traumatised I couldn't sleep properly for a week. No-one said a thing-that kind of thing is normal in that place. I had no choice but to leave that hellhole. I now live in Sunnyside, Pretoria. Frankly,it is no different from Johannesburg. The other day, I saw the usual splattered fresh blood trail-at the end of it the insides of someone. But I always feel for your people who are unfortunate enough to be trapped in these areas-most of them have young children who never venture out-not even during the day. Except for the trashy whites, the majority of them are decent and poor. As for us, we are used to this-and it is just the beginning. It is going to get worse because the guys at the top (the liberators) are singularly corrupt, inept, uncaring and incompetent, and the guys at the bottom do not have the skills to live in anything other than a mud hut. This is god's truth-it is going to take sometime; maybe another five thousand years. Rest assured that these cities will be ruins ten/twenty years from now. As for me, I am preparing to go back to my father's village soon after retirement, if I can still cheat death for the next fifteen years,that is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its such a shame .........We knew it would go to the dogs ...but never like this.
If only the people would realise the shame in what they are doing........
One can only shake one's head and remember the wonderful characters that lived there - and now only enjoy the place from 6ft under!
Wellcome to the reality of Africa!

Patriot said...

Racist.ha ha
If you want to see a racist visit Johannesburg as a white and see what minority racism is all about!
Go as a black ex south african visiting my homeland..and I was scared shitless to walk in the street. Not a white in sight and I felt scared!

What was Black on white violence listed as "political" has turned straight to crime- they could simply not break the habit. They higjacked me regardless of my skin colour- and told me in my own language that I was lucky that I was black....If I was white they would have shot me.

Freedom fighters kicked out of the SADF become criminals (to survive they say)
Houses get burned if someone has a grudge, hijackings and armed robberies make the place like the wild west. The new government has lost control
There is no middle class black citizen- they are all upper class or lower class ( based on income).....so how can a balanced society ever exist there again.
Take a look at Botswana - a wonderful country, managed by women.
Maybe those in power in South Africa should look at the example set by Botswana, restructure society and get the whole place back on track.........now that would be the chance to give the finger to the old Apartheid rulers!
There is a challenge!

Anonymous said...


The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, it is my intention to show how Whites in this country live -- behind bars, electrified wire and guarded by private armed response companies. I am sure overseas readers will be just as interested in seeing those jail-like conditions as well.

Anonymous said...

I left SA in 1987. These pictures are shocking. I lived in Hillbrow and Berea and can't believe the destruction. I have been told that things are "different" in SA now, but had no idea how bad it is. Was planning a trip there in 2008 to show my son his "roots". Having seen the pics I am not so sure I want to do that now. After reading your blog and seeing the pics, I really appreciate the safety and cleanliness of Canada and will advise my fellow Canadians to stay away from SA.

Anonymous said...

All First World countries are run by what colour people? Whites.

South Africa is no longer run by whites - and look at it now.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see eVoid and Bright Blue at "The Chelsea".

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pictures and the blog ... gives me chills ... I left in 1982 ... I left for work and stayed. What a great youth I had in JHB:Hillbrow/MiVami/Boogie Barn... all gone! Sorry that experience is over! ...

Anonymous said...

It has been said that the tragedy of Africa was colonialism, and the second tragedy was when the colonialists left. With South Africa, the Dutch and English, French and German, Indian and Chinese, Malayan and .... one can go on indefinitely with all nations of the world, few of us started off as colonialists, most as imported labourers. But after 3 generations, when I talk to my South African Chinese friend here, in Canada,( she cannot talk let alone understand Chinese) and we both talk to each other in Afrikaans, we feel proud, to have been South African. Problem is, I don't believe we would like to live there now, more so after seeing these pictures.
The location has become Johannesburg. What a shame.

sharon said...

If ever there was a cry for the beloved country. I left 35 years ago but my heart bleeds for what the country has become

Anonymous said...

We can say "America, we've told you so!", "England, we've told you so!", "Europe, we've told you so!" but what the heck, they've all sold us out - it's not their problem anymore!

Bring them all here in 2010, so they can experience first hand what they brought about. Man, I can't wait...!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting to see the pictures of the decay, but if we are really honest with ourselves (especially those who grew up in and around Berea, Yeoville and Hillbrow) , the decay has been happening for years. This always happens in inner cities where overload becomes a problem. In the early eighties Hillbrow was always seen as an area to be uplifted ie with the green hillbrow movement that tried to take off. With the cleaning of alley ways etc....... I agree that all those suburbs have become slums, but I also notice that you have taken no pictures of the buildings that have been taken over by Housing projects - and how those buildings have been revamped and the tenants are maintaining those buildings as they have a vested interest in them. I agree they are few and far between, but they are there. I moved out of Berea about five years ago, and I agree that the decay is a problem of overcrowding and lack of maintenance. A general apathy towards property, and a total diffent culture.

It must also be noted that the areas you have mentioned have become a haven for criminals both locals and non locals, the top end of Hillbrow closer to JHB Gen has become a top hot spot for drug dealers and the police regularly raid the area - I believe and I am under correction - that particular area is inundated with non local drug dealers.

I often adopt the same attitude of "when we were there, it was cleaner, safer etc"..... if it was always that way - why did we move, how did it become so bad? THe areas you mentioned were a starting point for most immigrants, and young people starting families, (remember places like Metroplitan, Ponte?) and because Johannesburg was the major business centre..... that has now changed, due to migration, and unfortunately lawlessness becomes a way of life, but its because we as ordinary citizens make a choice not to get involved.

And as other people who have commented have noted, most inner cities in all major countries look the same, it comes from an influx of people that the system cannot maintain.

I understand the need to show what is happening, but it may need to be a tad balanced with some shots of the beautiful side of SA. And no Im not a complete rainbower..... we have serious problems - what with all the murders, rapes and general " I dont give a crap" attitude - from all sides, but if all we do is point out the negative, we dont give a chance for the positive to grow!

Surely the more positive messages we send ( without ignorning the negative), the more improvements can be made.

I grew up in and around Berea, Yeoville, Bellvue and Hillbrow, and before I had even finished High School - nearly everyone I had known had started to migrate out of the suburbs....... and that was late eighties. The decay had started to set in then already!

Anonymous said...

All you white motherfuckers go fuck youselfselfs and i dare you pigs to try and come to South Africa Fucking Racist Pommies

Anonymous said...

TOLERANCE - now there is a word that could surely be practiced by more people in the world!

Less people would die if tolerance was practiced, and our learned friend making reference to white pommies is making a complete ass out of him/herself.

You have given them exactly the reaction they were looking for :) - well done!

Anonymous said...

Real eye opener. I used to live down in Claim Street. What a wonderful and fond memories i have. Now i never venture anywhere near there. It is sure disgusting to even drive thru there nowadays. What a shame. Give them a building and its becomes a ruin. I feel embarrassed to even go thru there with people from overseas. Anyway, keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Did you really think it would work???

Anonymous said...

I thank G-D everyday that my family and I left that place. I thank you for re-affirming or decision to leave and hope you get out unharmed ... and soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow a whole collection of racist retards. Nothing makes me laugh more than people who leave a country and then try justify their decision. At first my blood boiled that there was even a blog devoted to this. You've left the country, be happy with your decision and leave us who still belive in the place alone. But after having read some of the posts I was even more amazed that this isn't a blog about a decaying SA but rather a place for racists to congregate and moan about black people. Some of your comments were out of the stone age, I'm amazed society hasn't weeded you out. If only I had the time time to debate some of the moronic postings of this pice of garbage blog. All I can say is try some perspective, there are places that look like a war zone I'll be the first to admit it but the same is true for any city. There are places in New york I wouldn't even try venture into. Maybe I'll post some pics of Sandton (the new economic hub of africa) Perhaps a few shots of the northern suburbs and the cars my friends drive but oh wait I live in africa and we don't have digital cameras. You people should soak up the new lives you have for yourselves and leave the rest to us. Have a few more drinks and drive home

The Real Realist said...

Anpnymous wrote: All I can say is try some perspective, there are places that look like a war zone I'll be the first to admit it but the same is true for any city. There are places in New york I wouldn't even try venture into.

Yes -- but what you fail to see is that you won't go into those places in NYC (Harlem etc.) for the very same reason why Hillbrow looks the way it does.

Or don't you want to see that?

Anonymous wrote Maybe I'll post some pics of Sandton (the new economic hub of africa) Perhaps a few shots of the northern suburbs and the cars my friends drive

Don't worry, that wil appear in due course here, I have lots of pictures of the bars, the spiked fences, the electric wire, the alarms, the private security companies, the blocked off roads, etc. etc. with which to adequately illustrate how Whites in SA live.
I am sure foreign readers will be just as interested in those as in the pictures of Hillbrow, because they speak even louder than the slums from which they are meant to protect you.

Zee said...

gosh reading most of these comments really saddens me....everyone is so bitter. the only difference between us is the skin colour. thats it, who says a white person can run a coutnry better, well, a white person has had an advantage , thyve been given a chance to go to school, get better education and all..while black people were deprived of all....and now some of you go around saying that black people cant do anything.....any baby who has never been taught how to speak...will not just miraculously speak....and an anonymous reader said " black people should go back to the dump, since they cant do anything" and the realist is on some " i will need protection the next time i go and take pics there"...i dont understand what white people want from blacks, i mean they treated them like nothing and now they expect them to be civil...gosh if you treat me like a dog all my life , dont you expect me to behave differently, because all i know is being a dog. i say big up s to all the blakc south africans, they have been treated like dogs and are now going throuhg some transformation..and are slowly getting to feel human again...please do not take that away from them. I understand the situation is now reversed...but what better way to bridge the apartheid gaps than EE, AA, etc. if any one of ya'll can think of a better way...please pitch that to us.

Anonymous said...

"...everyone is so bitter. the only difference between us is the skin colour. thats it."

Right there, that's it. The source of our problem in SA. The differences between us is NOT JUST SKIN COLOUR! The biggest lie ever. Amazing what the media can accomplish.

Every ethnic group has defining characteristics. Good and bad. Now understand what I'm saying, not every member of an ethnic group will have that spesific set of good and bad characteristics, but on average, they will match. It is however wrong to judge a person on his/her ethnic group's "supposed" characteristics, before you know them. To ignore race and say "the only difference between us is the skin colour" is just plain untrue.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible collection of photographs. Pity you haven't got any photographs of Newtown or other areas that have been revitalised. Why such negativity. Who in the world benefits from such utter pessimistic showings - certainly not a soul who lives in South Africa or anyone who lives outside South Africa (perhaps with the exception of those who left our home for sunnier shores)

The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said
Anonymous said...
What a horrible collection of photographs.

Yes, the truth hurts a bit I see.

Pity you haven't got any photographs of Newtown or other areas that have been revitalised.

Revitalised? Newtown? Oh you mean the places where they have patched up a smashed building and built the Mandela Bridge? The same one where it isn't safe to walk and where the locals are quite literally stealing the fixings off the bridge? Hey, that's a good idea, I think I will get some pics there, if I don't get robbed while doing so.

Why such negativity.

It's reality, not negativism.

Who in the world benefits from such utter pessimistic showings - certainly not a soul who lives in South Africa or anyone who lives outside South Africa (perhaps with the exception of those who left our home for sunnier shores)

It's purpose is to get people like you thinking and understanding that unless you leave, that is your future.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely flabbergasted! These pictures are beyond belief. I left S.A. nearly 30 years ago, stayed at the Mark Hotel and lived in Hillbrow and I CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES!
I have travelled extensively and contrary to other posts here, I have never seen anything like this ANYWHERE in the US.

This is freedom and progress?

Atlanta, USA.

SA regular visitor said...

Change had to happen but this is ridiculous. The government must take responsibility and step up to the plate, give harsh punishments and clean the place up. What will it look like in 2010 to the rest of the world? Choice is easy, choose to be savages or choose to be civilised.
I am a foriegner but know the area quite well and I believe there is still hope.
Good job with the pics.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the time and trouble you took to take these pictures, they are amazing, a little horrifying and it made me very grateful that I no longer live there. I have not been to SA in 16 years and now know why; I would rather live with wonderful memories of my childhood and young adult life. Denial and oblivion about the state of the country is a lot easier to live with. These where the very streets we roamed as kids and teen life in Hillbrow was a blast, this wonderful place is where we built a foundation for our lives. Thank goodness you can’t destroy memories of days past.
This is no longer about black, white, or any race for that matter it’s about desecration and disrespect for yourself and your country. Come on South Africa be proud of your country it really is a very special and beautiful place. There is no excuse for living in squalor. Where is you dignity? Look forward to your next lot of photo’s Real Realist and thank you for caring.

Anonymous said...

Ag, all this blog shows is that apartheid (which was unsustainable) shoould hae been dismantled a lot more easily, and a lot more slowly. That's all.

But it did not happen - so we are all working thought this shit now. I can't believe that someone has been so motivated as to do a blog on it, and all I get is problems, not solutions.

J said...

Just a question to everyone out there regarding this whole issue, out of all the complaining and arguing i have seen has any1 actually come up with a solution to this mess?

Anonymous said...

And they expect to have the 2010 soccer world cup in SA, ha big joke, maybe the powers that be should all be fired!!!

Anonymous said...

There's no solution to this mess, because you are dealing with Communist Morons!And there's no Democracy as you can see by reading the Realist's excellent fact providing blogs!

Zee said...

RR said:
"Don't worry, it is my intention to show how Whites in this country live -- behind bars, electrified wire and guarded by private armed response companies. I am sure overseas readers will be just as interested in seeing those jail-like conditions as well"

well....its not only white people that live behind bars and electrified wires...every race is a victim of crime, and im sure we would all like to live in a crime free country (black and white). there are good and bad people in all the races.so stop making it sound like its only the whites that are in danger.

Richard Hooper said...

I am a White African.....I was born in SA, and will die in SA. I thought about moving, but I love this place way too much.

There are no go areas, and as logn as you stay away, it's pretty safe. I think Soweto is safer than Hillbrow. I will take a few pics and send them in of my area I stay in. I'm in Kempton park on the east Rand, and our area is clean, and virtually crime free.

I f you ahve never lived here, you cannot start calling people racist for their views. This is not the US or UK. What you see on TV is genrally much worse than what it is really like. Wake up and smell the Mamaqua Daisy's.

Anonymous said...

"Mamaqua Daisy's" ???..where do we find this interesting hybrid flower?? I also stay in Kempton Park...you SIR should read the Kempton Express...delivered every Thursday for free...and "pretty crime free" you say!

Anonymous said...

On 2nd thought you must be one of the lunky one's that stay in an "Gated Community"..lots of them here in Kempton Park..

Anonymous said...

You should do a "The Death of Randburg CBD" presentation for your next project.
Great site.It's honest, it's stark and it's a refreshing change from all the politically correct crap that we have to be subjected to in the name of the New South Africa.

Anonymous said...

I came to SA in 1980 from the UK, grew up in the "Old SA" and at the age of 23 (in 1994) became part of the "New SA" I have defended this country for the past 10 years to my family (who want us to leave for greener pastures) and friends who are boarding planes to go to Australia, NZ, USA, Europe, etc. I carry a dual nationality and could leave in a heartbeat, but havent wanted to because I TRULY believed we will come right. Since the inception of this blog and the website created by Neil Watson this month, which highlights the crime/corruption etc in this country, I feel quite stupid and gullible to think that I had hope for SA. I feel like an ostrich who has had her head stuck firmly in the sand for the last 12 - 14 years. I am at a loss - what do I do? I love SA, do I cut and run? I was one of those people who ridiculed the people leaving our shores, called them cowards, etc, I am not so sure anymore. I try to not be racist, I try to look for the good in everyone, black, white, indian, coloured, and its getting harder everyday. I have read every single comment on this blog, and have had to come to the alarming conclusion and plse believe me this is not racially motivated, i promise, but why are all areas that were once glorious now slums of the county? Why is it that they became slums once black people moved to that area? This is a serious question, does somebody have an answer for me, without being hot headed or racist about the answer? I recently went to Mozambique and stayed at Ponto d Ouro. I asked my husband why, after 12 years has the country not progressed after the war? He says it has, I dont know what it must of looked like before the war. I innocently asked him why is SA so advanced and the richest country in Africa, his reply was: Because of Apartheid, the white people built it up. Now the black people are stuffing it up. I hate to say it, and dont get me wrong, there are good whites and bad whites, good blacks and bad blacks, as with all races, but for crying in a bucket, what are they doing to SA?

Anonymous said...

to real realist - i can't help returning to your site each day to see more pics. unfortunately some of the comments by some of the viewers have been reduced to racist remarks which I might add cut both ways. this is unhelpful. i actually thought that SA was a racially tolerant country. actually i still believe it is otherwise it would have desended into a bloodbath years ago.

is this not just a massive clash of cultures the first western world vs. the african way?

Anonymous said...

I knew things have changed but nothing could prepare me for the reality these pictures portray.

I'm sad ... more than words can express.

Should they now propose to change the name of South Africa, I would be the first to vote in its favour for the South Africa as I remember does not exist anymore and this derelict of a country does not deserve to be called by the same name ...

How much time do the Africans need to rebuild a country, let alone a continent? On second thought, why did they have to break it down first in order to rebuild it??

Blaming the white man for this sad state of affairs is a mere coverup for your own inadequacy and por self image and is getting real boring now.

Instead of blaming the white man, why not put your money where your mouth is. Prove the world wrong and show us how you can indeed rebuild Africa and specifically South Africa to what it was, OR even to something better .... without the white man ....

I for one, will eat my hat ....

SB 27.07.2006

Riva Rubin said...

So many anonymously "outspoken" people!
The warning is:
Be careful what you wish for!
The prayer is:
God help the poor, the weak, the ignorant and above all the heroic women supporting the black orphans of rainbow freedom by working just as they did for the bad guys,washing floors and bringing up the white babies who could move on to better pastures when the going got tough.
By the way, your pain is understandable, even your rage, but honesty must go one step further...

Anonymous said...

this is very sad,very sad indeed,was there so much violent crime in the previous apartheid?,apartheid was wrong and will allways be,now we all know two wrongs makes a right then.who ever comes up with a solution must get a free pass to heaven.
how can people blame education for this? is there any truth in the rumour that standards and passmarks are dropped or lowered to get the masses thru school?
here is people that has warm blood pumping thru their veins,intelligent creatures that can communiccate with others ,and yet ,looking at the big picture ,nobody can live together,we are all pointing fingers at each other, maybe we all should go back to blood river and have good old fight and last man standing wins, will this work? i dont think so.get out and run like i did, will be a much better option i think,remember the good things and let the people that want to make it work sort it out, why hang arround and loose your life or live in fear? for what? africa will be africa and that is how it will stay, just look at all the shit in jerusalem and lebanon now,same story ,just different country ,is it not?
hopefully one day ,my now 10 year old son will go back to africa to see where he was born in crime free kempton park in the arwyp nogal ek se!
and he will come back and go to my grave or say to his family ,;he had a brave dad to do what he has done,to leave his country for the sake of safety and a future for his kid.
will i go back .?????
i am over africa now ,and i did not need this to confirm it for me either.i consider myself very lucky living in another country where there is problems of their own,but there is law and order and peace of mind,everybody should be able to live a normal safe live,you should not need to worry about who wants to steal your car,brake in to your house,rape your wife and daugthers,we should all die of old age and heart attacks,not with a okapi knife or ak47 bullets.
interesting qeustion? should all the people(black and white) with money and expensive belongings hand over all their stuff to the so called dis advantaged.will it stop the crime? if there is nothing to steal and kill for wont it stop? just remember some one else will now have all these goodies and the cycle wil just keep on going .......
best regards
and good luck


Midnight Special said...

So sad, Hilbrow used to be the cultural crossroads of Africa in the mid 70's.
You could walk down Pretoria Street anytime day or night and the place was thriveing.
The main reason that Hillbrow did so well in the past was because of the emigrants from Europe and the rest of the world, they came with drive and enthusiasm, the need to build and make a contribution.
The people who come now just want to exist, play with the toys of modern civilization and move on when they are broken, no civic pride or inclination to contribute to society.
Well, fcuk em, its now every man for himself.

Rob from Durban said...

What an eye opener! If I was young and starting life with my family, this comment would be written from USA or UK.
We have a beautiful country and a fantastic climate.
What will it take to make the politicians wake up and stop the deterioration?

Konrad Kruger said...

Thankyou for spreading the true state of our besieged nation. God Bless You.

Any one with a thread of rational thought can see that just as different breeds/race of dogs have varying degrees of ability and skill, so it goes with the (1 Human SPECIES: sub-division: Race/Genus) that out of the 6 Major Races of Mankind (Asian\yellow,
Amerindian\red, Australasian\oceanic & African\black.

Blacks are naturally skilled with rhythm and an ability to sing well but unfortunately their evolution in organization and leadership is the worst in the entire species lagging way behind all others.

North Korea might have a backward communist system but due to their racial (Asian) makeup their discipline is incredible, with the ability to threaten the worlds greatest White power (U.S.A.) with their nuclear and missile technology.

This is a general rule not to say that there are many exceptions within every race or culture.

Nature's law is supreme and we cannot blame the poor African (black) for the way it was made, even the parasites have a function in the chain of life, to weed out weakness in the gene pool.

In human society there are those who destroy and there are others who build. In South Africa the veld has to burn before the new life can rise up again stronger than before.

Suid-Afrika Will Rise Again.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting since I left SA 7 years ago to live in Australia. As I Durbanite, I would like to see what has happened there too although no amount of curiousity would ever get me back there.

Anonymous said...

Being in the UK, away from our lovely SA, one would like to see pictures of the more positive side of our country.

It's really sad that all one ever sees is the poverty, violence and destruction. Stop being so negative - if you want to get things done, make a positive difference.

Don't spread the negativity. Do something more constructive with your time!! Ask yourself, "What have I done to make a difference?"

- Proudly South African -

Anonymous said...

sol wrote: "is there any truth in the rumour that standards and passmarks are dropped or lowered to get the masses thru school?"

Yes sol, totally correct. Like other things in life, certain New South Africans are not prepared to work to achieve the same standard of knowledge as some of the "previously advantaged" groups. So if they fail, Apartheid is (still!) blamed and instead of pushing harder, they revert to toye-toying, strikes, the burning of schools & varsities and the killing of their teachers.

The government do not know how to solve this problem (considering most of them are unqualified themselves and occupy their seats on the basis of skin colour) and thus force the schools & varsities to lower their standards to levels waaaaayyyy beyond their previous levels.

In some cases they changed the whole learning system to benefit the "previously disadvantaged", with the result that (ironically) even higher failure figures are achieved. In the most recent exams, an average of 60% of the grade 10 pupils from the Western Cape schools have failed to pass, in the midst of another sylabis change to try and suit those not willing to study.

Why can't the government use the state of the country at the time they took over as a reference and realise that the schools systems from that time greatly contributed to the successes achieved? Why not rather use additional tools and support to bring the "previously disadvantaged" to the same knowledge levels as those working hard for their school marks? Don't they realise that even if they crook the system, these same people are not going to cope in reality (the working environment) afterwards? Is the government really that dum, or just thick headed and spiteful?


Anonymous said...

I knew that the area had deteriorated but did not expect it to look this bad. To think that while I was studying and doing my training I lived in Hillbrow. Late night drinking and eating at the Ambassador Hotel and Fontana's respectively. Then walking home chatting to other people you don't even know, what a jol.

Well instead of looking at the state of things and who is to blame, think of the opertunities that will arise for local business men as soon as the council decides to "clean-up" their act.

elizabeth said...

Just before we left South Africa in 1998 we asked our “maid” – (3 days a week) for whom we’d built a house on our land where she and her husband had hidden from UDF persecution, we asked “What do black people REALLY think of white people?” She answered off the cuff “They are STUPID!” “Oh why?” we asked surprised. “They just give us everything we ask for…” was her reply. “The Afrikaans are much less stupid.” she added. “Oh why?” we asked even more surprised. “They say what they think and make rules.” Mmmm
We now live in the UK in a rural village. I miss the “colour” and “vitality” of Black African people so I was surprised to see two black ladies walking down our street that looked like Kwa Mashu to me. I yelled “Sabona!” They instantly turned and yelled back and we hugged happily to find each other. I’m afraid to say, they did not stay long. The Nursing Home where they had got “wek” was a mile from the town and their employers did not arrange transport for them. Furthermore they complained, they got no food provided and had to pay rent on their accommodation. I sympathised about the rent because we live in a very expensive area. They went home.
Our “maid” wouldn’t last a month here. People do have “maids” - they do not take them to the doctor, they get no lunch, houses, or assistance in ANY WAY whatsoever except their wages. We found that we were REALLY STUPID employers. We poured thousands of rands into the life of our maid and all her family members. We taxied her around Durban in our car wherever she wanted to go somewhere. We booked her children and others into local schools using our address; we demanded proper medical explanations from doctors or hospitals when ones were never given. We bailed people out of prison. We hid people in times of inter group warfare. We were a soft touch indeed!
When we left she was paid out the full sale value of her house we built on our property and a full pension for the rest of her life. I felt I was losing a member of my family because I loved her! I think this was the stupidest thing of all – I loved HER – but not the other way around. Our lives had been inextricably woven together for over twenty years. She was right! White people are stupid. But now I am free!
In England, the scales fell from my eyes. I believe that Africa has to pull itself up by its OWN bootlaces. White people have to stop thinking they are helping by doing. I know many black people (I was in education) who are perfectly capable of teaching people just as well as I ever did, all the things they need to know. There are good black farmers, doctors, lawyers and even politicians! They do NOT approve of how things are turning out in South Africa. I hope they will have the courage to “say what they think and make rules.” Terrifyingly we found no place for white people in South Africa – especially the message broadcast on the radio the day we flew out. Mbeki announced “Those people who are leaving must just GO! South Africa does not need you”. We have friends and family still in South Africa who are unable to leave….my heart BLEEDS!
My husband suffers from “Africa Repulsion Syndrome” which did not improve by the pictures on your site – thank goodness someone is not a “stupid” white man/woman and is saying what they think!
PS – I recognise some names who have posted to this site from an exiles site that helped us a lot in 1998 – thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

My partner and I have been to over 15 countries including Europe. We have lived abroad for over three years and have now returned to South Africa.

South Africa is one on the most beautiful countries on Earth, there are so many places to visit and so many outdoor activities, where else can you almost any sport in the world and almost from your door step.

I'm glad that my kids wont be stuck indoors for the half there lives playing play stations, most European children are stuck up, half of them can't even speak a single sentence without profanity, have absolutely no respect for there parents or fellow citzen.

There are bad places all over the world, in London the white people are the scum, living off the government, I met entire families that never worked, girls getting knocked up before they turn 13. iN America they have snipers shooting motorists in car's as they drive past.

Look at america that invades countries and kills innocent people, look at Israel, still fighting the same war over religion.Grow up people and open your eyes, the entire world is a bad place, how about the genocides that have occurred all over the world.

Great for you that have left and moved to other countries but never forget who you are and where you come from and thank you to those that have the balls to stay and contribute rather then complain.

We are proud to be South African, yes there are problems and yes it will take a while to sort out.

Anonymous said...

It is heartbreaking to see these pictures and to see the increase of attacks on farmers. I am saddened to see some of the comments such as the colour of skin defining the acadamic ability of somone. Murder is becoming a growth industry throughout the world. In the UK we weep over the death of our young men in Iraq but also over the death of so many civilians. Terrorists aim weapons at civillian targets in Israel and hide among the Lebanese people - Israel retaliates and more Lebanese people die. Christians are murdered for their faith in North Korea, in India, Indonesia, China and many other places. Our world is going to hell in a basket. Violence can't be the answer or we would have solved the problem years ago.
We've fought two world wars and countless other wars since. I pray that God will move in His sovreign will across the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and America because I believe that Violence will only stop when men's hearts are changed. Only God can do that. I lived in South Africa for 10 happy years, returning to the UK 30 years ago. I have returned for holidays since then. I've never met anyone who went to South Africa who didn't fall in love with the country. It's such a beautiful place. I will continue to pray for the people of South Africa, for strength and safety and for God's love to be shed abroad in the land.

Anonymous said...

Well, the reality of Death of Johannesburg is a very disturbing trip down memory lane. Most of the buildings & area's shown in these pictures were our play ground, a mere 10-15 years ago & now its turned to this... Please try everything in your power to keep your blog going, we (Ex Pats all over the world) want to let the whole world know what the REAL South Africa is all about,we do love our country but we can not live there anymore...

Noel Currie said...

I left SA in 1983 with my young family, because I was sure that there was little hope for the long term. I have never regretted that decision. It has long been my opinion that SA is just 12 to 15 years behind Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in the inevitable slide to ruin and disaster, like all other newly liberated African counties. Scenes like this are proof that I was right all along.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who is having trouble choosing an identity on this site?

there is no need for me to be anonymous

Anonymous said...

You can take pictures of devastation in any country, true South Africa has taken a turn for the worse, and it is unfortunate that the government is full of shit, but one must remember that not all of South Africa looks like this, there are still many beautiful places. Every country has its eyesores, I now live in Atlanta, and even downtown Atlanta can scare the crap of out of, google pictures of Bankhead, and College Park

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. Irresponsible. Waste of time.
And I'm not referring to South Africa, but rather to some ANONYMOUS "realist" who clearly has no better things to do with his time than try and destroy a country that is so desperately trying to rebuild itself post a disgraceful, shameful, inexcusable and utterly racist WHITE MAN'S regime. You don't like the country, you think its in ruins, well then its quite simple: Go find the grass is greener in some other country (and make sure you get some good photographs of their run down areas too - or are you quite sure its only South Africa who has those?). Someone has forwarded your link just to show what a joke of a website it is. Shame, maybe if more people like you put as much energy into contributing to a more balanced and accurate view of the country, the poor people stuck in such poverty would be given half the chance at improving their lives (poverty created by those old whites again). I pity such closed-mindedness. (And who would have thought, but I'm white too!)

P.s.I agree with whoever wrote that some poor whitey is pissed b/c apartheid ended and your silver spoon is now up your ass! Get over it. New-age South Africans have.

Anonymous said...

WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT! Look who's running the show!

Anonymous said...

Amazing to read about the "realist who clearly has no better things to do with his time than try and destroy a country that is so desperately trying to rebuild itself post a disgraceful, shameful, inexcusable and utterly racist WHITE MAN'S regime."

Can one be that dumb? The country WAS built up in 1992, it's BEING broken down and destroyed by the minute! Some forces are trying to hide the destroy-part from the outside world, so they can keep on making mega-bucks out of innocent visitors!

Why ask that Realist give a "more balanced and accurate view of the country"? That's exactly what he's doing! The guys who are hiding the truth is providing the other half! I was really depressed by what's happening in this country and felt helpless about it all. Then this blog came along and man, it was like a light going up at the end of the tunnel! At last the truth can get out and no-one can stop it, not even the government!

Realist, please add a link to News24 to your site - that's the country speaking all for itself via our news papers! Do your critics not know that you're just summarising what's found in there, and giving everyone the opportunity to share their first hand experiences? Can one really be that blind?

Well done, keep your Site-Of-Truth going with all your might!


elizabeth said...

I would like to suggest that the current entropic appearance of most inner cities in South Africa, and much of the rising crime, stems from the vast and uncontrollable influx of illegal immigrants since apartheid (being an unattractive and immoral system) had previously kept the hoards now streaming down from other African countries at bay.
In UK this is a serious problem – but in South Africa with miles of border that can never be controlled, it is a SURVIVAL THREATENING problem. I do not believe that the death of Johannesburg captured in the photographs is a result of South Africans self-destructing but the result of an invasion of foreigners. I cannot see how the government – or any government – can cope with this.
I do not want to live in South Africa because I fear the savage culture of Africa (all Africa) that is there as a natural progression of living in a hot, vital, dangerous place.
I also fear the savage culture we are instilling into our new generation via television and movies in “developed” countries. This is OUR method of self-destruct – poverty of sensitivity.
Johannesburg Dying shows inner city degeneration that happens in many cities worldwide – that is not the problem! The problem is the invasion of non South Africans who are not motivated to treasure or respect that which is not truly theirs.
But maybe I’m just making excuses? How many illegal immigrants is South Africa hosting currently? I bet no one has any idea!

retep said...

I am from the UK ans was working in Joburg in 1982. As a family we loved to stroll around the streets of Joburg and particularly Hillbrow in the evenings and we still talk about our favourite restaurant "Mikes Kitchen" They had a "help yourself" salad bar and did wonderful hamburgers.
We have been back to the area many times over the past 10 years on vacation but the nearest we dare go to the City is Sandton, which now seems to be what Joburg was 25 years ago. I just hope that does not go the same way in the future.

retep said...

I'm from UK and was in working in Joburg 19 early 80's - as a family we loved to stroll the streets of Hillbrow in the evening. It sickens me to see what it has become. I hope Sandton does not end up the same in another 25 years - but who will be able to stop this rot?

Anonymous said...

Pay back is a bitch...the fruits of apartheid have all rotted.

Anonymous said...

It is quite correct to say Sandton will go the same way in 20/25 years. One need only look at the taxi rank next to Sandton City to see a preview of the future. It is so filthy, it reeks of urine. Why do the people of Sandton tolerate it.

Anonymous said...

"Pay back is a bitch...the fruits of apartheid have all rotted."

Hold that thought, while we look at the US example of this situation. The good folks at Capitol Hill saw it fit to abolish segregation back in the '60s. 3 Generations (25 year spacing) of blacks have tasted freedom and the American dream now. But why aren't they prospering? Why are they just as bad off as before? How long will the fruits be rotting? No my friend, the victim routine doesn't quite cut it anymore.

Rami said...

it would be nice if you could also show the area of Sandton and Rosebank today, not that bad hay...

Barbed Wire said...

rami, yer on the wrong medicine..change it...

J said...

damn strait coz in a few yrs time Sandtion & Rosebank Will be just as messed up as the rest of joburg and soon we will start looking like we been at war for the last 200 yrs meanwhile nothing has happened, something need to be done people...

Anonymous said...

We left SA almost 30 years ago because we thought there was no future for our young children. It was not an easy move but we built a future for our family.We have not been back for almost 20 years and are planning a trip back in 2007. After seeing the photo's and comments we will be thinking very carefully about returning for a few weeks.

By the way we were married at The Carlton Hotel 43 years ago today. What shocking photo's! We can not believe the terrible change in Johannesburg. What a tragedy for all and how very sad to see such destruction.

Anonymous said...

Hi Real Realist,
you started a very brave and really eye opening blog with your
Exactly what the world should see!
I hope you will continue still for a long time and will be able to resist successfully to all following attacks by the furious "Rainbow fans".
Could it be possible to include Pretoria aswell. I was born & lived in Pta and is sure it has changed a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ich sage es ist wie Lagos- absoluter Chaos. Ich kenne auch RIO
aber da herrscht Ordnung in the City,da weden die Bastards erschossen. What a Shame to the Great City. Carlton Center was my
Baby, i down the last Tests to the
Telephone Ex.. Shame on does Rubish!
I wunder what my Ex- House in Berario look like after Invasion.
Sorry for the Rest of Good Poeble.
Fritz R. with still S.A. Ambitions

Anonymous said...

I have been out of SA for 6 years now.
This is just so sad to look at.
Many of these places you show here where places I lived in and frequented, Had many a laugh and many a drink.
I suppose if it was the way it was back in the 80's/90's we would all still be in SA.
I certainely count myself lucky for having being able to take my family out of that hell hole.
Good luck to the rest of you. hope you to can get out.

Anonymous said...

well, i dont remember much of when i lived in joburg but i sure as hell didnt think it would be like that! how can we be proud South Africans when this is what we have to show for it

Jason said...

There was a comment about poor b/c apartheid whitey with spoon up arse comment. Are you so thick that you dont know whats going on. I have or never will live in Joburg, so I have no sore heart memories of the childhood. But as an ousider, the "whitey" is not responsible for the mess, because there probably arent any there to start with. So common sense tells me the "locals" are responsible for their own sh"thole. And what has a former goverment got to do with the price of eggs, did they hand over the country in the state it is in? No, dumbass! Did you turn your brain on before you engaged your keyboard? Some former minister to friend 10 years ago, " You know boet, Im not having this. Lets trash the place, run it into the ground and give it back." Muppet!

DJM69 said...

all you proudly south african wankers need to get a grip! are you really that blind??

Rich White male 44 said...

The big question is...why does the black government not spend the billions we pay in taxes on providing for the poor as they claim they do. They don't do anything for any-one. We stay on in this country becouse we believed their election promises. They are supposed to care for the aged, the underprivilaged etc. Bullshit. the government has failed in spite of enormous wealth, support , and power. It has failed becouse the individuals in government care about themselves and not their responsibilities. I am afraid that we are in a wasteland created by ignorance, arrogance, selfishness and lazyness. Careless and cruel people are in positions that should be filled by great and special people. We need real leaders. Africa has yet to produce one who can withstand the onslought of mindless, uneducated masses. Madiba is respected the world over but is it here in these pictures that his real legacy lies? He too has been failed by government. This is not simply a race thing. This is about what humans without good leadership will become.

hendrik said...

Watch the video where Mandela sings with the croud (in Xhosa)to kill the whites.This might shine some light on the situation in South Africa. It reminds me of a man called Dingaan way back in history.....! Befriend your fellow man for political gain before the slaughter! Those who do not know our history (the real one) should go and educate themselves before making any racial comments about our country (to either white/ black/ coloured)! White / black South-Africans have lived and died for this country for many centuries. Many wars have been fought between them and a lot of blood has been shed! History will repeat itself. So letting this country slide down in the dumbs like this will not be allowed for too long.....! Trash is OK but murderous sledging of more than 1100 farmers is outragious! As a fellow South African (who works overseas and who will return with my family) I want to warn all expats to spread the truth but make sure you picture both sides to benefit SA. Most expats (thousands black & white) are wonderful ambassadors and are spreading the TRUTH ! The word of mouth is a powerful weapon! People overseas didnt have a clue of what was going on in SA until many expats showed them our true colours and revealed the uncensored side! We need to take a page out of the ANC's journal of propaganda and instead spread the truth. For my fellow South Africans keeping the banner up at home: do not let pessimism overtake you ; but also do not except the status quo! This blog is a wonderful start to stop this idiotic & corrupt goverment!

Anonymous said...

Ian Smith was right "Never in a thousand years"

khn said...

Hendrik poor Hendrik, you have to be kidding yourself if you think the rest of the world is going to step in and stop what is happening in south africa, every one thought they will step in and save zimbabwe, i did not see it because they did not and look at zimbabwe now, the reality is south africa is on the same road as zimbabwe history tells us this, so instead of thinking you will stop the corrupt goverment, rather spend your energy thinking of ways to get out, good luck.

Anonymous said...

To anyone contemplating leaving SA: I left SA 6 years ago and at the time experienced the fears and concerns I suppose anyone leaving behind family, a successful career and business might feel. Looking back all I can say to those who told me at the time I left that "the grass is greener on the other side", ......is that it really is. Seeing the pics of Johannesburg not only confirms that but also gives confirmation that SA has to a large extent already gone down the path of the rest of Africa and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

I've been away from South-Africa 5 years now and this was very, very intresting for me to see.

Love to see more.

Great work.

Anonymous said...

Dear South Africans

Ten years ago I was a firm believer in racial equality. I lived in Chicago, in a White locality of good homes and handsome apartment buildings. When blacks began moving into the neighborhood I almost welcomed them. Willy-nilly, I watched integration happen before my very eyes.

Six months later, the nice buildings were wrecks, the Whites were gone, and the area was a social and physical shambles. Filth, garbage, drugs and crime were rampant. White skins were the target of vicious, blatant, organized black racism. When it became totally unsafe to live in the neighborhood because of roving trigger-happy gangs, I moved my family to another part of the city two miles distant.

Again, it was an excellent neighborhood, with handsome single-family homes in the $100,000 to $125,000 class, near the South Shore Country Club, dotted with luxury apartment buildings. There I lived through precisely the same experiences I had moved to escape. It was like seeing a movie for the second time. Once again the black tide came rolling in on waves of drugs and crime. Once again roving gangs of heroin addicts and vandals made the night hideous with catcalls, boom boxes, smashing glass and gunshots. I saw blacks copulating behind hedges, standing in doorways, in cars parked along the curb, totally indifferent to public decency. I saw people mugged and autos being stripped. I saw crimes that deserved shooting on the spot. I saw theft in grocery stores. I found piles of human feces in the foyer, without benefit of toilet paper, and our janitor informed us this was a common occurrence in Negro apartment buildings.

In our three-story apartment building, containing 120 apartments, it was a nightly occurrence to see men urinating from upper floor windows. Daylight would reveal the dripping, reeking stains down the building's walls. Bloody, screaming fights to the accompaniment of smashing glass and splintering furniture were regular events. Not once did I ever see blacks clean up their mess. Garbage disposal consisted of tenants dumping trash out of windows, breaking every glass bottle in sight, throwing old furniture into the gutter, stuffing rags into broken windows and casting plastic containers and old paper to the four winds.

So I moved again, this time three miles further south to another decent neighborhood. Again I endured the same scenario, line for line, cue for cue. I left Chicago finally with a profound racial prejudice. I came from a background of White poverty every bit as pervasive and humiliating as that of a black slum, but instead of turning to crime or welfare I went to work. I didn't go around whining with my hand outstretched for alms and charity. Even in the midst of grinding poverty my home and the homes of our White neighbors were clean. No filth, no drugs, no public immorality, no illegitimate children, and no physical danger to our persons or our property. We slept with unlocked doors and open windows.

Liberals mouth the myth that the black population is the victim, not the cause, of the deplorable condition of the inner cities. They are wrong. Wholly, completely, entirely, absolutely 100% WRONG. They do not know what they are talking about. If they were to undergo the experiences that I and every other White who has lived in a black neighborhood has had, they would not make this palpably ludicrous claim.

Blacks want handed to them on a silver platter what Whites have worked hard for generations to achieve. Blacks try to excuse their rioting, looting, burning and killing on the grounds that they are "oppressed" by the White establishment. They weep tears the size of golf balls because they have been "deprived of their self-esteem". They would cheerfully destroy this nation in a racial holocaust beyond imagining. All the White racism in the United States and throughout the world cannot equal the insane, hate-filled racism of blacks.

Intimate contact with blacks proves that there is an unbridgeable gulf between the two races. To perpetuate this lunatic idea of "equality" is to drive further into the heart of this nation the stake of racial conflict. Only when it is understood and accepted as a fact of life that there are fundamental physical and mental differences between blacks and Whites, with new legal, social, and economic policies based on this recognition---only then will there ever be any kind of tranquility. Present-day equalitarianism is a toxin of doom for the world.. How anyone can deny this, after what has happened in recent times, is incredible. Yet the government and the media continue to encourage and perpetuate the status quo.

Anonymous said...

I unfortunately don't have a foreign passport, but for those of you who do
leave now.
If things have deterioated this much in 10 years , imagine what your children will experience

Anonymous said...

My ,My South Africa is completely made of ANGRY People Thank God my kids will never see this

Long Gone

Anonymous said...

Nuke them!

Anonymous said...

I can "CRY" when I see "MY BELOVED COUNTRY" and the irony when I think how this title was used in a book by Alan Paton.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned at some of the photographs I have seen. Broken windows, dirt on the streets, etc.

To blame to general deterioration of Africa on the whites is inexcusable. Billions of dollars have been poured into this continent in the past, with no visible results. Only corrupt government officials with huge fat off-shore bank accounts, while their people starve, die of disease, and live by threat of the gun and in fear of their lives. Their poverty cannot be blamed on whites, I will stand by that. Zimbabwe is a prime example, 20 years ago no one starved, there were working clinics with medications, nursing staff etc. Schools worked, and everyone was clothed. No it is fear, starvation, torture, confiscation of land, shall I carry on....

Anonymous said...

well to all those people who know wot THE REAL SOUTH AFRICA is all about, and have seen the beauty of it, will understand that as a proud south african, these photos are of a very small part of a huge country, yes they look shocking, but helloooooo wot city does not have its "BAD AREAS" take the bronx in New York, eish!!!!!1!!!!!

So if you shit ice cream, you belong on mars not on EARTH so get a life and open your eyes and see wot your back yard looks like before dissing ours!~!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya there all you die hard rascists! Apartheid only happended because there was an under-class of poor whites and the white working class where terrified of the rising black working class. Hense apartheid, the group areas act, the job reservations act etc etc. Get a bit of real history! Most white south africans are still doing disproporntianately well, having benefitted from the benefits of free education and job reservation for their parents. Yeoville and Berea were not the centre of Joburg were not wealthy areas when I lived there in the 80's and 90's. In fact it was populated by poor whites and artists - so who are you trying to kid! Most of the wealthy lived in the Northern uburbs, as they still do! Only difference is the real disparity in wealth between black working class and the former white working class. If you want to make a difference, go out there and do something positive!

The Real Realist said...

Anonymous said...
well to all those people who know wot THE REAL SOUTH AFRICA is all about, and have seen the beauty of it, will understand that as a proud south african, these photos are of a very small part of a huge country, yes they look shocking, but helloooooo wot city does not have its "BAD AREAS" take the bronx in New York, eish!!!!!1!!!!!

So if you shit ice cream, you belong on mars not on EARTH so get a life and open your eyes and see wot your back yard looks like before dissing ours!~!!!!

What you fail to understand is that the reason why JHB looks the way it does, is for exactly the same reason that the Bronx looks the way it does....comprehende?

Anonymous said...

I am shocked beyond belief at the way JHB and Hillbrow have been destroyed. I remember the area well and used to go to Ciros, Collesuem, Carlton Hotel Ice Rink, Saturday afternoon movies in JHB. My friend and I (yes Just the 2 of us) used to catch the 73 bus from Linden 4th Avenue all the way to Loveday street on a Saturday to catch the Matinee at the Carlton Ster-Kinekor. At no time did we feel unsafe.
I have been looking at this Blog for weeks now as it has shocked me to the core. I keep coming back to it as I was thinking of coming back to SA with my family to settle in the New South Africa next year, but now I know I would be killing my children by doing that.
Keep up the good work - hopefully it will reach the World Cup Soccer Comittee and get the 2010 Games taken away from SA, as the reality is VERY different to the rosy picture the SA press paints.

Anonymous said...

To all rational-minded people that may stumble across the bitter, sick racist rants scattered across these pages: the worst white south africans have thankfully emigrated. In order to feel powerful, these small, backward idiots kick and peck away at the underdog.

Who owned all the property in Hillbrow and Berea? Who withdrew from the area, failed to maintain their properties, abandoned their tenants out of racist pessimism? Almost all the blame lies at the feet of landlords.

In SA today, white people are better off than ever before. They are richer than ever, sharing the good life mostly with one another (Yet the optical illusion of black economic empowerment continues to fuel white hysteria). How white people have managed to wangle themselves such a good deal with hardly any payback is amazing. You'd think there'd be just a little more gratitude. But then white people throughout history have not really been the grateful sort.

Lastly there is very little understanding here of the organism of the city. Johannesburg has always been a cannibalistic city, devouring itself. There is no regard for anything older than 5 years. Eventually it'll move around and eat its own shit, turning Hillbrow back into some kind of fashionable reinvention of itself. You'll soon be praying that it be destroyed when it gets turned into whatever the equivalent will be of the current Tuscan theme park.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating this eye opening website!! I am ashamed of being born in such a horrible city! Even though I live in Canada now I used to go to SA every 2nd year to vissit fammily and friends, but in the last two years I have lost whaterver love I had left for SA and will never return to that hell hole!!

Lesley said...


You say ".. white people through their hard work and industry built something sound and good."

Hmmm, shouldn't that read ".. white people, on the backs of underpaid, disenfranchised blacks working hard and for next to nothing and then sent back to the townships for the night.."

Anonymous said...

Happy memories, but what a shame - so many pictures of places I used to frequent "on a jol" during the 80's and early 90's ... I'm sad for the people who cannot afford to move out - I recall Berea having a large elderly population, I wondered if the state "relocated" any of them for their own safety ?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, shouldn't that read ".. white people, on the backs of underpaid, disenfranchised blacks working hard and for next to nothing and then sent back to the townships for the night.."

You are 100% correct. But now things have changed, for the better for all blacks.So they were exploited to create something, now they are not exploited and the situation is bad, the building are destroyed. What justification do you have to tell me in response? So what are you trying to say? Your argument lacks merit.

Sallyanne said...

This has to be responded to ...

"awww, some poor whitey is pissed b/c apartheid ended and your silver spoon is now up your ass. Sure is hard to maintain those buildings without slavery. I'd suggest you move to a more racist country but alas your currency is worth shit and now you're stuck in the mess you and your family made. Enjoy."

Man oh Man are you a sad person. I can feel the hatred pouring out of you and that is soooo sad!! Slavery did not exist in SOUTH africa - everyone was paid whether it be a fair wage or not they were PAID to do work and sometimes it was a real waste of money and sometimes not. As for our currency - it was worth a lot more then it is now, now that our fellow "slave" has taken over - how come??? Don't belittle yourself with ignorant comments and remarks - educate yourself first before opening your mouth and letting the drivel run.

Sallyanne said...

and this to needs to be responded to ...
"Great eye-opening photographs. Be careful in the urban jungle brother. God, what shame. DeKlerk and his gang are white traitorous pigs. How many silver coins did it take for them to allow this to happen. A special pit in hell should be dug for them! "

I am tired, oh so tired, of stupid comments like this - I lived in Rhodesia just before independance and when it hit, the Rhodesians couldn't make up their minds who to call a traitor - the british or Smithy. Neither DeKlerk nor Smithy had an option - if they had had an option do you think that they would have let their respective countries go - after so many years of war and struggle ????? - have you not yet realised that the 'western' world rules, no-ones votes count, although they like to fool us into thinking that they do - but we have this contingency of very powerful arms manufacturers and multi 'bulti' billionairs who control it all - so don't blame the messenger

Anonymous said...

Down the road is some great graffiti check it out. Have you come across any other in your travels
Here is my contribution

some pretty good graffiti in the Rosebank area as well must go and check it out
see yeah


WOW Power site this one. Even comments from the Jani Allen.Bet she could give us some stories.
I thought she was a looker

Anonymous said...

I am French and for me AS was a beautiful country, rich person and prospére thanks to the white. and it is seen how in 12 years you pass from prosperity to the most total nightmare. here in France we are invaded by African and violence increases day in day, the rapes also .des cities are prohibited with the too dangerous white bus. black African will destroy our civilizations and you will be the first to be plunged. I wish you good luck my friends and do not hesitate to return to Europe, we will need you.

Eugene Terreblanche said...

To darth vader...

Firstly I want to say that it's lekker being out of tjoekie.

Darth ou boet, let me tell you that Jani looks vris only because she wears six cans of Plaston Paints on her face, but it was my green Jockies that drove her nuts.

Anonymous said...

What an ignorant remark this is:

But now things have changed, for the better for all blacks.So they were exploited to create something, now they are not exploited and the situation is bad, the building are destroyed. What justification do you have to tell me in response?

I have news for you my boy! I did the chicken run 2 years ago. What fascinates me is the number of blacks that have also RECENTLY moved here? Why are they running?

Will this be justified as the
Face it, SA has become too SCARY, even for previously exploited blacks!

Answer that one for me!

Anonymous said...

I have news for you my boy! I did the chicken run 2 years ago. What fascinates me is the number of blacks that have also RECENTLY moved here? Why are they running?

I guess you are easily fascinated. I have lived in the past 6 years in four countries spanning three continents. I would not use a simplistic term like “chicken run” to describe what is to many people a life changing decision. It is at best a disrespectful term that anyone forced to leaving the country, would find insulting. Traveling is a way of life for me, never in one country for more than a year, so I am not upset by your comments. I am an international traveler with my degree in one pocket and cash in the other. I would refer to it as being a “chicken run” if I had low self esteem, perhaps you should talk to someone about it? Or perhaps you should think before you type??

Anonymous said...

Poor old Joey's, The city of Gold has turned to dirt and decadence.

Yoo. black dudes. If you think you are so great, lets see you rebuild it.

You can destroy our city.. but our dreams and creations go on.. somewhere else.

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